REAL NAME: Judson Caspian
OCCUPATION: Vigilante, businessman
HEIGHT: 6’4″
WEIGHT: 225 pounds
EYES: Black
HAIR: White (balding)
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 5D, dodge 8D, melee weapons 4D (hand scythes +3D), sneak 7D
Coordination 3D: Markshmanship 4D (hand scythes +2D), thrown weapons 4D
Physique: 3D: Leap 6D, lifting 4D, running 5D
Knowledge 3D: Criminology 4D, scholar 5D (international business +1D)
Perception 2D: Hide 7D, search 6D, shadowing 8D, streetwise 5D (Gotham City +2D), tracking 5D
Presence 2D: Command 4D, disguise 5D, interrogation 6D, intimidation 10D, willpower 5D

Advantages/Disadvantages: Charismatic -3D, Courage -2D, Fast Reactions -4D, Hardiness -4D, Speed Draw (hand scythes) -1D, Wealth -4D, Age +9D, Dark Secret (Avenging wife’s death) +2D, Dependent (daughter Rachel) +1D, Enemy (Batman) +2D, Fanatic (punishing criminals) +3D, Hides Emotions +1D, Psychological Disorder (murderous tendencies) +2D, Secret Identity +3D

PDV: 4

EQUIPMENT: Hand scythes (BDV 5D; contain built-in handguns [BDV 4Dx3] that can be removed), studded leather body armor (AV 16 against most attacks; anyone attacking the Reaper with unprotected hands or feet takes 3D in damage from the studs), metal skull facemask with infrared lenses (all darkness penalties are reduced by -2), black cloak.

HISTORY: Judson Caspian is a socialite by day, and a vigilante by night. After losing his wife to a robber in the streets, he becomes The Reaper, who prowled Gotham City during the 1950s, murdering juvenile delinquents by impaling them with a scythe. His murder spree prompted Alan Scott to briefly emerge from retirement to confront him as Green Lantern. Vastly overpowered during an encounter between the two, the Reaper lashed out in a panic with his nunchaku and, by happenstance, struck Green Lantern, whose force-field was vulnerable to the wooden weapons. The Reaper subsequently moved to Europe.

After Caspian returned from Europe, he renewed his role as the Reaper, which brought him into conflict with Batman. After losing a fight with the Reaper, Batman was forced to join forces with Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents. Having been assigned by the Gotham mob to kill both the Reaper and Batman when he had finished, Chill hunts the Reaper alongside Batman. After revealing his identity to Chill and putting a gun to his head, Batman’s revenge was taken by the Reaper, who shoots Chill in the head. The Reaper engages Batman in a fierce battle, losing; the Dark Knight leaves him hanging from the scaffolding of a building under construction, and unmasks him. Batman, who had intended to marry Caspian’s daughter Rachel, was shocked, and holds out his hand to help the Reaper. However, Caspian, who knows what charges he is up against, tells Batman that he will make a fine successor, and lets go of the ledge, plummeting to his death. After being exposed as the Reaper, Caspian is given a funeral funded by Bruce Wayne, who says that he deserves a peaceful death. Rachel, who was initially unaware of her father’s crimes, becomes a nun after Caspian’s life as the Reaper is exposed.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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