REAL NAME: Jason “Jay” Peter Garrick
OCCUPATION: Former research scientist
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Keystone City, Kansas
HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 179 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown (now graying)
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 3D: Brawling 7D (clothesline, disarm, spin attack +1D each), dodge 8D
Coordination 3D: Catch 9D, thrown weapons 5D (helmet +3D)
Physique 2D: Running 10D
Knowledge 3D: Criminology 4D, research 5D (speed reading +3D), scholar 5D, science 5D
Perception 2D: Engineering 5D, invent 5D, know-how ( Speed Manipulation) 10D, repair 5D, search 8D, streetwise (Keystone City) 7D
Presence 3D: Charm 5D, command 5D, disguise (blurring facial features) 7D, persuasion 7D, willpower 7D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Ally (JSA) –20D, Ally (Flash III, Jesse Quick, Max Mercury, Impulse) –8D each, Charismatic –3D, Courage –2D, Fast Reactions –4D, Leadership Ability –2D; Age: Old +9D, Dependant (Joan Williams-Garrick) +1D, Enemy (the Fiddler, the Shade, the Thinker) +3D each, Enemy (Injustice Society of the World) +5D.

PDV: 4 (15 while moving with Speed Manipulation)

POWERS: Speed Manipulation 11D, Sustenance 3D.

EQUIPMENT: Winged helmet (BDV 2D as thrown weapon only; AV 18 vs. overhead physical attacks only; Body Points 24).

As a boy, Jay Garrick used to read pulp magazine stories of the turn-of-the-century super-hero, Whip Whirlwind. Little did he know that he would be granted the same powers of super speed.

Jay would go to Midwestern University in Keystone City where he would double-major in chemistry and physics. An experiment he was working on during his junior year was to purify hard water without any residual radiation in a cyclotron. When a test tube of the hard water was accidentally spilled, the fumes knocked him out. His friend Elliot Shapiro dragged him from the lab. After a week of unconsciousness, during which Jay’s metabolism increased and his body rejected nutrients, he discovered that he had been given superhuman speed by the accident, and he used this speed as the superhero, Flash.

Jay was an active member of the Justice Society of America. Like the rest of his comrades, certain spells kept him from aging much as the years went by.

Jay also remained a prominent scientist. He worked at Chemical Research Incorporated before founding the Keystone-based Garrick Laboratories.

Three of Jay’s enemies, the Fiddler, the Thinker, and the Shade, built a resonator that vibrated Keystone City out of real space, putting its citizens in suspended animation, and causing the rest of the world to forget the city existed. However, much later, Barry Allen discovered the lost city when he vibrated at a certain frequency. After waking up Jay, the two Flashes were able to beat the villains and save the city. After this event, Jay retired, leaving Barry to continue the mantle. However, Jay would fluctuate in and out of retirement, helping out Barry or Wally West if needed. He also continued to work as a scientist. When the very life on Earth was threatened by solar flare radiation, Jay was put in charge of the situation by the government. When the JSA resumed their activities, Jay was with them.

Jay eventually disappeared, along with the rest of the JSA, in the Ragnarok Limbo where they would perpetually fight Norse mythological creatures and Joan believed him to be dead. He returned, however, and soon was back in action with Wally.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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