Real Name: Pietro Maximoff
Base of Operations: Mobile / Wundagore Mountain
Marital Status: Married
Race: Homo Superior (mutant)

Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Senses, Allies (Avengers, Knights of Wundagore, High Evolutionary, X-Factor), Courage, Fast Reactions, Observant
Disadvantages: Argumentative, Dark Secret (Magneto is Father), Delusions of Grandeur, Dependant (Daughter Luna), Depression, Enemies (Exodus, Acolytes, numerous others), Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Shady Background, Sworn Enemy (Fabian Cortez)

Reflexes: 3D Brawling 4D, Dodge 8D
Coordination: 3D Catch 5D
Physique: 2D Lifting 3D, Resistance 8D, Running 8D
Knowledge: 2D Computer Ops 3D, Navigation 4D, Research 4D
Perception: 4D Know-how (Speed Manipulation) 9D, search 5D
Presence: 2D Interrogation 3D, Intimidation 3D, Willpower 3D

PDV: 4 (14 with Speed Manipulation)
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus : + 1
Hero Points: 16
Body Points: 29
Character Points: 145

Powers: Speed Manipulation 10D

History: Pietro and his twin sister, Wanda, (see Scarlet Witch,) were born on Wundagore Mountain as their mother fled their father, Magneto. A mutated cow named Bova served as midwife until giving up the children to their gypsy roots.

From there, Magneto persuaded them to join in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but both Quicksilver and Wanda left this team to join the Avengers, of which they remained stalwart members until Quicksilver was left for dead during a mission in Australia. He was rescued by the Fantastic Four and met Crystal, whom he soon married and had a daughter, Luna. He then took up residence with the Inhuman Royal Family on the moon.

Numerous factors (including Crystal’s infidelity) made Pietro an easy target for Maximus thwart Pietro’s mind, slipping Quicksilver into madness and turning him into a villain against his teammates (even X-factor, a team he would eventually join.)

He got better, but remained apart from Crystal and Luna, and eventually joined X-factor at the request of Dr. Val Cooper– a mutant team trying to be the Avengers. He soon left this team to rejoin his wife and daughter at the Avengers mansion.

He remained there, trying hard to make his marriage work, until Crystal and the rest of the Avengers sacrificed themselves to stop Onslaught. He hung out with the X-men for a while until Hercules came to get him. Hercules, Black Widow, and Quicksilver banded together for the briefest of periods, trying to re-form the Avengers. Fed up with the “human” government who blamed mutants for the Onslaught disaster, Pietro left the formative Avengers in anger.

Quicksilver’s wanderings brought him to Wundagore Mountain again, and the recently revived Knights of Wundagore (actually animals mutated into humanoids by the High Evolutionary) received Quicksilver as their leader. Quicksilver tried hard to lead the Knights, but his impatience soon led him to wandering again.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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