New Advantage: Headquarters

New Advantage: HQ Submitted by Menele

This advantage allows a hero or hero group to begin play with a serviceable headquarters. The inclusion of particular gadgets, alarm systems, vehicles and such is not included in the initial purchase but I will give rough estimates as to what I believe to be fair for purchasing them. This advantage may be purchased either by an individual or as a group, with dice being split up as the players see fit. All normal Advantage purchasing rules follow after creation.

1DNot very big, about the size of someone’s apartment. (I’m picturing the Tick and Arthur’s arrangement here.)
2DHQ the size of a house. (I see a house here.)
3DHQ the size of a mansion/warehouse. (I see this as being around the size of some of the early Titans bases, the JLE base when they first moved in, or Doctor Strange’s Mansion.)
4DHQ the size of an embassy/vast caverns complex. (I see this as being around the size of the Batcave/Avengers Mansion/Fantastic Four headquarters/Xmen Mansion/JSA Headquarters.)
5DHQ is vast, the size of an army base. (I see this as being around the size of the JLA satellite, most of Magneto’s bases, some of Lex Luthor’s bases pre-crisis.)
0DThe HQ is well known and listed in the local yellow pages. (The JSA/Fantastic Four Headquarters).
1DThe HQ isn’t listed in any directory nor is advertised in any way. The only way to discover it is a base is to follow the heroes there. It is out of the way and as long as the heroes take some care that they are not being observed it should remain secret until someone errs. (Batgirl’s secret room in her apartment.)
2DThe HQ is secret and very difficult to find. (The Batcave)
3DThe HQ is secret and out of the way. (South Pole, High in the Rocky Mountains)
4DThe HQ is secret and nearly impossible to get to (i.e. orbiting Earth, near the Earth’s core, deep under the ocean.) [JLA Satellite]
5DThe HQ is out of phase with this reality or in another dimension with only certain routes to it.
StaffingEffect (After 1D, the characters must begin paying for their staff)
0DNo staff exists. The hero(es) must do everything for themselves.
1DThe HQ has a modest staff (maid/butler) of amateur/volunteer caliber. Usual relevant skills are around 2D.
2DThe HQ has a modest staff of fully trained caliber. Usual relevant skills are around 3D-4D.
3DThe HQ has a full staff of highly trained individuals. (E.g. Mechanic, onsite doctor, personal trainers, publicist/spin doctors, lawyers/barristers, scientists/gadgeteers, web designer.) The relevant skill set for the staff members are around 4D to 5D.
4DAs 3D above plus a small well trained squad of soldiers to guard the facility. Usual relevant skills with specializations are around 6D to 7D.
5DAs above only better. Retired heroes and reformed villains now fill some of the staff positions. Usual relevant skills with specializations are around 8D+.
SecurityEffect (After 1D, the characters must begin paying for their security)
0DNo security exists other then secrecy or the reputation of the hero(es).
1DThe HQ has only the most basic of security systems. (Bolt locks and other items that could be purchased at the local hardware store.
2DThe HQ has a modest security system, which offered to most homeowners (including an alarm system and a few reinforced doors PDV 2). As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 3D.
3DThe HQ has an excellent security system, which is offered to most businesses (reinforced doors PDV 3.) As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 5D.
4DThe HQ has a state of the art security system, which is offered to those billionaire tycoons. The security is now included for any land that the heroes own. As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 7D. Some specialized equipment that mimic powers (around the 5D-6D range). E.g. of powers mimicked: Energy Projection-Stun Bolt, Bind, Cold Manipulation (i.e. powers that will immobilize but not kill an individual).
5DAs above only better. As far as making opposed rolls, treat the defenses of the HQ as having 9D. Powers mimicked are around the 7D-8D level.
0DThe HQ is funded by the hero(es).
1DThe HQ has a friendly benefactor (rich uncle, retired hero), with the equivalent of Wealth 4D.
2DThe HQ is funded by a foundation with the equivalent of Wealth 6D.
3DThe HQ is funded by an organization with the equivalent of Wealth 8D.
4DThe HQ is funded by an organization with the equivalent of Wealth 10D.
5DThe HQ is funded by the United Nations, with the equivalent of Wealth 12D.
 Note: with other people’s money comes other people’s rules. This can be represented by the Owes Favor disadvantage of corresponding dice to the Funding aspect of this advantage that is applied as long as the character is a member of the group.

