Real Name: Clark Joseph Kent / Kal-El
Occupation: Reporter
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 225 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Kryptonian
Tech Level: Advanced (3)

Reflexes 4D (14D): Brawling 6D (16D) (disarm +1D, flying kick +1D, instant stun +1D, spin attack +1D), dodge 6D (16D), melee weapons 5D (15D), piloting 5D (15D) (self +2D)
Coordination 3D (13D): Marksmanship 4D (14D), thrown weapons 5D (15D)
Physique 5D (35D): Flying 7D (37D), leap 6D (36D), lifting 6D (36D), running 6D (36D)
Knowledge 3D: Arcane lore 4D, computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, languages 7D (Interlac +1D), medicine 5D (first aid +1D), navigation 4D, research 8D, scholar 8D (18D) (Kryptonian culture +2D), science 7D (17D) (Kryptonian science +3D), security 6D (JLA Watchtower +2D)
Perception 3D: Artist 4D (writer +2D), engineering 5D, know-how (powers) 10D each, repair 5D, search 5D, shadowing 4D, streetwise 5D (Metropolis +4D), surveillance 5D, survival 5D, tracking 6D
Presence 5D: Charm 9D, command 13D, interrogation 6D, intimidation 9D, persuasion 8D, willpower 14D

Advantages/Disadvantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JLA) -6D, Contact (Superboy, Supergirl) -5D each, Contact (John Henry Irons) -4D, Contact (Metropolis S.C.U.) – 2D, Contact (World Governments) -4D, Contact (Media) -3D, Courage -2D, Leadership Ability -2D, Mechanical Aptitude -2D, Observant -2D, Technologically Advanced -20D, Wealth -4D, Dark Secret (Executed Kryptonian criminals in another dimension) +1D, Dependent (Lois Lane) +1D, Dependent (Ma and Pa Kent) +2D each, Enemy (Lex Luthor, the Cyborg, Brainiac) +3D each, Enemy (rogues gallery) +6D, Secret Identity +3D

Speed: 30
PDV: 8 (18 while using Speed Manipulation)
Unarmed BDV: 4D (7D)
P/l bonus: +3 (+18)
Hero Points: 42
Character Points: 328
Body Points: 185

Powers: Microwave Projection (eyes) 16D, Immunity 10D, Superattributes: Reflexes, Coordination, Knowledge (scholar, science) 10D each, Superattributes: Physique 30D, Super-Breath 15D, Supersenses 12D, X-Ray Vision 14D (limitation: ineffectiveness (lead) – 3D), Flight 18D, Invulnerability 11D (limitation: ineffectiveness (magic) -1D), Ice Manipulation (freezing objects) 10D (limitation: linked to Super-Breath), Speed Manipulation (supermobility, superactions) 10D each. All powers also have the limitations: Rechargeable (yellow sunlight) -1D, Vulnerability (kryptonite) -7D.

When Kal-El was just a baby on his home planet Krypton, his father, a scientist named Jor-El, learned the planet’s core was unstable and ultimately doomed. He attempted to warn his people and prompt them to evacuate, but the dogmatic Kryptonian government dismissed Jor-El’s warnings completely, forcing him and his family to confront the inevitability of Krypton’s destruction.

Mere moments before the planet was destroyed, Jor-El and his wife Lara managed to load their infant son into an escape pod and launch him into space, hoping that their final act would save him from the fate of their people.

Baby Kal-El’s pod traveled through the universe until it crash-landed on Earth. Or, more specifically, in a quiet field outside the tiny town of Smallville, Kansas, where he was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. As they examined the wreckage, they found the infant and, as they were without child, decided to take him in as their own. The Kents hid the wreckage of the escape pod and raised Kal-El as their own, giving him the human name Clark Kent, and doing their best to ensure that he would have a normal upbringing, and remain indistinguishable from any other child in Smallville.

For most of his early life, Clark believed he was human. It wasn’t until his Kryptonian abilities—including heat and x-ray vision, super-strength, super-speed, and flight—began manifesting in his teens that his adoptive family decided to tell him the truth. Clark then viewed a holographic message from his parents that had been stored within his escape pod. It explained everything about Clark’s lost homeworld and the people he’d never known.

After Martha Kent crafted a costume for him, Clark began fighting crime and injustice in all its forms. Lois Lane, a reporter for the Metropolis newspaper, the Daily Planet, and eventually Clark’s coworker, coined the name Superman in her exposé revealing his existence to the world. Since then, Superman has become one of the most trusted and well-recognized figures in the DC universe, the guardian of not just his city, but the planet at large.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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