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Real Name: Eve Eden

Advantages: Acting Ability, Allies (Captain Atom, Shadowpact, Nemesis), Attractive Appearance, Contacts (CBI, Suicide Squad), Observant, Wealth
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Eve is possessed by the Succubus), Depression, Enemies (Jihad, Incubus), Hides Emotions, Moral Code (Eve is a devout Catholic), Nightmares, Secret Identity

Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 6D, brawling 4D, climbing 4D, dodge 6D, escape artist 4D, martial arts 5D, melee weapons 5D, sneak 6D
Coordination: 3D Lockpicking 5D, marksmanship 6D, thievery 5D
Physique: 2D Lifting 4D, resistance 6D, running 5D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane knowledge (Nightshade Dimension) 8D, computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, demolitions 4D, languages 5D, medicine (first aid) 5D, research 4D, security 5D
Perception: 3D Hide 6D, shadowing 8D, surveillance 5D, survival 6D, tracking 5D
Presence: 2D Command 3D, disguise 4D, intimidation 4D, willpower 6D

PDV : 3 (4 in the Nightshade Dimension)
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus : +2
Hero Points: 10
Body Points : 28
Character Points: 75

Powers: Darkness Manipulation 10D (+2D while inside the Nightshade Dimension), Dimensional Travel (Nightshade Dimension) 10D (limitation: the Nightshade Dimension is currently in a state of decay and is a realm of nightmare — anyone who accompanies Nightshade there and opens their eyes must make a Heroic Willpower roll or go insane for 1d6 hours)

Notes: While in the Nightshade Dimension, Eve has slightly increased powers – +2D to her Powers.

History: “Maureen Eden” was originally a queen from another dimension called “The land of the Nightshades.” When the evil Incubus invaded her kingdom, she fled to Earth’s dimension and settled in the American midwest. There, she married Warren Eden, an aspiring politician, and had two children, Larry Eden and Eve Eden.

When Eve and Larry were still young children, Maureen received a summons from one of her subjects that it was safe to return. Maureen called Eve and Larry into her bedroom and explained who she really was. She demonstrated her hereditary ability to open a dimensional warpfield to her homeland. The three entered the land of the Nightshades, a magical land of tall grass and giant mushrooms. However, the Incubus had not been driven away and they were attacked by the Incubus’ minions. Maureen told the children to flee; Eve looked back and saw her mother turn into a shadowy creature in order to fight the Incubus’ troops.

Eve got separated from Larry and hid. She ran back to find her mother dying and Larry captured. Maureen told Eve that she, too, had the power to become a shadow and open dimensional gates. Her last words to Eve were a plea for her to rescue Larry. Eve managed to make it back to Earth. Since her father had never known about Maureen’s true identity, Eve had to lie to him and to the police, saying that her mother and brother had simply disappeared.

As she grew older, Eve developed her abilities until she felt confident enough to try a rescue. However, she found the Nightshade land to be cold and dark under the Incubus’ rule. She encountered the Incubus and panicked; as she left through the warpfield, she felt his icy touch as he grabbed her leg. Eve managed to get away, but she could no longer turn into a living shadow.

Eve’s relationship with her father grew colder, as Warren Eden withdrew into his political career and finally became a senator. With no one else to turn to, she entered a Newman house and talked to the priest there. She began a spiritual conversion at that point.

At the same time, to spite and embarrass her father, Eve dropped out of college and moved to Washington D.C. She gained a reputation as a scandalous jet-setter, drinking too much and using men as decorations. Finally, Eve re-evaluated her life (no doubt due to her growing devout Catholicism) and made the decision to get serious and use her powers as a crimefighter. She still uses the “jet-setting Eve Eden” act as a cover for her career as Nightshade, but her appearances are less frequent.
Eve created a costume and approached CBI agent King Faraday. “Nightshade” proposed that she would use her powers working for the CBI if they would, in turn, provide much-needed training. Faraday agreed, and she kicked off her career. One of her first cases involved stopping the Black Spider in Gotham City when Batman was in Markovia (by this, we can infer that Nightshade first appeared when the Outsiders formed, roughly “4-5 years ago” by the Zero Hour 10-year timeline). She and Faraday also stopped Punch and Jewelee several times, and Nightshade was instrumental in saving her own father’s life on several occasions.
When Captain Atom appeared on the scene and the government needed to assemble a false “history” for him, Nightshade agreed to let them publicize her previous covert missions, substituting Captain Atom for King Faraday. She then met the Captain and they casually dated for a short time.

Amanda Waller, assembling a team of incarcerated supervillains who would work for the government under the name “Suicide Squad”, contacted the CBI and asked to use Nightshade. Hoping that she’d be able to used the Squad to rescue Larry, Eve agreed.

Life with the Suicide Squad was harrowing for Nightshade. Her first mission was to infiltrate the Quracian terrorist unit known as “The Jihad” under the codename Chimera. She was horrified when the Jihad killed hundreds of people as part of a field test, making her an accessory to a massacre.

Eve developed a crush on team leader Rick Flagg, but Rick had many personal problems and never returned the affections. Tom Tresser (Nemesis), the only decent, honorable man on the Suicide Squad, loved Eve but waited for her to get over Flagg. On a political mission to rescue a novelist from a communist country, Nemesis was captured and only the efforts of Eve and Flagg brought about his release. It was around this time that Eve first realized Tom was carrying a torch for her.

