Real Name: Eve Eden

Advantages: Acting Ability, Allies (Captain Atom, Shadowpact, Nemesis), Attractive Appearance, Contacts (CBI, Suicide Squad), Observant, Wealth
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Eve is possessed by the Succubus), Depression, Enemies (Jihad, Incubus), Hides Emotions, Moral Code (Eve is a devout Catholic), Nightmares, Secret Identity

Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 6D, brawling 4D, climbing 4D, dodge 6D, escape artist 4D, martial arts 5D, melee weapons 5D, sneak 6D
Coordination: 3D Lockpicking 5D, marksmanship 6D, thievery 5D
Physique: 2D Lifting 4D, resistance 6D, running 5D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane knowledge (Nightshade Dimension) 8D, computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, demolitions 4D, languages 5D, medicine (first aid) 5D, research 4D, security 5D
Perception: 3D Hide 6D, shadowing 8D, surveillance 5D, survival 6D, tracking 5D
Presence: 2D Command 3D, disguise 4D, intimidation 4D, willpower 6D

PDV : 3 (4 in the Nightshade Dimension)
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus : +2
Hero Points: 10
Body Points : 28
Character Points: 75

Powers: Darkness Manipulation 10D (+2D while inside the Nightshade Dimension), Dimensional Travel (Nightshade Dimension) 10D (limitation: the Nightshade Dimension is currently in a state of decay and is a realm of nightmare — anyone who accompanies Nightshade there and opens their eyes must make a Heroic Willpower roll or go insane for 1d6 hours)

Notes: While in the Nightshade Dimension, Eve has slightly increased powers – +2D to her Powers.

History: “Maureen Eden” was originally a queen from another dimension called “The land of the Nightshades.” When the evil Incubus invaded her kingdom, she fled to Earth’s dimension and settled in the American midwest. There, she married Warren Eden, an aspiring politician, and had two children, Larry Eden and Eve Eden.

When Eve and Larry were still young children, Maureen received a summons from one of her subjects that it was safe to return. Maureen called Eve and Larry into her bedroom and explained who she really was. She demonstrated her hereditary ability to open a dimensional warpfield to her homeland. The three entered the land of the Nightshades, a magical land of tall grass and giant mushrooms. However, the Incubus had not been driven away and they were attacked by the Incubus’ minions. Maureen told the children to flee; Eve looked back and saw her mother turn into a shadowy creature in order to fight the Incubus’ troops.

Eve got separated from Larry and hid. She ran back to find her mother dying and Larry captured. Maureen told Eve that she, too, had the power to become a shadow and open dimensional gates. Her last words to Eve were a plea for her to rescue Larry. Eve managed to make it back to Earth. Since her father had never known about Maureen’s true identity, Eve had to lie to him and to the police, saying that her mother and brother had simply disappeared.

As she grew older, Eve developed her abilities until she felt confident enough to try a rescue. However, she found the Nightshade land to be cold and dark under the Incubus’ rule. She encountered the Incubus and panicked; as she left through the warpfield, she felt his icy touch as he grabbed her leg. Eve managed to get away, but she could no longer turn into a living shadow.

Eve’s relationship with her father grew colder, as Warren Eden withdrew into his political career and finally became a senator. With no one else to turn to, she entered a Newman house and talked to the priest there. She began a spiritual conversion at that point.

At the same time, to spite and embarrass her father, Eve dropped out of college and moved to Washington D.C. She gained a reputation as a scandalous jet-setter, drinking too much and using men as decorations. Finally, Eve re-evaluated her life (no doubt due to her growing devout Catholicism) and made the decision to get serious and use her powers as a crimefighter. She still uses the “jet-setting Eve Eden” act as a cover for her career as Nightshade, but her appearances are less frequent.
Eve created a costume and approached CBI agent King Faraday. “Nightshade” proposed that she would use her powers working for the CBI if they would, in turn, provide much-needed training. Faraday agreed, and she kicked off her career. One of her first cases involved stopping the Black Spider in Gotham City when Batman was in Markovia (by this, we can infer that Nightshade first appeared when the Outsiders formed, roughly “4-5 years ago” by the Zero Hour 10-year timeline). She and Faraday also stopped Punch and Jewelee several times, and Nightshade was instrumental in saving her own father’s life on several occasions.
When Captain Atom appeared on the scene and the government needed to assemble a false “history” for him, Nightshade agreed to let them publicize her previous covert missions, substituting Captain Atom for King Faraday. She then met the Captain and they casually dated for a short time.

Amanda Waller, assembling a team of incarcerated supervillains who would work for the government under the name “Suicide Squad”, contacted the CBI and asked to use Nightshade. Hoping that she’d be able to used the Squad to rescue Larry, Eve agreed.

Life with the Suicide Squad was harrowing for Nightshade. Her first mission was to infiltrate the Quracian terrorist unit known as “The Jihad” under the codename Chimera. She was horrified when the Jihad killed hundreds of people as part of a field test, making her an accessory to a massacre.

Eve developed a crush on team leader Rick Flagg, but Rick had many personal problems and never returned the affections. Tom Tresser (Nemesis), the only decent, honorable man on the Suicide Squad, loved Eve but waited for her to get over Flagg. On a political mission to rescue a novelist from a communist country, Nemesis was captured and only the efforts of Eve and Flagg brought about his release. It was around this time that Eve first realized Tom was carrying a torch for her.

Finally, Amanda Waller allowed Eve to use the team to rescue her brother. Eve assembled her team, including Deadshot and the mystical Enchantress. They entered the Land of the Nightshades to find it even more horrifying than before, filled with scraggly trees and razor-sharp winds. The entire environment was controlled by the Incubus. Eve’s team was captured and she finally met Larry…the Incubus!

Larry revealed that the previous Incubus had been their mother’s sister; the Incubus was really just a form of demon possession, and she had passed this demon on to Larry’s body. There was also a companion entity known as the Succubus, which was meant for Eve. This Succubus had been deposited in the body of June Moon; it was what allowed her to become the Enchantress. The Succubus was removed from June and placed into Eve’s unwilling body. Eve resisted the demon’s control. Deadshot solved their problems by shooting Larry between the eyes, and the Nightshade dimension dissolved around them.
Eve’s returned to Earth a defeated woman. Her misguided lifelong quest to save her brother had resulted only in his death and her demonic possession. Fearing that she was condemned to hell, she turned to Belle Reve prison’s Father Craemer for guidance. She also began to explore her newfound powers.

At this time, the existence of a government-funded team of super-villains was made public, and a Senate committee led by Senator Eden investigated their activities. Amanda Waller, knowing that Senator Eden had an eye on the presidency, revealed his daughter’s dual identity and used her activities as Nightshade to cut a deal with him. Furious, Eve quit the Suicide Squad. She returned to her apartment, where she received a letter from Rick Flagg telling her that he was going to detonate a nuclear device in Qurac…by hand. He urged her to get on with her life and find some happiness. A short time later, she began a romance with Nemesis.

Nightshade became involved with the Suicide Squad again and again, not always by choice. Also, her relationship with Nemesis has cooled somewhat due to her reclusive nature.

Nightshade has also worked quite closely with the supernatural heroes known as the Shadowpact.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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