Real Name: Patience
Base of Operations: The Vatican / Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Acute Balance, Ally (Kristof), Attractive Appearance, Courage, Fast Reactions, Followers (Sisters of the Order of the Magdalena), Gifted in Learning, Intimidating Grin, Observant, Patron (Vatican), Sixth Sense
Disadvantages: Depression, Enemies (Darkness, Cardinal Innocent, others), Moral Code, Targeted for Assassination (enemies of the Church and the secret truth of the Magdalena)

Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 9D, brawling 5D, climbing 7D, dodge 9D, driving 4D, martial arts 7D, melee weapons 8D (spear of destiny + 4D), sneak 6D
Coordination: 3D Lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 6D, missile weapons 5D, thievery 5D
Physique: 2D Lifting 6D, resistance 5D, running 6D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane knowledge 6D, forgery 5D, languages 5D, medicine (first aid) 4D, research 6D, scholar (Catholic faith) 8D
Perception: 2D Shadowing 6D, streetwise 4D, survival 7D, tracking 5D
Presence: 3D Animal handling 4D, command 4D (Garduna + 1D, Sisters of the Order of the Magdalena + 4D), intimidation 5D, willpower 6D

PDV: 5
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: + 3
Hero Points: 6
Body Points: 29
Character Points: 45

Powers: Telepathy 8D — Magdalena can telepathically reveal a person’s “sins” and offer them absolution. In secular terms, this means that she can reveal what that person is secretly most ashamed of; whatever horrible or depraved secrets they may possess. If the person accepts responsibility for their actions and repents, they feel uplifted and are ‘cleansed.’ If they do not do this, they may acquire a severe guilt complex, manifesting in the Nightmare disadvantage, Psychological Disorder, etc. at GM’s discretion. Healing (Self-Only) 3D — Magdalena seems to heal from injuries far more quickly than normal humans.

Equipment: Magdalena uses a wide variety of equipment, much of which she tailors to specific missions. The following is just a list of her standard weaponry:
Armor — Magdalena’s attire provides AV 16 against bullets and blows aimed at her neck, arms, legs and chest.
Bo Staff (x2) — 2D BDV
Dagger — 2D BDV
Blade Gauntlet — 3D BDV
Shuriken (x3) 1D
Pistol (silver bullets) 5Dx3 to normal, 6Dx3 vs. supernatural creatures
Spear of Destiny (aka Spear of Longinus, aka Spear of Lugh) — A powerful mystical artifact that has many powers that have yet to be seen. We know that it strikes with a 5D BDV and is capable of channeling great sources of energy, though it is unknown what the upper limits of this ability is. Energy Absorption of 10D is a good start. There may be some Energy Projection potential as well, though we have yet to see it.
Crosses, Holy Water, Garlic and other supernatural-hunting equipment.

History: Mary Magdalene was part of one of the great conspiracies of the ages. Both Mary and Jesus were born of royal houses (Benjamin and David, respectively) and were secretly married. After Christ’s death on the cross, Mary journeyed to Egypt where she gave birth to a daughter named Sarah. Sarah was blessed with the ability to see the sins of others and to offer them absolution. Since this time, every daughter born in the line has been possessed of a fraction of the powers once possessed by the great kings from whom they are descended.

The church feared that Mary would become an object of worship and could challenge the stories they had begun about Jesus, so they sought to discredit her, branding her a whore and attempting to downplay her importance in Christ’s life. Eventually, the Vatican would bring the family line under their control, tutoring the girls in their abilities and blessing one of them at all times as the Magdalena, a scourge against the supernatural. Through the years, we have seen several of these: Sister Rosalia (who was eventually killed by the Inquisition’s foot soldiers, the Garduna), Sister Mariella (daughter of Rosalia; fought the Darkness on multiple occasions) and Patience.

Patience was a runaway acolyte who had befriended a young girl named Rowan. When her friend was seemingly kidnapped, Patience was recruited by a Knight of Malta named Kristof to become the new Magdalena. Together, they uncovered a conspiracy within the Catholic church to wipe out the Magdalena bloodline and discovered that Rowan’s father was behind a scheme to return an arch-demon to Earth. Though Patience was betrayed by Rowan and suffered a crisis of conscience, she eventually rose above her doubts and ended the menace. She also made it clear to her superiors that she would be a different kind of Magdalena — one that would not serve without questioning.

Later, Patience encountered Vampirella and assisted her in battle with a vampiric cult.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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