Real Name: Johnny Domino (original name: Johnny Domingo)
Base of Operations: San Francisco
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Senses (vision), Attractive Appearance, Contact (Strangers), Fast Reactions, Hardiness, Intimidating Grin, Observant, Sixth Sense, Speed Draw (taser)
Disadvantages: Employed (Jazz Musician), Enemies (Rhiannon, Mangle, others), Obsessive Tendencies, Vulnerability (Johnny’s eyes are extremely sensitive to light and he wears sunglasses constantly, even at night. As a result, he takes x2 damage from any flash-oriented attack)

Reflexes: 4D Acrobatics 8D, brawling 8D, climbing 8D, dodge 9D, driving 6D, escape artist 6D, martial arts 10D (akido + 2D), melee weapons 5D (taser + 3D), sneak 7D
Coordination: 3D Catch 5D, lockpicking 5D, marksmanship 5D, missile weapons 4D, thievery 5D, thrown weapons 6D
Physique: 3D Leaping 5D, lifting 6D, resistance 5D, running 4D
Knowledge: 3D Arcane knowledge 4D, computer ops 7D, criminology 8D, demolitions 4D, medicine (first aid) 4D, research 5D, scholar 6D, security 7D
Perception: 4D Artist (Jazz musician – saxophone) 8D, engineering (pirate radio) 6D, hide 6D, search 6D, shadowing 7D, streetwise 7D (San Francisco + 1D), surveillance 7D, survival 6D, tracking 6D
Presence: 3D Bluff 4D, command 4D, disguise 4D, interrogation 6D, intimidation 6D, willpower 8D

PDV: 5
Unarmed BDV: 4D/1D
P/l Bonus : +3
Hero Points: 18
Body Points : 34
Character Points: 105

Powers: Infravision 4D, Telepathy 8D [limitation: senses “evil thoughts” only], Sustenance 50D [Nightman does not need to sleep]

Equipment: The Nightman uses a variety of equipment, the most common of which is described below:
Costume [Armor value: 20 against projectiles, 12 against heat and fire]
Eye Lenses [Both lenses provide protection from light and glare, but the left lens has a telephoto zoom function, as well. This gives him + 1D to all sight based perception checks. The left lens is also capable of recording anything that he sees.]
Ropeline [+1D success to climbing rolls, range 200 feet.]
Taser [4D, used as a melee weapon since the range is touch]

The “second” Nightman: The second version of Nightman had similar stats (including same powers, except where noted) along with the following powers and equipment:
Longevity 1D (Nightman II achieves this by organ replacement and the digestion of humans)
Darkness Manipulation (shadow blending) 4D
ESP 8D (Nightman II does not sense evil thoughts — he sees auras, which tell him if someone is “good” or “evil”)
Telekinesis 3D
Electricity Manipulation (lightning) 4D
Celtic Dagger [2D, once it strikes, the dagger cannot be removed by anyone except Nightman II; Nightman II is able to sense the dagger’s location with the equivalent of ESP 100D]
Magical Rope [Nightman II can control the rope’s actions, causing it to bind, twist or aid in climbing]

History: Johnny Domino (he shortened his name from Domingo in order to appear less ethnic) had two great passions in his early life – jazz music and akido. Both were introduced to him by his father Eddie, who learned the martial arts during his stint in Vietnam and who refined it during his years on the San Francisco police force. Johnny grew up to become a talented and popular jazz musician, one whose future seemed paved with success. That changed when a freak accident left a piece of metal lodged in his brain. Awaking from a coma, Johnny found that the portion of his brain that controlled sleep functions had been badly damaged. Awake 24 hours a day now, Johnny felt his passions surge whenever night fell. Those passions grew even stronger when he learned that he could hear evil thoughts in others. Driven by a need to stop these crimes before they were committed, Johnny put together a costume and adopted the identity of Nightman — the hero would take back the night from those who preyed on the innocent.

As Nightman, Johnny found himself fighting alongside San Francisco’s other heroes, the Strangers, against the likes of Mangle, the Werewolf and the ageless Rhiannon. During a bizarre encounter with an artifact known as an Infinity Gem, the Nightman was split into two beings — the original Nightman, who found himself trapped in an alternate universe, and a second Nightman, held in thrall by Rhiannon and blessed with supernatural abilities.

Though we have not see Nightman in years, it can be assumed that he would have eventually found his way home to the Ultraverse (his home universe, as it was known to comics fans) and reinstated his role as San Francisco’s nighttime avenger.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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