Real Name: Thomas Troy

Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Sense of Direction, Allies (Flygirl, the Crusaders), Attractive Appearance, Leadership Ability, Patron (Turan of the Fly People), Speed Draw (buzz gun)
Disadvantages: Enemies (Spider Spry, Brain Emperor, Eterno, others), Employed (Thomas Troy is an attorney), Moral Code, Secret Identity

Reflexes: 3D (6D) Acrobatics 5D (8D), brawling 5D (8D), climbing 8D (11D), dodge 6D (9D), sneak 5D (8D)
Coordination: 3D (6D) Catch 5D (8D), marksmanship 4D (7D, + 2D with Buzz Gun)
Physique: 3D (8D) Leaping 4D (9D), lifting 5D (10D), resistance 5D (10D)
Knowledge: 4D Arcane knowledge 5D (Fly People + 3D), criminology 6D, research 5D, scholar (law) 8D
Perception: 3D Know-how (Fly powers) 9D, shadowing 5D, streetwise 4D
Presence: 3D Bluff 4D, command 5D, interrogation 5D, intimidation 4D, willpower 6D

PDV : 3 (5)
Unarmed BDV : 3D (4D)
P/l Bonus : + 2 (+ 5)
Hero Points: 14
Body Points : 33 (64)
Character Points: 105

Powers : The Fly’s powers are all gained when he transforms into his superhero form. When he does so, he actually switches bodies — his Thomas Troy body resides safely in the Fly People’s dimension. This is a handy way of recovering from injuries, by the way — if his Fly body is badly injured, he can switch back to his Thomas Troy form and allow his superheroic self to heal before being summoned again. As the Fly, Tom has the following powers: Flight 4D; Superattributes: Reflexes 3D, Coordination 3D, Physique 5D; Clinging 5D; 360° Vision – the Fly can see in all directions; Telepathy (insects only) – the Fly can communicate with insects; Air Manipulation 4D – the Fly can generate wind currents by beating his wings.

Additional 1960s Powers: During the 1960s, the Fly was temporarily known as Fly-Man and possessed extra powers. These powers faded with time, but they were: Size Manipulation (self-only) 6D; Bind 5D (the Fly can generate steel-hard bindings, similiar to webbing); Light Manipulation (flash) 6D — the Fly can generate a blinding glare “equal to that of 1,000 fireflies”

Equipment: Fly Ring [Body Points 300, Tom can transform into the Fly by rubbing the ring and saying “I wish I were The Fly”]; Buzz Gun [Body Points 50, Sonic Manipulation (sonic blast) 6D]

History: Young Tommy Troy sneaked into attic of his employer (“old man March”), who was rumored to be a sorceror. Stumbling upon an unusual ring, Tommy placed it on his finger and suddenly found himself face-to-face with Turan, emissary of the Fly People. Turan told him that power-hungry despots had destroyed his race, reducing the few survivors to the insignificant form of life known as the fly. Turn designated Tommy to be their champion, enabling him to wield all the powers of the lost fly race. By rubbing his magic ring, he was transformed into the mighty Fly. He was able to use the strength of a hundred men, see in all directions, climb walls and fly. He also used a Buzz-Gun as a weapon. Tommy grew to become Thomas Troy, attorney at law. He set aside the Fly Ring until the night that Turan returned to his life and told him that evil still flourished in the world and that the Fly was needed once more. Tom accepted the mantle of hero once again, coming to enjoy his second career as a hero. His girlfriend, Kim Brand, frequently adventured at his side as Fly-Girl and both of them served with the Mighty Crusaders. As a Crusader, he was a very level-headed member of the team and was adept at defusing many conflicts in the group.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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