Real Name: Eric Brooks
Base of Operations:Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Vampire: Daywalker strain

Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Senses (Smell, Hearing), Ally 4D (Whistler), Attractive Appearance, Contacts (Pharmacist, other recruits in his war against vampires), Courage, Fast Reactions, Hardiness, Intimidating Grin, Medical Problem (Needs blood to survive), Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Self Healing
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (He’s a blood drinker), Enemies (Vampires, Deacon Frost), Fanatic, Hides Emotions, Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Sworn Enemy (Deacon Frost), Targeted for Assassination

Reflexes: 5D Acrobatics 9D, Brawling 10D, Climb 7D, Dodge 11D, Driving 7D, Martial Arts 11D (All maneuvers +3D), Melee Weapons 9D (Swords +5D), Sneak 8D
Coordination: 4D Catch 7D (Blade-a-Rangs +2D), Marksmanship 9D, Thrown Weapons 9D (Blade-A-Rang)
Physique: 5D (8D) Leap 8D (11D), Lifting 6D (9D), Resistance 7D (10D), Running 6D (9D)
Knowledge: 2D Arcane Lore 4D (Vampires +8D), Languages 5D, Research 3D (Vampires +5D), Security 9D
Perception: 4D Hide 9D, Search 8D, Shadowing 12D, Streetwise 11D, Surveillance 9D, Survival 8D, Tracking 9D
Presence: 3D Bluff 8D, Interrogation 9D, Intimidation 11D, Willpower 10D

PDV: 7
Unarmed BDV: 5D/1D
P/l Bonus: + 3 (+4)
Hero Points: 17
Villain Points: 1
Body Points: 50 (65)
Character Points: 95

Powers: Vampirism (Blood) 3D, Super Attributes-Physique 3D, Healing 1D (Limitation: Linked to Vampirism, Limitation: Vampires only, Limitation: Self Only, Limitation: Permanent, Mastery),

Equipment: Titanium Katana (BDV: 6D) [Trapped: BDV: 4D], Cool Shades, ‘Blade-A-Rangs’ (BDV: 3D), Shotgun (BDV: 5D), Gun (BDV: 4D), Silver Stakes (BDV: 3D), EDTA Darts (BDV: 1D, 6Dx3 to vampires once in their system), Vest (AV: 18), Serum (Blood Substitute). Note: All of Blade’s weapons are silvered (katana, bullets, blade-a-rangs, which causes a further 2D of damage to vampires, as they are allergic to silver.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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