Submitted by Tony Cranfield
Real Name: Rom
Base of Operations: Global/Galactic
Marital Status: Single
Race: Galadorian

Advantages: Allies (Spaceknights), Courage, Contacts (Avengers,FF and the X-men), Fast Reactions, Gifted in Learning, Hardiness, Leadership ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Preparedness, Special equipment, Speed Draw (Neutralizer), Technologically advanced.
Disadvantages: Dependant (Brandy Clarke) Depression (Trapped in armor), Enemies (Dire Wraiths), Fanatic (Completion of mission) , Hides Emotions, Sworn Enemy (Dire Wraiths),Unattractive Appearance

Reflexes: 3D/6D Brawling: 7D/10D, Dodge: 7D/10D, Melee Weapons: 5D/8D, Piloting: 4D/7D (+3D Self)
Coordination: 3D/6D Marksmanship: 7D/10D, Thrown Weapons: 7D/10D
Physique: 3D/13D Flying 7D/17D, Leap: 8D/18D
Knowledge: 4D Computer Ops: 8D, Navigation: 12D, Research: 6D, Scholar: 6D, Science: 8D (+2D Armor), Security: 8D
Perception: 4D Engineering: 7D, Know-How: 10D (Galadorian tech), Repair: 7D, Search: 8D, Tracking: 8D
Presence: 4D Command: 10D, Interrogation: 7D, Intimidation 4D (12D), Persuasion: 6D, Willpower: 12D

PDV : 5
Unarmed BDV : 5D
P/l Bonus : + 7
Hero Points: 40
Body Points : 62
Character Points: 400

Equipment: As a “spaceknight,” Rom possessed a special suit of armor that provided him with superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to injury, even the vacuum of space. The armor could fly with twin rocked pods, regenerate damage, and also possessed sensors that enabled him to locate space warps.
Enhancement Modifiers: Enhanced Reflexes, Coordination:+3D, Physique +10D. Enhanced Senses: +3D to Perception ROLLS, +8D to Intimidation (Due to appearance) Armor Value: 25 Body points: 300. Powers: Energy Absorption: 6D (For emergency recharging only, not combat applicable), Flight: 12D, Invulnerability: 8D, Healing: 12D (Internal self repair), Natural Armor plating: 6D, Speed Manipulation: 6D (Flying only), Sustenance: 40D, Also features a communication system that can scan all Earthly frequencies. Limitations: Not removable.

Rom utilized many hi-tech gadgets, which could be normally stored in a hyper-dimensional pocket when not in use, such as an analyzer capable of scanning a being’s molecular structure to identify alien physiology and a translator capable of communicating in any language.

Energy Analyzer – Reveal Dire Wraiths, detect others’ power potential, and trace energy trails. Energy Detection/Analysis: 15D.

Translator – Translate any language in 30 seconds allowing Rom to speak it at will. Language Comprehension: 15D

Neutralizer – Send Dire Wraiths to Limbo (alive). Rom loses all Karma for killing any being. Ranged from neutralizing radiation in beings up to killing beings. Anyone other than Rom who tries to use it suffers 10D, but touching is okay. Energy Manipulation: 15D (Only effects similar to the description of the Neutralizer) Dimensional Travel: 15D (Teleport Wraith’s to Limbo)

History: from the The Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe
The Prime Director of the planet Galador, learning of an attack by the alien the Dire Wraiths which destroyed an entire space fleet, asked the general populace of the planet for volunteers to sacrifice their human bodies and undergo surgical conversion into an army of cyborg warriors called Spaceknights, who would be adapted for the rigors of combat in outer space. Rom, the first of millions to volunteer in response to the public call, was one of a few hundred to be accepted and undergo conversion. He underwent surgery in which his brain was transplanted into an exoskeleton of cybernetic circuitry and armor, onto which his autonomic and central nervous systems were grafted. The rest of Rom’s original body, along with the rest of the original bodies of the rest of the Spaceknights, was safely preserved on Galador. The Galadorians intended to restore the Spaceknights to human form once the war with the Dire Wraiths was over.

Rom and the other Spaceknights left Galador to stalk Dire Wraiths throughout the universe, and did so for nearly 200 Earth years. When a Galadorian probe detected a major concentration of Dire Wraiths on Earth, where shape-changing Wraiths disguised themselves as human beings, Rom volunteered to go to Earth to deal with the Wraith menace alone, lest the presence of the Spaceknight armada unduly alarm the local populace. Mentus, ruler of Galador, agreed to Rom’s proposal and dispatched him. Rom arrived on Earth in recent years, landing in the town of Clairton, West Virginia.

Believing themselves defenseless without the Spaceknights, the Galadorians created a new generation of cyborg Spaceknights, who were designed to be more formidable than the originals.

Rom returned to Earth and continued his war against the Dire Wraiths. The Wraith sorcerers succeeded in destroying most of the population of Clairton, whose people had befriended Rom, including Brock Jones, the hero known as the original hero Torpedo.

However, Brandy Clark, who had fallen in love with Rom, was not killed by the Wraiths. Seeking to become like Rom, she had been magically united with the Spaceknight armor of the deceased Spaceknight Starshine by the Dire Wraith called Doctor Dredd. As the new Starshine, she became Rom’s closest ally in the war against the Wraiths. However, Clark was returned to human form by the creature called Hybrid.

The Wraiths intended that Wraithworld merge with the Earth, taking Earth’s place in space. A large number of Earth’s superhuman champions joined Rom in battling the Wraiths as Wraithworld approached. Then, in space, Rom used his Neutralizer weapon to power a gigantic neutralizer designed by the Earth inventor who calls himself Forge. Rom turned the power of the gigantic neutralizer against Wraithworld itself, canceling out its mystical energies, and thereby causing Wraithworld to cease to exist. Since the Dire Wraiths throughout the universe drew their mystical energies from Wraithworld, no Wraith sorcerer could use magic. Rom used his Neutralizer to banish all the remaining Wraiths on Earth to Limbo. (However, Dire Wraiths still exist elsewhere in the universe.) His mission on Earth completed, Rom left Earth to journey in outer space.

Later, the alien Beyonder sent Brandy Clark to Galador. She discovered that the new generation of Spaceknights had taken over the planet and destroyed most of its humanoid population. Thanks to a Shi’ar Stargate, Rom and a number of Spaceknights known as the Spaceknight Squadron also reached Galador. One of the second-generation Spaceknights, Heatwave, destroyed the cryogenically preserved bodies of the first and second-generation Spaceknights without orders to do so from his leader, Dominor. The second-generation Spaceknights killed the remaining humanoid Galadorians.

Dominor had hoped that the second-generation Spaceknights would return to human form and act as progenitors of a new, stronger Galadorian race. However, Dominor now planned to mate with Brandy Clark, so that they would become the parents of the new Galadorian race. Opposed to Dominor’s plans, Rom defeated him in battle. In despair, Dominor used Rom’s Neutralizer to commit suicide.

The rest of the first-generation Spaceknights found Rom on Galador, and Clark found the cryogenically preserved portions of Rom’s body within an ancient crypt: they had not been destroyed after all. Rom returned to human form, and now he and Brandy Clark live happily together on Galador, protected by the first- generation Spaceknights. They intend to become the progenitors of the new Galadorian race themselves.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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