Real Name: Tad Ghostal (as mentioned on Space Ghost: Coast to Coastf)
Base of Operations: Ghost Planet, formerly Earth
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Allies (Jace, Jan and Blip), Courage, Contacts (Interstellar law enforcement agencies, Space Patrol), Mechanical Aptitude, Obscure Knowledge, Speed Draw, Technologically Advanced
Disadvantages: Center of Conversation (SG:Coast To Coast version only), Dark Secret (killed Banjo, his beloved sea monkey – Coast To Coast version only), Enemies (Moltar, Zorak, Brak, Lokar, others), Narcissistic (Coast To Coast version only), Procrastination (Coast to Coast version only)

Reflexes: 3D Brawling 6D, dodge 5D, piloting 5D (Phantom Cruiser + 2D), sneak 4D
Coordination: 3D Catch 4D, marksmanship 4D (power bands + 4D)
Physique: 4D Leaping 5D, lifting 8D, resistance 5D, swimming 5D
Knowledge: 3D Computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, languages 4D, navigation 6D, research 4D, science 7D, security 4D
Perception: 3D Engineering 8D, invent 9D, repair 7D (power bands, phantom cruiser + 3D each), search 5D, shadowing 6D, survival 6D
Presence: 3D Animal handling (monkeys, sea monkeys) 5D, bluff 4D, charm 4D, command 5D, disguise 4D, interrogation 4D, intimidation 4D, persuasion 5D, willpower 7D

PDV: 3 (7 with speed manipulation)
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: +4
Hero Points: 22
Body Points: 42
Character Points: 180

Equipment: Space Ghost gains all of his powers from his costume and power bands. The old cartoons are notorious for adding new powers on a constant basis, so it can be assumed that Space Ghost is constantly tinkering with his weaponry.

Costume [Armor Value 10, Invisibility (“inviso button”) 12D, Force Field 10D, X-Ray Vision (“viso penetron beam”) 10D, Flight 21D, Environment 11D, Teleportation 20D (By concentrating and focusing all of his will power, Space Ghost can change each atom of his being to pure thought and teleport to another location and reassemble himself. This power is extremely taxing and is very rarely used)

Power Bands [Ice Manipulation 10D (used for ice blasts and ice shields), Energy Projection 10D (“stun ray”), Microwave Projection 10D, Disintegration 10D, Speed Manipulation 4D, Electricity Manipulation (lightning bolts) 10D, Temporal Manipulation 14D, Gravity Manipulation 10D, Density Manipulation 8D]
Phantom Cruiser – Space Ghost’s vessel of choice is capable of faster-than-light travel (Flight 20D) and is combat capable (Force Field 15D, Energy Projection 12D).

The Phantom Cruiser has 450 body points.

Ghost Planet – The Ghost Planet is located between Earth and the rest of Space Ghost’s patrol sector. The Ghost Planet Headquarters has living quarters, a vast communication and sensor room, a storage facility, and a hangar for the Phantom Cruiser. The Ghost Planet Headquarters has a defensive force shield and generates power from the interior of the planet. It is also currently used as the main studio for the Coast to Coast television program.

History: Virtually nothing is known about Space Ghost’s origins or how he came to possess his incredible equipment. From his familiarity with such, however, one can assume that Space Ghost created his own power bands, indicating a keen intellect. Space Ghost has patrolled space for many years, battling the fiercest criminals known to man. Aided by his young wards Jan and Jace (along with their pet monkey,Blip), Space Ghost became a legend even amongst other heroes. During his career, he battled alongside the Herculoids, the Space Patrol and many more.

Space Ghost has recently retired from crimefighting, choosing instead to run a cable-access talk show with the aid of several of his reformed arch-enemies.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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