Real Name: Hank Hall
Base of Operations: Washington, DC, Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Ally (Dove I, Dove II, Titans), Contacts 3D (US Intelligence Community), Courage, Double-Jointed, Fast Reactions, Hardiness, Sixth Sense, Wealth 2D
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Argumentative, Center of Conversation, Delusions of Grandeur, Depression [This is mitigated by the presence of Dove], Employed (Student), Enemy (Titans Rogues Gallery, Kestrel), Extremely Competitive, Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Psychological Disorder (Rage) [This is mitigated by the presence of Dove], Reknown 7D, Secret Identity, Shady Background

Reflexes: 3D (5D) Acrobatics 9D (this has both of Hawk’s superattributes powers added in), Athletics 5D (7D), Boating 4D (6D), Brawling 7D (9D), Dodge 5D (7D), Driving 5D (7D), Escape Artist 5D (7D), Melee Weapons 5D (7D), Sneak 4D (6D)
Coordination: 3D (5D) Catch 5D (7D), Lockpicking 5D (7D), Marksmanship 5D (7D), Missile Weapons 5D (7D), Sleight of Hand 5D (7D), Thievery 5D (7D), Thrown Weapons 5D (7D)
Physique: 5D (20D) Leap 6D (21D), Lifting 6D (21D), Resistance 7D (22D), Running 6D (21D), Swimming 7D (22D)
Knowledge: 2D Arcane Lore 3D, Computer Ops 3D (Star Kilotrax +1D), Demolitions 7D, Forgery 4D, Navigation 4D, Scholar 3D (Cartography +1D), Science 3D, Security 4D
Perception: 2D Know How 3D (Naval Duties, Powers +3D), Search 5D, Shadowing 5D Streetwise 4D (Washington +1D), Survival 5D, Tracking 7D
Presence: 3D (5D) Command 5D (7D), Interrogation 5D (7D), Intimidation 7D (9D), Willpower 5D (7D)

PDV: 4 (5)
Unarmed BDV: 4D (5D)
P/L Bonus: + 3 (10)
Hero Points: 7
Villain Points: 3
Body Points: 45 (120)
Character Points: 75

Powers: Super Attributes-Physique 15D, Super Attributes (Reflexes, Coordination, Presence) 2D, Super Attributes-Reflexes (Acrobatics) 4D, Jumping 2D, Healing 5D (Mastery, Limitation-Humans Only, Limitation-Self Only, Limitation-Duration: Permanent), Natural Armor (Dense Skin) 3D, Speed Manipulation-Super Mobility 5D

Note: All of Hawk’s powers have the following Enhancements/Limitations: Super Hero Form (Must say the word ‘Hawk’ to change), Conditional-Only in the presence of injustice, Magical Enhancement +8D.

History: (From http://www.titanstower.com/source/whoswho/00indexwho.html)
Hank Hall and his brother Don were as opposite as brothers could be. Hank was brash and aggressive, with a talent for athletics. He lorded this over his brother, whose talents were more intellectual. Although they could often be each other’s most ardent adversaries, Hank and Don were extremely close and Hank was very protective of his younger brother. By his teens, Hank grew to be fiercely proud of America’s role in world events, and firmly believed in the policy of dealing with Communist regimes from a position of strength.

Irwin Hall, a prominent superior court judge, often lectured his sons on seeing both sides of an issue, not just making judgments from their respective conservative (Hank) and liberal (Don) views. He tried to make them realize that justice requires balance, not single-mindedness.

During Hank’s senior year in high school Hank and Don were visiting Judge Hall at work when an assassination attempt was made on their father Hank and Don followed the would-be assassin to a warehouse hideout. Climbing inside to eavesdrop, Hank and Don became locked in a room where they listened helplessly to the mob’s plans to kill their father; they wished they had some sort of power to save him. Their plea was answered by a mysterious mingling of voices that offered them superpowers if they each would just “say the word.”

The voices belonged to T’Charr, a Lord of Chaos, and Terataya, a Lord of Order. Even though the forces of Order and Chaos were eternal enemies, these two Lords had fallen in love. They wanted to prove to their fellow Lords the benefit of Order and Chaos’ working together in balance and found two likely candidates for this; purpose in Hank and Don Hall, creating Hawk and Dove.

Hank was named Hawk to reflect his aggressive personality. Whenever danger is present, he can say “Hawk” and trigger the magical change into Hawk. Once the danger is gone, Hawk quickly reverts to Hank. Hawk’s clothing appears out of nowhere and spreads quickly across his body, completely replacing whatever Hank is wearing. This costume cannot be removed on low-magic worlds like Earth and actually hides the fact that Hawk, as a conduit for pure Chaotic energy, isn’t completely human.

Hawk soon made himself known in Washington, first by saving his father (with Dove’s help), then by numerous other deeds. Hawk was often feared or distrusted, but even his critics saw the good he was doing for the city. Hawk and Dove joined me Teen Titans for a short time, but soon went to reserve status in order to devote more time to protecting their “home turf.”

Meanwhile, T’Charr and Terataya saw that the brother bond they’d expected to help prove their point was instead under- mining the experiment by causing Don to be too deferential to his more volatile sibling. They shunted Dove’s power from Don Hall to an untainted vessel – Dawn Granger Unfortunately, Don/Dove was rescuing some children from a collapsing building at the time, and died.

Without the balancing effect of Dove, Hawk had less control over his chaotic tendencies. He soon was dismissed from the Titans’ reserve list and blacklisted in twelve countries. The new Dove, who suggested they become a team, eventually tracked him down. After some initial – and violent – protests, Hawk came to accept the new Dove, seeing her not as a usurper but as someone who would carry on his brother’s work. With Dove’s return, Hawk’s chaotic side was once again in check. During a later adventure in another dimension, Hawk learned the true nature of his powers and had those powers further augmented by the Lord of Chaos who had created him.

Hank’s powers are extensions and amplifications of traits he already possesses. Hawk has super-strength, faster-than -human speed, and a heightened body density that renders him almost invulnerable. As Hawk, he also heals incredibly quickly and cannot revert to Hank or his wounds or some other condition would be fatal to Hank. Hawk fights offensively, always on the attack, and is easily enraged.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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