Real Name: Dawn Granger
Base of Operations: Washington DC, Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Acute Balance, Ally (Hawk, Rich Family, Titans), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Courage, Double-Jointed, Fast Reactions, Gifted in Learning, Hardiness, Leadership Ability, Observant, Preparedness, Renown 7D, Sixth Sense, Wealth 2D
Disadvantages: Employed (Student), Enemy (Titans Rogues Gallery, Kestrel), Moral Code, Secret Identity

Reflexes: 2D (7D) Acrobatics 14D (this has both of Dove’s superattributes powers added in), Dodge 7D (12D), Escape Artist 5D (10D), Martial Artist 5D (10D), Sneak 5D (10D)
Coordination: 2D (7D) Catch 3D (8D), Lockpicking 3D (8D), Slight of Hand 5D (10D), Thievery 7D (12D)
Physique: 2D (4D) Flying 4D (6D), Leap 4D (6D), Lifting 3D (5D), Resistance 7D (9D)
Knowledge: 3D (8D) Arcane Lore 4D (9D), Computer Ops 4D (9D), Forgery 4D (9D), Languages 4D (9D), Scholar 5D (10D) [Strategy/Tactics +3D], Security 4D (9D)
Perception: 3D Know How 4D (Powers +2D), Search 5D, Shadowing 5D
Presence: 3D (5D) Bluff 6D (8D), Charm 6D (8D), Command 6D (8D), Interrogation 6D (8D), Intimidation 6D (8D), Persuasion 6D (8D), Willpower 6D (8D)

PDV: 5 (7) [8 while flying]
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/L Bonus: + 1 (+2)
Hero Points: 5
Body Points: 35 (45)
Character Points: 75

Powers: Super Attributes (Reflexes, Coordination, Knowledge) 5D, Super Attributes (Physique, Presence) 2D, Super Attributes-Reflexes (Acrobatics) 7D, Natural Armor 2D, Healing 3D (Mastery, Limitation-Humans Only, Limitation-Self Only, Limitation-Duration: Permanent), ESP-Danger Sense 5D, Flight 5D, Speed Manipulation-Super Mobility 5D (Limitation: Linked to Flight), Light Manipulation (Blinding Flash of Light) 4D (Limitation: Conditional-Only on high magic worlds.), Wizardry-Magic Sense 4D

Note: All of Dove’s powers have the following Enhancements/Limitations: Super Hero Form (Must say the word ‘Dove’ to change), Conditional-Only in the presence of injustice, Magical Enhancement +8D.

History: From an early age, Dawn Granger traveled the globe, thanks to her mother’s career in the State Department, and learned smatterings of many languages and an appreciation for diverse cultures. During her high-school years, Dawn’s family settled in Washington, D.C. when her father, a highly regarded physical technician, was offered a job at me Arlington S.T.A.R. Labs. Surrounded by diplomacy, Dawn came to believe in the power of reason over force: all riddles have answers, all problems have solutions, and all conflicts are resolvable. She is an exemplary student, showing leadership abilities and a natural talent for order and organization. She is also a sly and secret prankster and has engineered a number of ingenious (although harmless) stunts that were totally untraceable to the quiet “bookworm.”

After high school, Dawn returned to Europe to attend England’s Oxford University. While mere, an inter-dimensional Crisis occurred that required the services of nearly every country’s super-heroes, military, and police forces. During this time, Dawn’s mother, in London to deliver a diplomatic pouch, was taken hostage along with me staff of me American embassy by a band of terrorists who announced they would blow up me embassy. Desperate, Dawn’s pleas for help were answered by a mysterious mingling of voices, belonging to Lords of Chaos and Order, who promised Dawn the power to make order of this chaos if she would only “say the word.” The word was “Dove.” She agreed.

Whenever danger is present, Dawn can say “Dove” and trigger the change in which Dove’s costume swirls across her body, appearing from nowhere to replace whatever she is wearing. This costume cannot be removed on low-magic worlds like Earth and hides the fact that Dove is not truly human, but a conduit for and the living essence of a Lord of Order’s mystical energy. When the danger is over,Dawn knew about the first Hawk and Dove team, but assumed she was just “another” Dove, just as there are many Green Lanterns. She was shocked when she discovered the first Dove had died while rescuing people during the Crisis. She also noticed a change in Hawk as news resources reported his escalating destructive and chaotic behaviour. Increasingly convinced that it was intended for her to become Hawk’s new partner and that Hawk needed the balancing effect of Dove’s presence, Dawn returned to the United States, tracking Hawk’s moves and charting his appearances. She deduced that Hawk was Hank Hall, a Georgetown University student, and transferred herself to the same school, to her parents’ delight. When confronted by the new Dove, Hawk’s initial reaction was angry and violent, but he came to accept and appreciate his new partner.

During this first adventure, Dove learned that Hawk and Dove were linked to Chaos and Order and that the first Dove actually died and Dawn had accepted the powers, meaning she may have been partly responsible for his death. Guilt and curiosity eventually led Dove, with Hawk, to meet Terataya, the Lord of Order who gave Dove her powers, and T’Charr, the Lord of Chaos who gave Hawk his. These two Lords had fallen in love and revealed that Hawk and Dove were experimental spells cast by the pair to prove that the two conflicting mystic houses could work together fatally injured during that adventure, the two Lords of Order and Chaos gave the remainder of their essences to make me Hawk and Dove spells permanent. This merging gave both Hawk and Dove enhanced powers, but it means there will be no new Hawk or Dove if either of the current heroes die. It also left Dawn wondering if Hawk and Dove were meant to fall in love as their creators had.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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