Finally, Amanda Waller allowed Eve to use the team to rescue her brother. Eve assembled her team, including Deadshot and the mystical Enchantress. They entered the Land of the Nightshades to find it even more horrifying than before, filled with scraggly trees and razor-sharp winds. The entire environment was controlled by the Incubus. Eve’s team was captured and she finally met Larry…the Incubus!

Larry revealed that the previous Incubus had been their mother’s sister; the Incubus was really just a form of demon possession, and she had passed this demon on to Larry’s body. There was also a companion entity known as the Succubus, which was meant for Eve. This Succubus had been deposited in the body of June Moon; it was what allowed her to become the Enchantress. The Succubus was removed from June and placed into Eve’s unwilling body. Eve resisted the demon’s control. Deadshot solved their problems by shooting Larry between the eyes, and the Nightshade dimension dissolved around them.
Eve’s returned to Earth a defeated woman. Her misguided lifelong quest to save her brother had resulted only in his death and her demonic possession. Fearing that she was condemned to hell, she turned to Belle Reve prison’s Father Craemer for guidance. She also began to explore her newfound powers.

At this time, the existence of a government-funded team of super-villains was made public, and a Senate committee led by Senator Eden investigated their activities. Amanda Waller, knowing that Senator Eden had an eye on the presidency, revealed his daughter’s dual identity and used her activities as Nightshade to cut a deal with him. Furious, Eve quit the Suicide Squad. She returned to her apartment, where she received a letter from Rick Flagg telling her that he was going to detonate a nuclear device in Qurac…by hand. He urged her to get on with her life and find some happiness. A short time later, she began a romance with Nemesis.

Nightshade became involved with the Suicide Squad again and again, not always by choice. Also, her relationship with Nemesis has cooled somewhat due to her reclusive nature.

Nightshade has also worked quite closely with the supernatural heroes known as the Shadowpact.


Real Name: Tad Ghostal (as mentioned on Space Ghost: Coast to Coastf)
Base of Operations: Ghost Planet, formerly Earth
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Allies (Jace, Jan and Blip), Courage, Contacts (Interstellar law enforcement agencies, Space Patrol), Mechanical Aptitude, Obscure Knowledge, Speed Draw, Technologically Advanced
Disadvantages: Center of Conversation (SG:Coast To Coast version only), Dark Secret (killed Banjo, his beloved sea monkey – Coast To Coast version only), Enemies (Moltar, Zorak, Brak, Lokar, others), Narcissistic (Coast To Coast version only), Procrastination (Coast to Coast version only)

Reflexes: 3D Brawling 6D, dodge 5D, piloting 5D (Phantom Cruiser + 2D), sneak 4D
Coordination: 3D Catch 4D, marksmanship 4D (power bands + 4D)
Physique: 4D Leaping 5D, lifting 8D, resistance 5D, swimming 5D
Knowledge: 3D Computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, languages 4D, navigation 6D, research 4D, science 7D, security 4D
Perception: 3D Engineering 8D, invent 9D, repair 7D (power bands, phantom cruiser + 3D each), search 5D, shadowing 6D, survival 6D
Presence: 3D Animal handling (monkeys, sea monkeys) 5D, bluff 4D, charm 4D, command 5D, disguise 4D, interrogation 4D, intimidation 4D, persuasion 5D, willpower 7D

PDV: 3 (7 with speed manipulation)
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: +4
Hero Points: 22
Body Points: 42
Character Points: 180

Equipment: Space Ghost gains all of his powers from his costume and power bands. The old cartoons are notorious for adding new powers on a constant basis, so it can be assumed that Space Ghost is constantly tinkering with his weaponry.

Costume [Armor Value 10, Invisibility (“inviso button”) 12D, Force Field 10D, X-Ray Vision (“viso penetron beam”) 10D, Flight 21D, Environment 11D, Teleportation 20D (By concentrating and focusing all of his will power, Space Ghost can change each atom of his being to pure thought and teleport to another location and reassemble himself. This power is extremely taxing and is very rarely used)

Power Bands [Ice Manipulation 10D (used for ice blasts and ice shields), Energy Projection 10D (“stun ray”), Microwave Projection 10D, Disintegration 10D, Speed Manipulation 4D, Electricity Manipulation (lightning bolts) 10D, Temporal Manipulation 14D, Gravity Manipulation 10D, Density Manipulation 8D]
Phantom Cruiser – Space Ghost’s vessel of choice is capable of faster-than-light travel (Flight 20D) and is combat capable (Force Field 15D, Energy Projection 12D).

The Phantom Cruiser has 450 body points.

Ghost Planet – The Ghost Planet is located between Earth and the rest of Space Ghost’s patrol sector. The Ghost Planet Headquarters has living quarters, a vast communication and sensor room, a storage facility, and a hangar for the Phantom Cruiser. The Ghost Planet Headquarters has a defensive force shield and generates power from the interior of the planet. It is also currently used as the main studio for the Coast to Coast television program.

History: Virtually nothing is known about Space Ghost’s origins or how he came to possess his incredible equipment. From his familiarity with such, however, one can assume that Space Ghost created his own power bands, indicating a keen intellect. Space Ghost has patrolled space for many years, battling the fiercest criminals known to man. Aided by his young wards Jan and Jace (along with their pet monkey,Blip), Space Ghost became a legend even amongst other heroes. During his career, he battled alongside the Herculoids, the Space Patrol and many more.

