REAL NAME: Unknown
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Central City, Missouri
HEIGHT: 6’5″
ARMORED WEIGHT: 645 pounds
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Unknown
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)
Colonel Computron’s costume is a duplicate of the one worn by Captain Computron, the subject of a wildly successful computerized amusement manufactured by the Wiggins Toy Corporation. This, added to Colonel Computron’s several attempts to murder the company’s president Willard W. Wiggins, points to a member of the Nurblin family of Central City as most likely to be the person inside the costume. The Nurblins’ milquetoast patriarch Basil is the designer of Captain Computron. For his hard work and ingenuity in doing so, he received only token compensation from the miserly Wiggins. Though Basil possesses both the skills and motive to be Colonel Computron, his shrewish wife, Francine, also has the necessary technical know-how. She likewise possesses the necessary temperament to seek violent revenge against Wiggins, whom she views as persecuting her “spineless” husband. The final suspect, the Nurblins’ daughter, Luna, shares their genius in micro-electronics, and the Computron costume certainly matches her largish physical dimensions. Because of this inconclusive evidence, exactly which members (if any) of the Nurblin clan is really Colonel Computron remains a mystery. Whomever it is, there is no question of Computron’s animosity toward Willard Wiggins. On three separate occasions, Computron prepared high-technology deathtraps for Wiggins, only to have them thwarted by the Flash (Barry Allen). The first such attempt involved the use of a
“Molecu-Siphon” to trap Wiggins inside a lethal giant computer game, a fate the Flash suffered in his place. Ultimately, Wiggins, Computron, and the Scarlet Speedster all survived this initial encounter unscathed. Computron returned at young Willard Wiggins, Jr.’s birthday party, but once again, the Flash saved Wiggins. However, the intervention of another Flash foe, Captain Boomerang, nearly enabled a third attempt to succeed. A brief alliance between the Colonel and the Captain produced a giant boomerang capable of traveling backward in time. They trapped the Flash inside it (along with Boomerang, after Computron betrayed him). When the Flash and Boomerang finally returned to the present era, Computron had strapped Wiggins into an electric chair, to be activated when Wiggins lost at a computer game. The Flash and Captain Boomerang freed Wiggins, but once again Computron escaped. Since then, Computron has not reappeared.

Reflexes 2D (4D): Brawling 3D (5D), driving 3D (5D), piloting 3D (5D) (Colonel Computron suit +3D)
Coordination 2D (4D): Marksmanship 3D (5D) (electric blasts +2D)
Physique 2D (6D): Flying 3D (7D), leap 3D (7D), running 3D (7D)
Knowledge 4D: Computer ops 9D (15D), research 8D, scholar 6D, science 6D, security 8D
Perception 4D: Engineering 7D (micro-electronics +2D), invent 7D (micro-electronics +2D), repair 7D (micro-electronics +2D), search 5D, tracking 5D (electronic +2D)
Presence 2D: Intimidation 4D, willpower 4D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Mechanical Aptitude –2D, Speed Draw (electric blasts) –1D (Superattributes bonus); Enemy (the Flash II) +3D, Fanatic (killing W. W. Wiggins) +3D, Secret Identity +3D, Sworn Enemy (W. W. Wiggins) +3D.
PDV: 1 (2)
P/L BONUS: +1 (+3)
Colonel Computron Suit
Speed: same as wearer’s
Passive Defense Value: same as wearer’s, adjusted by powers
Fire Arc: forward
Range: as per powers
Ammunition: internal power source
Rate of Fire: 1
Enhancement Modifiers: Computer ops +6D.
Armor Value: 23
Body Points: 200
Additional Information: Powers: Superattributes: Reflexes 2D (bonus: haymaker +1D),
Superattributes: Coordination 2D, Superattributes: Physique 4D (bonuses: increased damage versus inanimate objects, lift objects without them collapsing), Energy Projection (electric blasts) 9D, Flight 10D, Natural Armor 8D. All powers have the Limitations: Rechargeable –2D and Removable –1D.
In addition to the suit, Colonel Computron also employed the following equipment:
Molecu-Siphon [Energy Manipulation (transform others to “living electronic impulses”) 9D]
Blips: automatons constructed by Computron [Reflexes 2D, piloting 12D (self), Coordination 4D, marksmanship 12D, Physique 6D, flying 12D, Knowledge 1D, Perception 3D. Speed: 30. Body Points: 30. Powers: Energy Projection (electric blasts) 9D, Flight 12D.]

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Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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