REAL NAME: Peter Merkel
OCCUPATION: Criminal, former contortionist
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Keystone City, Kansas
HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 133 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Sandy blonde
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Pete Merkel was born triple-jointed and worked as a sideshow contortionist until the
carnival’s bankruptcy. Unemployed and impoverished, the sight of dolls being carried into a store inspired him to use his contortionist skills for crime. Disguised as a rag doll, Merkel infiltrated and burglarized locations across the country. In 1942, Merkel moved into Keystone City, only to be caught and imprisoned by the
original Flash. The two became regular foes for decades afterwards, until time rendered Merkel’s body incapable of his trademark feats. With Rag Doll’s criminal career seemingly over, Merkel slid into indigence.

Several years ago, the homeless Merkel discovered his gift for oration, with which he
enthralled other lost, disaffected souls, and they eventually formed a Rag Doll cult. Deeply embittered, Merkel incited his followers into seemingly random acts of violence, which eventually spread to Opal City. There, Merkel’s reign of terror ended with his apparent death, but after cultists stole his body, they discovered he was still alive. However, his near-fatal injuries and advancing age condemned Merkel to a painful, bed-ridden existence, safely hidden away from the authorities.

Reflexes 5D (4D): Acrobatics 12D (11D), brawling 7D (6D), climbing 6D (5D), dodge 12D
(11D), escape artist 13D (12D), sneak 10D (9D)

Coordination 5D (4D): Lockpicking 6D (5D), marksmanship 6D (5D) (pistols +2D), thievery 9D (8D)
Physique 2D: Leap 6D, running 4D
Knowledge 2D: Security 7D
Perception 3D: Hide 10D, know-how (contortionist) 14D, search 7D
Presence 3D: Bluff 7D, charm 7D (Rag Doll cult members +3D), intimidation 8D (Rag Doll cult members +2D), persuasion 6D (Rag Doll cult members +4D), willpower 9D

Note: The reduced stats are due to age and reflect Rag Doll as he was when leading the Rag Doll cult. If you want to use him in his previous state, use the higher ranks.

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Acute Balance –2D, Charismatic –3D, Contact (criminal underworld) –4D, Followers (Rag Doll Cult) –19D, Intimidating Grin –2D, Leadership Ability –2D; Age: Old +9D, Enemy (the Flash I, Starman I) +3D each, Enemy (JLA, JSA) +6D each, Shady Background +2D, Sworn Enemy (the Flash I) +3D.

PDV: 6

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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