Space Ghost has recently retired from crimefighting, choosing instead to run a cable-access talk show with the aid of several of his reformed arch-enemies.


REAL NAME: Judson Caspian
OCCUPATION: Vigilante, businessman
HEIGHT: 6’4″
WEIGHT: 225 pounds
EYES: Black
HAIR: White (balding)
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 5D, dodge 8D, melee weapons 4D (hand scythes +3D), sneak 7D
Coordination 3D: Markshmanship 4D (hand scythes +2D), thrown weapons 4D
Physique: 3D: Leap 6D, lifting 4D, running 5D
Knowledge 3D: Criminology 4D, scholar 5D (international business +1D)
Perception 2D: Hide 7D, search 6D, shadowing 8D, streetwise 5D (Gotham City +2D), tracking 5D
Presence 2D: Command 4D, disguise 5D, interrogation 6D, intimidation 10D, willpower 5D

Advantages/Disadvantages: Charismatic -3D, Courage -2D, Fast Reactions -4D, Hardiness -4D, Speed Draw (hand scythes) -1D, Wealth -4D, Age +9D, Dark Secret (Avenging wife’s death) +2D, Dependent (daughter Rachel) +1D, Enemy (Batman) +2D, Fanatic (punishing criminals) +3D, Hides Emotions +1D, Psychological Disorder (murderous tendencies) +2D, Secret Identity +3D

PDV: 4

EQUIPMENT: Hand scythes (BDV 5D; contain built-in handguns [BDV 4Dx3] that can be removed), studded leather body armor (AV 16 against most attacks; anyone attacking the Reaper with unprotected hands or feet takes 3D in damage from the studs), metal skull facemask with infrared lenses (all darkness penalties are reduced by -2), black cloak.

HISTORY: Judson Caspian is a socialite by day, and a vigilante by night. After losing his wife to a robber in the streets, he becomes The Reaper, who prowled Gotham City during the 1950s, murdering juvenile delinquents by impaling them with a scythe. His murder spree prompted Alan Scott to briefly emerge from retirement to confront him as Green Lantern. Vastly overpowered during an encounter between the two, the Reaper lashed out in a panic with his nunchaku and, by happenstance, struck Green Lantern, whose force-field was vulnerable to the wooden weapons. The Reaper subsequently moved to Europe.

After Caspian returned from Europe, he renewed his role as the Reaper, which brought him into conflict with Batman. After losing a fight with the Reaper, Batman was forced to join forces with Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents. Having been assigned by the Gotham mob to kill both the Reaper and Batman when he had finished, Chill hunts the Reaper alongside Batman. After revealing his identity to Chill and putting a gun to his head, Batman’s revenge was taken by the Reaper, who shoots Chill in the head. The Reaper engages Batman in a fierce battle, losing; the Dark Knight leaves him hanging from the scaffolding of a building under construction, and unmasks him. Batman, who had intended to marry Caspian’s daughter Rachel, was shocked, and holds out his hand to help the Reaper. However, Caspian, who knows what charges he is up against, tells Batman that he will make a fine successor, and lets go of the ledge, plummeting to his death. After being exposed as the Reaper, Caspian is given a funeral funded by Bruce Wayne, who says that he deserves a peaceful death. Rachel, who was initially unaware of her father’s crimes, becomes a nun after Caspian’s life as the Reaper is exposed.


Real Name: Aric Dacia
Occupation: CEO of Orb Industries
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Allies (Valiant heroes), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Contacts (Orb Industries, business community), Follower (Ken Clarkson), Hardiness, Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability, Wealth
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Dark Secret (very few people are aware that Aric is actually from the 5th Century), Enemies (Crescendo, Spider Aliens, various others), Fanatic (Aric has sworn a blood oath to annihilate the Spider Aliens), Moral Code (Aric lives by a savage code of honor), Phobia (Aric is distrustful of all magic-users and sorcery),

Reflexes: 4D Brawling 10D, dodge 6D (8D with armor), melee weapons 10D (sword + 1D), piloting (self) 7D
Coordination: 3D Marksmanship 5D (energy blasts + 3D), missile weapons 6D, thrown weapons 5D
Physique: 5D (12D with armor) Lifting 8D (15D with armor)
Knowledge: 2D Arcane lore 3D, scholar 4D – Roman/Visigoth history (6D with armor)
Perception: 3D Hide 4D, search 5D, surveillance 5D (with armor only), survival 8D, tracking 6D (9D with Armor)
Presence: 3D Command 6D, intimidation 7D, willpower 6D

PDV : 3 ( 4 in armor)
Unarmed BDV : 5D
P/l Bonus : + 4 (+ 9 in armor)
Hero Points: 18
Body Points: 44
Character Points: 144

Equipment: X-O Manowar Class Armor (The X-O armor is quite possibly the greatest weapon ever created. Capable of bonding with its owner, this current armor, Pol-Bekhara, has forged a strong connection with Aric.) Enhancement Modifiers : dodge +2D, scholar +4D, surveillance +2D, tracking (electronic) +3D
Armor Value : 25
Body Points : 250
Powers : Longevity 1D (maintains and youthens its wearer), Microwave Projection 12D, Flight 14D, Telepathy (limitation : only works between armor and its wearer) 4D, Shapechanging (limitation : armor only) 6D, Energy Absorption 10D, Healing 10D (the armor is able to heal almost any injury its wearer may sustain), Super-Attributes — Physique 7D, Language Comprehension 10D]

