REAL NAME: Frances “Frankie” Kane
OCCUPATION: Criminal, cultist, hero
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Blue Valley, Nebraska
HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 117 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

The manifestation of Frances Kane’s powers caused an automobile accident killing her father and brother. Blamed and rejected by her distraught mother, Kane turned to life-long friend Wally West for help. As they worked at honing her control over her powers, they fell in love. Kane was happy for a time, but tension emerged when Wally pressured her to keep her powers, hoping she would become a costumed hero. However, Frances no longer wanted the burden of her powers. Though she complied with West’s wishes, she was always a reluctant hero. She felt further pressure when Wally asked her to move in with him, but rather than give in a
second time, she ended their relationship and left Wally’s life.

Many months later, Frances reappeared, embarking on a magnetic rampage through Keystone. Kane’s anguish at Wally’s perceived rejection of her made her psychologically unstable and pushed her magnetic powers to unprecedented heights of power. With Wally’s help, Frances’ good side returned, and she used her abilities to save Keystone before again departing. Frances vowed to return to a normal life, but her resentment toward Wally for convincing her to keep her powers years ago triggered a relapse. Once again psychotic, Frances seemed bent
on Wally’s destruction until his girlfriend Linda Park forced Kane to realize her own responsibility for her life choices.

Although thought to be cured of her mental instability, Kane returned as Magenta
with a vengeance, joining with the Cult of Cicada. When the Flash defeated Cicada and his cult, Magenta alone escaped. She is currently at large and still highly disturbed…and highly powerful.

Reflexes 2D: Athletics 3D, brawling 3D, dodge 3D, piloting (self) 3D
Coordination 2D: Catch 3D (using Magnetic Manipulation +2D), thrown weapons 3D (using Magnetic Manipulation +3D)
Physique 2D: Flying 3D
Knowledge 3D: Computer ops 3D, research 3D, scholar 4D, science 3D
Perception 2D: Know-how (Magnetic Manipulation) 7D
Presence 2D: Charm 4D, persuasion 3D, willpower 4D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Attractive Appearance –2D; Fugitive +3D, Psychological Disorder (split personality) +4D, Shady Background +2D.

PDV: 2

POWERS: Magnetic Manipulation 11D (Limitation: Side Effect [continued use causes evil side to manifest] –4D).

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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