Accessorizing the Headquarters

The following represent what heroes could purchase if they had the Wealth Advantage or Funding. These are not absolute prices; they represent what someone with the appropriate Wealth rating could purchase if they saved for a few months [Yes that means no access to cash/funds.] And to be fair, I stole this list outright from MSH Avengers Coast-to-Coast.

Wealth RatingItem(s)
Crime File Database 4D of information.
Dining Room*
Elevator (Standard) Standard elevators can carry up to 10 people and have a range of 10 floors (or sub floors). For every additional 10 floors the player must pay the cost again.
Fire Protection-Sprinkler
Garage (3 Vehicles)
Hangar Kitchen
* Laboratory
Basic Land (per acre) This covers land other then what is occupied by the main building. This land can be simple park land or undeveloped. Elaborate gardens require the services of one or more gardeners.
Living Room*
Locker Room Office*
Pool-Outdoor (lap)
Recreation Room*
Trophy Room*
4DAir Lock Door Door is PDV 4.
Air Craft Runway
Armor Plating* This allows one standard sized room to be encased in plating of differing degrees of hardness. (This works out to Wealth Rating +1 for a value of the PDV of the room in question.).
Blast Door This allows one standard sized door to be encased in plating of differing degrees of hardness. (This works out to Wealth Rating +1 for a value of the PDV of the door in question.) As a 4D wealth expenditure sensors may be added
Clean Room Communications Room-National Computer Room*
Conference Room
Dock Fire Protection-Foam Garage (12 Vehicles)
Laboratory w/ Analysis Computer
Medical (Emergency)
Power Room (24 Hour)
Radar This is standard aircraft radar automatic proximity warning. [Search (aircraft) 6D.]
Rapid Transport (Surface) This is a high speed monorail system for personal use within the grounds of the HQ. It can connect sites 500 yards apart. Additional units can be purchased for longer distances. Enclosed cars can hold up to four passengers. The speed is 150 mph. PDV of the carts is 5.
Robot (Maintenance) This machine is capable of performing a single, relatively simple task with 5D of relevant skill. It has simple discriminatory functions allowing it to decide when to act, within programmed outlines. Typical uses of the droid include firefighting, lab cleanup and equipment maintenance. It is not useful for planed combat functions. All stats 2D.
Sauna, Steam Room & Whirlpool
6DAircraft Runway, Compact This is a specially designed airstrip, similar to those found on aircraft carriers. Planes are launched with the assistance of a catapult arrangement and land with the assistance of arrestor cables and crash nets. As such, the entire assembly can be fitted onto the floor of a large building, inside a hangar or in an underground chamber. Landing at such a runway requires more and special skill (there is a +2 difficulty on all landing attempts).
Air Craft Turntable
Communications Room-National
Danger Room*The X-Men before Shi’ar.
Electron Microscope Elevator-Vehicle/Aircraft Vehicle elevators can carry one vehicle one floor. Additional floors indicate that the elevator cost must be paid again.
Force Field-Door This is a permanently emplaced electro-force field (8D). It can cover one standard sized door or window and must be connected to the main or reserve power systems
High Energy Research Laser Holographic Projector This projector, which looks like a normal security camera, can create any image programmed into its main computer, up to a size slightly larger then a normal man. The projector can be connected to the security or defense systems and can be operated manually from the main computer station.
Hydraulic Wall One section of the wall, cliff face, grounds, or whatever hydraulically opens and closes. This opening is large enough to accommodate a standard plane or jet. The opening is concealed to a large degree (difficulty 7) to spot it. The hydraulic wall can be triggered by remotes similar to a garage door opener.
Laboratory-Complete Medical (Surgery)
Power Room
Solar Workshop-Automated
8DCommunications Room-Global
Medical, Cryogenic Power Room-Nuclear This package consists of three rooms and must be segregated from other areas of the HQ. The control room consists of a computer (8D of Knowledge/Science/Know How) dedicated to the operation of the reactor. Alarms are placed throughout the HQ. The reactor can provide unlimited power for normal and most extraordinary purposes. If desired the HQ can be powered solely by the reactor, independent of local power sources. Opening of a nuclear reactor requires approval and licensing by government authority [Status-Special Permit 1D].
Rapid Transport (Underground)
 * Indicates that this package is available at multiple levels of cost, with higher level giving better variations then the level below.

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