REAL NAME: Roy G. Bivolo
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Central City, Missouri
HEIGHT: 5’10″
WEIGHT: 165 pounds
EYES: Gray
HAIR: Black
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Almost from birth, painting fascinated Roy Bivolo. He demonstrated such masterful technique in the art form that only a cruel irony prevented his being regarded as a child prodigy—he was color blind. Therefore, the masterpieces conceived in Roy’s mind were invariably hideously rendered on canvas. Roy’s father, a brilliant optometrist, dedicated himself to developing some means by which his son could enjoy a full range of vision. Though he never succeeded, his efforts culminated in another, most unusual gift. On his death bed, Roy’s father presented him with “Prisma-Goggles,” which Roy soon discovered gave him control over the entire light spectrum. The embittered Bivolo opted to use the goggles to steal art treasures so as to deny the world their enjoyment, much the same way his color blindness did for him. Dubbing himself Rainbow Raider, Bivolo’s repeated looting of Central City’s museums led to battles with the second Flash (Barry Allen). His persistence in challenging the Scarlet Speedster earned him a spot in the Flash’s rogues’ gallery, but his repeated failures made him a lightly regarded one. During one such burglarizing scheme, the Raider’s color-leeching apparatus exploded, destroying his Prisma-Goggles but somehow internalizing their powers in Bivolo and curing his color-blindness. However, rather than using this miraculous gift for art, the lure of his heightened abilities and Bivolo’s desire for revenge against the Flash drove him to remain an outlaw. After the second Flash’s death, Bivolo apparently dedicated much of the time to completing his autobiography. He hoped it would become a motion picture, but the memoirs of a villain considered third rate by most were rejected by the major studios. When Bivolo learned one of the studios was filming a Flash movie instead, the incensed Rainbow Raider reappeared to sabotage it. The Raider hoped to establish himself finally as a feared villain and also win the love of the film’s co-star Monica Mayne. Instead the third Flash (Wally West) defeated him handily and (adding insult to injury) on film as well. The movie studio refused to press charges against Bivolo. Instead, they offered him the opportunity to co-star in the Flash movie, and to discuss filming his autobiography.

Reflexes 2D: Brawling 3D, dodge 4D, piloting (self) 6D
Coordination 2D: Marksmanship 4D (Light Manipulation +3D)
Physique 2D: Running 4D
Knowledge 2D: Research 3D, scholar 3D (art +3D), science 3D (light +3D)
Perception 3D: Artist 4D (painting +3D, writing +1D), engineering 4D (light-affecting gadgets +2D), invent 4D (light-affecting gadgets +2D), know-how (powers) 7D each, repair 4D (light-affecting gadgets +2D)
Presence 2D: Willpower 4D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Contact (the Rogues) –3D, Wealth –4D; Delusions of Grandeur +3D, Enemy (the Flash II and III) +3D each, Physically Limited (color blindness) +3D (now cured), Shady Background +2D, Sworn Enemy (Flash II) +3D.

PDV: 2

EQUIPMENT: Prisma-Goggles (Body Points: 30; provided the powers listed below): Light Manipulation (solid light constructs, projection) 11D each. All light effects have the Limitation: Linked to Light Manipulation. Each of the different colored light blasts had different effects, including:
–Infrared (Microwave Projection 11D)
–Red [Empathy (induce anger) 11D
–Orange (Telekinesis 6D)
–Yellow [Empathy (induce cowardice) 11D
–Green [Empathy (induce envy) 11D
–Puce [Empathy (induce nausea) 11D
–Blue [Empathy (induce sadness) 11D
–Violet [Empathy (induce romantic passion) 11D
–Ultraviolet (Invisibility 11D)
–Black [Light Manipulation (drains color) 11D (Enhancement: Additional Effect (draining damages victim with BDV equal to power’s die code) +3D)
–White [Light Manipulation (blinding flash) 11D
NOTE: For a time Rainbow Raider’s powers were internalized. To represent this, just act as if the abilities of the Prisma-Goggles were powers.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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