Armor Control Ring (Allows wearer to summon the armor to him) [Telepathy (wearer and armor only) 6D]

History :
Aric Dacia was a Visigoth barbarian in the 5th Century. He was the nephew of Alaric, a great barbarian leader who eventually sacked Rome. He had a wife named Diedre, who was eventually killed during one of his sojourns into the past. Aric was eventually kidnapped by a race of aliens known to Valiant fans as the Spider Aliens. The Spider Aliens collected humans for foodstuff and Aric worked as a slave for them before stealing the mighty X-O class armor. The armor allowed him to escape from the Spider Aliens and flee back to Earth — only to find himself in the early 1990s! Confused by the modern world, Aric found the sentient armor to be a very good guide. The armor taught him English and helped him adapt. Eventually, Aric seized control of Orb Industries and took it as the spoils of war. Orb had been a dummy corporation for the Spider Aliens. With the help of Ken Clarkson (who helped run the day-to-day operations of Orb) and Randy Cartier (in charge of Orb’s security), Aric began to accept the late 20th Century as his home. All of this was undone when a villain called Crescendo slew Randy and Ken, while destroying Orb. Aric then became a wanderer, both in space and on earth, before becoming partners for a time with a young thief named Gamin. At the end of his series, we were led to believe his entire career had been a dream but you and I both know that’s stupid as hell.

Aric is still out there somewhere. According to Rai # 0, Aric will rebuild Orb Industries and live into the mid 2060s thanks to the armor.

Aric is a fair and honorable man who delights in combat. He is also a tragic figure, doomed to always lose what means most to him. Roleplaying Aric can be a lot of fun — he’s now a modern man, but with the heart of a barbarian.


Submitted by Tony Cranfield
Real Name: Rom
Base of Operations: Global/Galactic
Marital Status: Single
Race: Galadorian

Advantages: Allies (Spaceknights), Courage, Contacts (Avengers,FF and the X-men), Fast Reactions, Gifted in Learning, Hardiness, Leadership ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Preparedness, Special equipment, Speed Draw (Neutralizer), Technologically advanced.
Disadvantages: Dependant (Brandy Clarke) Depression (Trapped in armor), Enemies (Dire Wraiths), Fanatic (Completion of mission) , Hides Emotions, Sworn Enemy (Dire Wraiths),Unattractive Appearance

Reflexes: 3D/6D Brawling: 7D/10D, Dodge: 7D/10D, Melee Weapons: 5D/8D, Piloting: 4D/7D (+3D Self)
Coordination: 3D/6D Marksmanship: 7D/10D, Thrown Weapons: 7D/10D
Physique: 3D/13D Flying 7D/17D, Leap: 8D/18D
Knowledge: 4D Computer Ops: 8D, Navigation: 12D, Research: 6D, Scholar: 6D, Science: 8D (+2D Armor), Security: 8D
Perception: 4D Engineering: 7D, Know-How: 10D (Galadorian tech), Repair: 7D, Search: 8D, Tracking: 8D
Presence: 4D Command: 10D, Interrogation: 7D, Intimidation 4D (12D), Persuasion: 6D, Willpower: 12D

PDV : 5
Unarmed BDV : 5D
P/l Bonus : + 7
Hero Points: 40
Body Points : 62
Character Points: 400

Equipment: As a “spaceknight,” Rom possessed a special suit of armor that provided him with superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to injury, even the vacuum of space. The armor could fly with twin rocked pods, regenerate damage, and also possessed sensors that enabled him to locate space warps.
Enhancement Modifiers: Enhanced Reflexes, Coordination:+3D, Physique +10D. Enhanced Senses: +3D to Perception ROLLS, +8D to Intimidation (Due to appearance) Armor Value: 25 Body points: 300. Powers: Energy Absorption: 6D (For emergency recharging only, not combat applicable), Flight: 12D, Invulnerability: 8D, Healing: 12D (Internal self repair), Natural Armor plating: 6D, Speed Manipulation: 6D (Flying only), Sustenance: 40D, Also features a communication system that can scan all Earthly frequencies. Limitations: Not removable.

Rom utilized many hi-tech gadgets, which could be normally stored in a hyper-dimensional pocket when not in use, such as an analyzer capable of scanning a being’s molecular structure to identify alien physiology and a translator capable of communicating in any language.

Energy Analyzer – Reveal Dire Wraiths, detect others’ power potential, and trace energy trails. Energy Detection/Analysis: 15D.

