OCCUPATION: International Terrorist
HEIGHT: 5’9″
WEIGHT: 135 pounds
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Jade was born of French father and Vietnamese mother for whom she was separated at the age of ten. Left to wander, she was sold into slavery in the Middle East where she eventually killed her captor and swore no man would ever be her master again. Jade fled to the Far East and spent several years under the wing of former Blackhawks member, Weng Chen, who taught her everything he knew about guerilla fighting as the pair worked as mercenaries in the East. She left her mentor and next sought tutelage from the infamous African assassin named Kruen Musenda who eventually married her for two short years before his untimely death.

On her own, Jade adopted the name Cheshire and became involved in countless covert operations and assassination attempts. Cheshire fell in love with Speedy while he was working on a D.E.A. case. The affair produced a daughter named Lian that Roy Harper wouldn’t learn about until much later. Speedy and Nightwing retrieved the infant from Cheshire, who saw that it was fit that Harper take protective custody of their daughter since the life she led had no place for Lian.

Cheshire became a notorious international terrorist renowned for killing over a million people in Qurac with a nuclear device. This mercenary continued to clash on several occasions with the Titans over the years and has been a difficult adversary.
Forming a group called the Ravens, the mercenary women were accidentally sent back in time when Vikings were exploring Pre-Columbian America. Escaping the past and leaving her very angry partners behind, Cheshire returned to this time period. She became a founding member of an anti-Titans group called Tartarus where she was shot by Vandal Savage during a botched mission and rescued by Arsenal. The captured fugitive recently stood trial for her crimes against humanity and was found guilty. Cheshire was sentenced to the Slab where her former associates from the Ravens had returned and were also incarcerated there. While Roy and Lian were visiting, the Ravens attempted to killtheir former leader and Arsenal came to Jade’s defense. Tugging at Roy to help her escape, Arsenal refused. Trying to push past him, Lian unfortunately saw the whole experience of the fight. Roy finally realized that Cheshire is a killer who will never change – that’s all she knows.

Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 9D, brawling 6D (fingernails +3D), climbing 5D, dodge
9D, driving 5D, martial arts 8D, melee weapons 5D, riding 5D, sneak 6D

Coordination 4D: Lockpicking 6D, marksmanship 7D, missile weapons 5D,
thievery 4D, thrown weapons 6D

Physique 3D: Leap 6D, resistance 5D, running 5D, swimming 5D
Knowledge 2D: Computer operations 3D, demolitions 3D, languages 3D (Chinese, English, French, Norse, Vietnamese), scholar (exotic poisons ) 6D, security 6D
Perception 2D: Hide 5D, search 5D, shadowing 5D, streetwise 5D, survival 6D (outdoor and urban +1D each), tracking 4D
Presence 3D: Bluff 5D, charm 7D (Roy Harper +10D), intimidation 5D, persuasion 6D,
willpower 6D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Attractive Appearance -2D, Double-Jointed -2D, Leadership Ability -2D, Enemy (Black Canary, Oracle) +2D each, Enemy (Titans and Ravens) +5D each, Owes Favor (Roy Harper) +5D, Shady Background +2D.

PDV: 5
UNARMED BDV: 4D (5D with fingernails)/1D

EQUIPMENT: Cheshire will gather appropriate equipment as needed for each individual mission.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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