Real Name: None at the moment, though he is composed of the souls of Danny Chase, Arella and the souls of Azarath.
Occupation: Mystic
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Gestalt Being

Advantages: Ally (Titans), Intimidating Grin
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Phantasm is actually an amalgamation of Danny Chase, Arella and the souls of Azarath), Enemy (Dark Raven)

Reflexes: 3D Brawling 4D, dodge 5D, sneak 5D
Coordination: 2D
Physique: 2D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane lore 7D, scholar (mysticism, demonology) 6D
Perception: 3D Search 4D, shadowing 5D
Presence: 3D Intimidation 6D, willpower 7D

PDV : 3
Unarmed BDV : 3D
P/l Bonus : +1 (+ 7 when using telekinesis)
Hero Points: 7
Body Points : 29
Character Points: 35

Powers: Telekinesis 12D, Illusion 8D, Precognition 8D, Intangibility (Density Manipulation) 6D

History : “Phantasm” came into existence during the “Titans Hunt” storyline, at first a “puppet” persona worked with telekinesis by Danny Chase to mask his re-involvement with the Titans. Phantasm was an impulse creation, made to act when Danny himself could not. Danny was a very young boy who had previously worked with the Titans against a variety of foes, before being banned from the team for fears about his safety.

Animating a mask, a hooded cloak and gloves, Danny used his mental powers to construct a phantasm who was able to interfere in his stead, halting Slade Wilson from injuring Dick Grayson, who was in deep cover posing as a member of the Wildebeest Society. Had Danny revealed his presence, Dick’s cover would have been blown and the Beests would have turned on him, as it was, neither the Beests nor Deathstroke recognized Phantasm and Dick was unharmed, able to retreat with the rest of the Wildebeest. After the obvious success of this manouver, Danny continued to aid the Titans from the shadows, now liberally using the “Phantasm” creation to such an extent that the others began to consider the mysterious apparition a new ally.

As the storyline progressed, the odds shifted horribly against the Titans when they were, once again, betrayed from within. This time it was by Joseph “Jericho” Wilson who had been enslaved by the incorporeal Corrupted Souls Of Azarath.

In the final struggle for life and death between the Corrupted Souls of Azareth and the New Titans, Danny Chase was killed, as was Raven’s mother, Arella. The souls of these two metaphysically gifted individuals then combined with the Corrupted Souls, expunging the evil from them. The now cleansed Souls of Azarath attempted to join with Azar but were not able to because they were not at peace.

This new collective of souls assumed the guise of Phantasm, having decided to remain behind on Earth to seek out inner peace, convinced they had much to atone for before they could someday join their god-like Azar. Phantasm is now composed of not only the souls of Danny and Arella, but the formerly Corrupted Souls of Azarath who destroyed Joe Wilson and now seek to make up for some of the evil they have perpetrated.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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