Translator – Translate any language in 30 seconds allowing Rom to speak it at will. Language Comprehension: 15D

Neutralizer – Send Dire Wraiths to Limbo (alive). Rom loses all Karma for killing any being. Ranged from neutralizing radiation in beings up to killing beings. Anyone other than Rom who tries to use it suffers 10D, but touching is okay. Energy Manipulation: 15D (Only effects similar to the description of the Neutralizer) Dimensional Travel: 15D (Teleport Wraith’s to Limbo)

History: from the The Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe
The Prime Director of the planet Galador, learning of an attack by the alien the Dire Wraiths which destroyed an entire space fleet, asked the general populace of the planet for volunteers to sacrifice their human bodies and undergo surgical conversion into an army of cyborg warriors called Spaceknights, who would be adapted for the rigors of combat in outer space. Rom, the first of millions to volunteer in response to the public call, was one of a few hundred to be accepted and undergo conversion. He underwent surgery in which his brain was transplanted into an exoskeleton of cybernetic circuitry and armor, onto which his autonomic and central nervous systems were grafted. The rest of Rom’s original body, along with the rest of the original bodies of the rest of the Spaceknights, was safely preserved on Galador. The Galadorians intended to restore the Spaceknights to human form once the war with the Dire Wraiths was over.

Rom and the other Spaceknights left Galador to stalk Dire Wraiths throughout the universe, and did so for nearly 200 Earth years. When a Galadorian probe detected a major concentration of Dire Wraiths on Earth, where shape-changing Wraiths disguised themselves as human beings, Rom volunteered to go to Earth to deal with the Wraith menace alone, lest the presence of the Spaceknight armada unduly alarm the local populace. Mentus, ruler of Galador, agreed to Rom’s proposal and dispatched him. Rom arrived on Earth in recent years, landing in the town of Clairton, West Virginia.

Believing themselves defenseless without the Spaceknights, the Galadorians created a new generation of cyborg Spaceknights, who were designed to be more formidable than the originals.

Rom returned to Earth and continued his war against the Dire Wraiths. The Wraith sorcerers succeeded in destroying most of the population of Clairton, whose people had befriended Rom, including Brock Jones, the hero known as the original hero Torpedo.

However, Brandy Clark, who had fallen in love with Rom, was not killed by the Wraiths. Seeking to become like Rom, she had been magically united with the Spaceknight armor of the deceased Spaceknight Starshine by the Dire Wraith called Doctor Dredd. As the new Starshine, she became Rom’s closest ally in the war against the Wraiths. However, Clark was returned to human form by the creature called Hybrid.

The Wraiths intended that Wraithworld merge with the Earth, taking Earth’s place in space. A large number of Earth’s superhuman champions joined Rom in battling the Wraiths as Wraithworld approached. Then, in space, Rom used his Neutralizer weapon to power a gigantic neutralizer designed by the Earth inventor who calls himself Forge. Rom turned the power of the gigantic neutralizer against Wraithworld itself, canceling out its mystical energies, and thereby causing Wraithworld to cease to exist. Since the Dire Wraiths throughout the universe drew their mystical energies from Wraithworld, no Wraith sorcerer could use magic. Rom used his Neutralizer to banish all the remaining Wraiths on Earth to Limbo. (However, Dire Wraiths still exist elsewhere in the universe.) His mission on Earth completed, Rom left Earth to journey in outer space.

Later, the alien Beyonder sent Brandy Clark to Galador. She discovered that the new generation of Spaceknights had taken over the planet and destroyed most of its humanoid population. Thanks to a Shi’ar Stargate, Rom and a number of Spaceknights known as the Spaceknight Squadron also reached Galador. One of the second-generation Spaceknights, Heatwave, destroyed the cryogenically preserved bodies of the first and second-generation Spaceknights without orders to do so from his leader, Dominor. The second-generation Spaceknights killed the remaining humanoid Galadorians.

Dominor had hoped that the second-generation Spaceknights would return to human form and act as progenitors of a new, stronger Galadorian race. However, Dominor now planned to mate with Brandy Clark, so that they would become the parents of the new Galadorian race. Opposed to Dominor’s plans, Rom defeated him in battle. In despair, Dominor used Rom’s Neutralizer to commit suicide.

The rest of the first-generation Spaceknights found Rom on Galador, and Clark found the cryogenically preserved portions of Rom’s body within an ancient crypt: they had not been destroyed after all. Rom returned to human form, and now he and Brandy Clark live happily together on Galador, protected by the first- generation Spaceknights. They intend to become the progenitors of the new Galadorian race themselves.


REAL NAME: Unknown
HEIGHT: 6’8″
WEIGHT: 350 pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 7D, boating 7D, brawling 12D (arm pin,hand, bear hug, choke, clothesline, haymaker, headbutt, lunge, slam, throw +ID each), climbing 7D,
dodge 10D, driving 6D, melee weapons I0D, piloting 6D, riding 5D, sneak 7
Coordination 4D: Catch 6D, lockpicking 12D, marksmanship 10D, weapons 10D, thievery 9D
Physique 5D (6D): leap 8D (9D), lifting 10D (11D), resistance 7D, running 7D, swimming 7D
Knowledge 4D: Computer ops 6D, criminology 6D (criminal natures +4D), demolitions 8D, medicine 5D, navigation 6D, research 5D, scholar 5D (strategy +4D), security 11D
Perception 5D: Hide 8D, repair 6D, search 8D, shadowing 9D, streetwise 6D (Gotham City +3D), surveillance 9D, survival 9D, tracking 9D
Presence 3D: Interrogation 9D, intimidation 12D, willpower 12D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Acute Balance -2D, Acute Sense of Direction -2D, Courage -2D, Hardiness -4D, Leadership Ability -2D, Observant -2D; Dark Secret (grew up in prison)+ ID, Delusions of Grandeur +3D, Enemy (Batman, Ra’s al Ghul)
+3D each, Extremely Competitive +2D, Fugitive +3D.

