Real Name: Marc Slayton
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Kherubim/Human Hybrid

Advantages: Acute Balance, Allies (Taboo, Crimson, Dingo, WildCore, Team 7), Attractive Appearance, Contact (International Operations, PSI), Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability, Obscure Knowledge, Sixth Sense
Disadvantages: Argumentative, Dark Secret (Much of Backlash’s past is unknown to him), Enemies (numerous), Obsessive Tendencies

Reflexes: 4D Acrobatics 10D, athletics 7D, boating 5D, brawling 9D, climbing 8D, dodge 10D, driving 6D, martial arts 7D, melee weapons 8D (psi-whips + 4D), piloting 6D, sneak 6D
Coordination: 3D Catch 4D, lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 7D, thievery 6D
Physique: 4D Leaping 7D, lifting 8D, resistance 6D, running 5D, swimming 5D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane Knowledge 4D, computer ops 5D, criminology 6D, demolitions 6D, forgery 4D, know-how (teaching combat techniques) 8D, know-how (powers) 7D, languages 4D, medicine (first aid) 5D, navigation 4D, scholar (military and battle tactics) 8D, security 7D
Perception: 3D Search 4D, shadowing 6D, streetwise 4D, surveillance 5D, survival 6D, tracking 5D
Presence: 3D Animal handling 5D, bluff 5D, charm 4D, command 5D, disguise 4D, interrogation 5D, intimidation 5D, willpower 6D

PDV : 5
Unarmed BDV : 5D / 1D
P/l Bonus: + 4
Hero Points: 24
Body Points: 45
Character Points: 185

Natural Abilities: As a Kherubim half-breed, Marc is extremely long-lived. He is functionally Immortal and is over 3000 years old at present.

Powers: Psychic Manifestation (psi-whips) 8D, Air Manipulation (mist body) 4D, Mental Shield 4D, ESP (“Life Sense”, may be used to sense other members of Team 7 only) 6D, Mind Control (“the Rush”, very stressing and rarely used) 4D, Healing (self-only, Mastery) 5D

Equipment: Dagger [2D], Handgun [5Dx3], other equipment as needed.

History: Marc Slayton is a Kherubim half-breed, chosen by the government to lead Dept. PSI’s special strike team, Wildcore.

His Kheran blood from his father, Lord S’ylton makes him extremely long lived.After the death of father Ferrian raised him as a young boy and gave him his original combat training.

When he was a member of Team-7 he and his team-mates were exposed to the GenFactor, a DNA mutating agent giving the them incredible abilities. They gained PSI, telekinesis, longevity, healing powers, among other abilities. The GenFactor exposed Marcs latent ability, namely his psi-whips. These telekinetic psi-whips which extend from either hand,could be used to inflict pain at a long range and can also diffuse his body into mist. While in this form he has no solid body and can easily move about undetected.

In his long life (approx. 3000yrs) Backlash has been a knight, a ninja, an Air Force colonel and Stormwatch combat trainer. He has twin children Jodi Morinaka a.k.a Crimson and Aries (missing) and is romantically involved with Taboo.

Although he has been around for quite some time, Backlash’s past is a cloudy mystery, even to him. The most he can remember consists of murky flashbacks and such.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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