P /L BONUS: +5

Powers: Venom Boost – During the period in which Bane was a Venom user, he would inject the drug straight into his bloodstream and receive +1D to Physique, leap, and lifting. [Limit: Psychological Addiction]


Submitted by Menele
Real Name: Franklin Hall
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Allies (Quantum, Zzaxx), Hardiness, Wealth 4D
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Center of Conversation, Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Avengers-All branches), Enemy (Thor), Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Shady Background

Reflexes: 2D Driving 3D, Piloting-Self 7D
Coordination: 2D Marksmanship-Gravitic Force Bolt 9D
Physique: 2D Flying 8D, Resistance 9D
Knowledge: 4D Arcane Lore (Various Dimensions) 5D, Computer Ops 6D, Research 6D, Scholar 5D, Science 6D (Physics +2D)
Perception: 3D Engineering 5D, Invent 4D, Know How (Powers) 11D
Presence: 3D Charm 4D, Command 4D, Willpower 5D

PDV: 1
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/L Bonus: + 1
Villain Points: 17
Body Points: 37
Character Points: 120

Powers: Gravity Manipulation 21D (Signature Power: Gravitic Force Bolt- By rapidly projecting gravitons in a cohesive beam, he can generate a force blast with a maximum concussive force equivalent to the primary shockwave of an explosion of 20,000 pounds of TNT. Mastery-General, Mastery-Flight)

History: Franklin Hall was a scientist working at a private physics research facility in the Canadian Rockies on a practical teleportation device. In the midst of an experiment, Hall overloaded the power handling capacity of his equipment, causing an explosion that intermingled his molecules with the sub-nuclear graviton particles that were being generated in a nearby series of companion particle accelerators.
Recovering from the accident, Hall discovered that he could mentally control gravity. A man of great ambition, he designed a costume, called himself Graviton, and took over the research facility, lifting it several thousands of feet into the sky. Alerted to his threat, the Avengers tried to rescue the facility. In the fury of battle, Graviton unleashed sufficient power to cause the matter of the sky-borne laboratory to collapse inwardly around him. The matter of the facility was infused with the atoms of his body for a time, giving his new 60-foot form a massive gravitational field.

Eventually, however, he was able to separate his organic atoms from the atoms of the landmass he had merged with. Still disoriented, the now-human Graviton attempted to find a female companion by taking a New York department store hostage and levitating it above the skyscrapers. Graviton was exiled to interstellar space by the thunder god Thor, but returned to Earth when a spatial anomaly occurred nearby. Setting up a base of operations in Los Angeles, Graviton attempted to unite all of its criminal mobs under his leadership, but was thwarted in the attempt by the West Coast Avengers.

New Advantage: Headquarters

New Advantage: HQ Submitted by Menele

This advantage allows a hero or hero group to begin play with a serviceable headquarters. The inclusion of particular gadgets, alarm systems, vehicles and such is not included in the initial purchase but I will give rough estimates as to what I believe to be fair for purchasing them. This advantage may be purchased either by an individual or as a group, with dice being split up as the players see fit. All normal Advantage purchasing rules follow after creation.

1DNot very big, about the size of someone’s apartment. (I’m picturing the Tick and Arthur’s arrangement here.)
2DHQ the size of a house. (I see a house here.)
3DHQ the size of a mansion/warehouse. (I see this as being around the size of some of the early Titans bases, the JLE base when they first moved in, or Doctor Strange’s Mansion.)
4DHQ the size of an embassy/vast caverns complex. (I see this as being around the size of the Batcave/Avengers Mansion/Fantastic Four headquarters/Xmen Mansion/JSA Headquarters.)
5DHQ is vast, the size of an army base. (I see this as being around the size of the JLA satellite, most of Magneto’s bases, some of Lex Luthor’s bases pre-crisis.)
0DThe HQ is well known and listed in the local yellow pages. (The JSA/Fantastic Four Headquarters).
1DThe HQ isn’t listed in any directory nor is advertised in any way. The only way to discover it is a base is to follow the heroes there. It is out of the way and as long as the heroes take some care that they are not being observed it should remain secret until someone errs. (Batgirl’s secret room in her apartment.)
2DThe HQ is secret and very difficult to find. (The Batcave)
3DThe HQ is secret and out of the way. (South Pole, High in the Rocky Mountains)
4DThe HQ is secret and nearly impossible to get to (i.e. orbiting Earth, near the Earth’s core, deep under the ocean.) [JLA Satellite]
5DThe HQ is out of phase with this reality or in another dimension with only certain routes to it.
StaffingEffect (After 1D, the characters must begin paying for their staff)
0DNo staff exists. The hero(es) must do everything for themselves.
1DThe HQ has a modest staff (maid/butler) of amateur/volunteer caliber. Usual relevant skills are around 2D.
2DThe HQ has a modest staff of fully trained caliber. Usual relevant skills are around 3D-4D.
3DThe HQ has a full staff of highly trained individuals. (E.g. Mechanic, onsite doctor, personal trainers, publicist/spin doctors, lawyers/barristers, scientists/gadgeteers, web designer.) The relevant skill set for the staff members are around 4D to 5D.
4DAs 3D above plus a small well trained squad of soldiers to guard the facility. Usual relevant skills with specializations are around 6D to 7D.
5DAs above only better. Retired heroes and reformed villains now fill some of the staff positions. Usual relevant skills with specializations are around 8D+.
SecurityEffect (After 1D, the characters must begin paying for their security)
0DNo security exists other then secrecy or the reputation of the hero(es).
1DThe HQ has only the most basic of security systems. (Bolt locks and other items that could be purchased at the local hardware store.
2DThe HQ has a modest security system, which offered to most homeowners (including an alarm system and a few reinforced doors PDV 2). As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 3D.
3DThe HQ has an excellent security system, which is offered to most businesses (reinforced doors PDV 3.) As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 5D.
4DThe HQ has a state of the art security system, which is offered to those billionaire tycoons. The security is now included for any land that the heroes own. As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 7D. Some specialized equipment that mimic powers (around the 5D-6D range). E.g. of powers mimicked: Energy Projection-Stun Bolt, Bind, Cold Manipulation (i.e. powers that will immobilize but not kill an individual).
5DAs above only better. As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 9D. Powers mimicked are around the 7D-8D level.
0DThe HQ is funded by the hero(es).
1DThe HQ has a friendly benefactor (rich uncle, retired hero), with the equivalent of Wealth 4D.
2DThe HQ is funded by a foundation with the equivalent of Wealth 6D.
3DThe HQ is funded by an organization with the equivalent of Wealth 8D.
4DThe HQ is funded by an organization with the equivalent of Wealth 10D.
5DThe HQ is funded by the United Nations, with the equivalent of Wealth 12D.
 Note: with other people’s money comes other people’s rules. This can be represented by the Owes Favor disadvantage of corresponding dice to the Funding aspect of this advantage that is applied as long as the character is a member of the group.

Accessorizing the Headquarters

The following represent what heroes could purchase if they had the Wealth Advantage or Funding. These are not absolute prices; they represent what someone with the appropriate Wealth rating could purchase if they saved for a few months [Yes that means no access to cash/funds.] And to be fair, I stole this list outright from MSH Avengers Coast-to-Coast.

Wealth RatingItem(s)
Crime File Database 4D of information.
Dining Room*
Elevator (Standard) Standard elevators can carry up to 10 people and have a range of 10 floors (or sub floors). For every additional 10 floors the player must pay the cost again.
Fire Protection-Sprinkler
Garage (3 Vehicles)
Hangar Kitchen
* Laboratory
Basic Land (per acre) This covers land other then what is occupied by the main building. This land can be simple park land or undeveloped. Elaborate gardens require the services of one or more gardeners.
Living Room*
Locker Room Office*
Pool-Outdoor (lap)
Recreation Room*
Trophy Room*
4DAir Lock Door Door is PDV 4.
Air Craft Runway
Armor Plating* This allows one standard sized room to be encased in plating of differing degrees of hardness. (This works out to Wealth Rating +1 for a value of the PDV of the room in question.).
Blast Door This allows one standard sized door to be encased in plating of differing degrees of hardness. (This works out to Wealth Rating +1 for a value of the PDV of the door in question.) As a 4D wealth expenditure sensors may be added
Clean Room Communications Room-National Computer Room*
Conference Room
Dock Fire Protection-Foam Garage (12 Vehicles)
Laboratory w/ Analysis Computer
Medical (Emergency)
Power Room (24 Hour)
Radar This is standard aircraft radar automatic proximity warning. [Search (aircraft) 6D.]
Rapid Transport (Surface) This is a high speed monorail system for personal use within the grounds of the HQ. It can connect sites 500 yards apart. Additional units can be purchased for longer distances. Enclosed cars can hold up to four passengers. The speed is 150 mph. PDV of the carts is 5.
Robot (Maintenance) This machine is capable of performing a single, relatively simple task with 5D of relevant skill. It has simple discriminatory functions allowing it to decide when to act, within programmed outlines. Typical uses of the droid include firefighting, lab cleanup and equipment maintenance. It is not useful for planed combat functions. All stats 2D.
Sauna, Steam Room & Whirlpool
6DAircraft Runway, Compact This is a specially designed airstrip, similar to those found on aircraft carriers. Planes are launched with the assistance of a catapult arrangement and land with the assistance of arrestor cables and crash nets. As such, the entire assembly can be fitted onto the floor of a large building, inside a hangar or in an underground chamber. Landing at such a runway requires more and special skill (there is a +2 difficulty on all landing attempts).
Air Craft Turntable
Communications Room-National
Danger Room*The X-Men before Shi’ar.
Electron Microscope Elevator-Vehicle/Aircraft Vehicle elevators can carry one vehicle one floor. Additional floors indicate that the elevator cost must be paid again.
Force Field-Door This is a permanently emplaced electro-force field (8D). It can cover one standard sized door or window and must be connected to the main or reserve power systems
High Energy Research Laser Holographic Projector This projector, which looks like a normal security camera, can create any image programmed into its main computer, up to a size slightly larger then a normal man. The projector can be connected to the security or defense systems and can be operated manually from the main computer station.
Hydraulic Wall One section of the wall, cliff face, grounds, or whatever hydraulically opens and closes. This opening is large enough to accommodate a standard plane or jet. The opening is concealed to a large degree (difficulty 7) to spot it. The hydraulic wall can be triggered by remotes similar to a garage door opener.
Laboratory-Complete Medical (Surgery)
Power Room
Solar Workshop-Automated
8DCommunications Room-Global
Medical, Cryogenic Power Room-Nuclear This package consists of three rooms and must be segregated from other areas of the HQ. The control room consists of a computer (8D of Knowledge/Science/Know How) dedicated to the operation of the reactor. Alarms are placed throughout the HQ. The reactor can provide unlimited power for normal and most extraordinary purposes. If desired the HQ can be powered solely by the reactor, independent of local power sources. Opening of a nuclear reactor requires approval and licensing by government authority [Status-Special Permit 1D].
Rapid Transport (Underground)
 * Indicates that this package is available at multiple levels of cost, with higher level giving better variations then the level below.


Real Name: Slade Wilson
Occupation: Mercenary
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Race: Human
Tech Level: Modern (1)

Reflexes 2D (8D): Acrobatics 6D (12D), brawling 7D (13D), dodge 7D (13D), escape artist 5D (11D), martial arts 3D (9D), melee weapons 5D (11D), sneak 4D (10D)
Coordination 2D (8D): Marksmanship 8D (14D) (hunting rifle, pistol + 1D each), thrown weapons 6D (12D)
Physique 2D (8D): Leap 6D (12D), lifting 4D (10D), resistance 4D (10D)
Knowledge 3D: Computer ops 5D, demolitions 12D, languages 4D, medicine 4D, navigation 5D, scholar 4D (military procedures, big game hunting +2D each), security 5D
Perception 3D: Hide 7D, know-how (assassination techniques) 12D, search 5D, shadowing 7D, streetwise 10D, surveillance 7D, survival 9D, tracking 9D
Presence 3D: Bluff 5D, command 5D, interrogation 7D, intimidation 10D, persuasion 7D, willpower 8D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Acute Balance -2D, Courage -2D, Double-jointed -2D, Fast Reactions -4D, Hardiness -4D, Preparedness -4D, Self-Healing -4D, Speed Draw -1D, Wealth -4D; Dark Secret (responsible for the death of his sons) + 1D, Enemy (Batman, Nightwing) +2D each, Enemy (various international rivals and police agencies) +4D, Fugitive +1D, Hides Emotions + 1D, Physically Limited (blind in one eye) +3D, Secret Identity +3D

PDV: 4 (7)
P/L BONUS: +2 (+5)

POWERS: Superattributes: Reflexes, Coordination, Physique 6D each, Supersenses 4D, Healing 8D (limitation: Self-Only), Longevity 2D (limitation: Linked to Healing).

EQUIPMENT: .44 Magnum sidearm (BDV 5Dx3), titanium broadsword (BDV 5D [edge]/2D [flat]), collapsible power staff (BDV 3D; Microwave Projection 11D; extends from 1 foot to 6 feet), nightvision lens (immune to darkness penalties), surveillance gear, and other equipment and weaponry as needed.


The Brotherhood of the Order of St. Dumas is an off-shoot of the Knights Templar. They splintered off after a falling out during the Crusades. The offshoot group followed the lead of a self-proclaimed saint named Dumas.

Though the origins are shrouded by the mists of time, it is believed that the Order of St. Dumas discovered the lost treasures of King Solomon, pillaging and looting its
wealth. In order to keep this fortune a secret from the Templars, who take vows of poverty, the newly formed order traveled to Switzerland. There they stashed their
ill-gotten goods in secret repositories, which they used to strengthen their organization. The order used their fortune for what they thought were good causes and the protection of their own members- unless any members violated their trust. Then, Azrael, the Angel of Death, was sent to punish them.

This avenging angel was created by the Order of St. Dumas to deal out retribution to violators of the order’s trust and its enemies. For several generations, the duties belonging to Azrael were passed down from father to son as a sacred responsibility, until the order perfected a genetically engineered way to control selected indoctrination and breeding of future Azraels, centuries before modern science delved into DNA analysis.

With this technique, the next generation Azrael was removed from the womb of the mother while he was still a fetus. Next, he was placed in a vessel containing special simian body fluids in which the unborn child was subjected to a series of electrical shocks and conditioned to instill the aggressive tendencies known as the “wrath.”

During childhood, future Azraels were indoctrinated with the “System,” a series of hypnotic commands and intense physical training designed to turn them into the deadliest of assassins when they wore the mantle of Azrael.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, a great upheaval came about within the Order of St. Dumas. A treasurer named LeHah looted funds in order to build an arms business for himself. Jean Paul Valley’s father, the Azrael at that time, was sent by the dwarfling known as Nomoz to punish LeHah, but he failed and lost his life. Just before dying, he found his son’s home nearby and bequeathed the title of Azrael to Jean Paul.

After coming to terms with his inheritance of the title of Azrael and avenging the death of his father, Jean Paul refused to serve the Order of St. Dumas and the sect’s
leader, Brother Rollo. The refusal generated chaos within the secret society. Brother Rollo sentenced Azrael and his friends to death, ordering the dwarflings – genetic creations of the order – to seek them out. Knowing that the only way to save himself and his friends was to take down the order, Azrael journeyed to Switzerland with Sister Lilhy, Nomoz, and Brian Bryan and destroyed their sanctuary, the Ice Cathedral, apparently killing Brother Rollo in the process.

Months later, Azrael has learned that Lilhy plans on rebuilding the Order of St. Dumas and control it herself. It appears that the era of change for the order has not ended yet.