The DCU Character Index

Can’t find stats for your favorite character? The following list shows you which characters show up in each of the DCU RPG books. The index lists page numbers for each of the published books — thus if you see Superman, 27-28 under a certain sourcebook that means that Superman’s writeup is found on pages 27 and 28 of that sourcebook. The sourcebooks are listed in alphabetical order, though the two Daily Planet guides are listed immediately following their corresponding sourcebook. The DCU Rulebook index includes all references to a given character, in addition to their stat pages.

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DCU RULEBOOK, December 1999

Character Writeups & References (page numbers in bold are in the Narrator’s Book)
Adam, Theodore (Theo), 153. See also Black Adam
AIMY, 241, 242, 252, 253
Allen, Barry. See Flash, the (Barry Allen)
Allen II, Bartholomew (Bart). See Impulse
Aquaman, 131, 132, 134, 136, 137-138, 165
Ares (Maxie Zeus’ henchman), 65
Arkham Asylum, 115, 118-119, 152, 160
Bane, 118, 139, 135, 152
Batman, 115, 122, 138-140, 146, 152, 154, 160, 166, 167-168, 171
Batson, William (Billy), 140-141. See also Captain Marvel
Black Adam, 140, 152-153
Blockbuster (Roland Desmond), 114, 146, 154, 169, 169-170
Bullock, Harvey, 170
Cannon, Mickey “the Mechanic,” 148, 177
Captain Marvel, 12, 114, 132, 136, 140, 141, 153, 164
Catwoman, 131, 154-155
Cheetah, 132, 155
Circe, 134, 156
Corben, John. See Metallo
Crane, Jonathan. See Scarecrow
Curry, Arthur. See Aquaman
Cyborg, the, 135, 136, 150, 156-157
Danvers, Linda, 149. See also Supergirl
Darkseid, 132, 134, 157-158
Deathstroke, 131, 158-159
del Portenza, Contessa Erica Alexandra, 120, 136, 162, 173
Dent, Harvey. See Two-Face
Desmond, Roland. See Blockbuster (Roland Desmond)
Diana, Princess. See Wonder Woman (Diana)
Dr. Light (Arthur Light), 159-160
Donovan, Dabney, 177
Drake, Timothy. See Robin (Tim Drake)
Flash, the (Barry Allen), 116, 141, 141-142, 144
Flash, the (Jay Garrick), 8, 9, 116, 136
Flash, the (Wally West), 116, 122, 141-142, 144
Fox, Lucius, 122, 177
Giuseppe, Giovanni. See Trickster
Gordon, James, 116, 160, 167-168, 171
Grayson, Richard (Dick). See Nightwing; Robin (Dick Grayson)
Green Arrow (Connor Hawke), 136, 142-143, 161
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), 131, 132, 135, 136, 143, 159
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), 117, 135, 136, 143, 159-160
Green Lantern Corps, 5, 133, 134, 135, 136, 143
Hades (Maxie Zeus’ henchman), 65
Hamilton, Emil, 136, 172
Harcourt, Mattie, 116, 172
Hawke, Connor. See Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)
Henshaw, Henry (Hank). See Cyborg, the
Heracles (Maxie Zeus’ henchman), 64-65
Hitman, 10, 132, 134, 143-144
Impulse, 11, 12, 116, 135, 136, 144, 148
Jesse, James. See Trickster
Joker, 131, 133, 160-161
J’onzz, J’onn. See Martian Manhunter
Jordan, Hal. See Green Lantern (Hal Jordon); Parallax
Kal-El. See Superman
Kent, Clark Joseph. See Superman
Killer Croc, 70
Knight, Jack. See Starman (Jack Knight)
Knight, Ted. See Starman (Ted Knight)
Kon-El. See Superboy
Kyle, Selina. See Catwoman
Lane, Lois, 120, 130, 134, 136, 150, 162, 175-176
Light, Arthur. See Dr. Light (Arthur Light)
Luthor, Lex, 117, 120, 162, 173, 177. See also Injustice Gang; LexCom; LexCorp
Marius, Orm. See Ocean Master
Martian Manhunter, 144-145, 175
history, 10, 131, 132, 134, 136
Matrix (Mae). See Supergirl
McCulloch. See Mirror Master
Metallo, 133, 247
Milton, Donna. See Circe
Minerva, Barbara Ann, 155. See also Cheetah
Mirror Master, 162-163
Mist, the (Nash), 135, 136, 147, 163-164
Monaghan, Tommy. See Hitman
Montoya, Renee, 171
Nash (the Mist). See Mist, the (Nash)
Neron, 136, 151, 154, 155, 162, 164-165, 167
Nightwing, 114, 145-146, 154, 159
Nygma, Edward. See Riddler, the
Ocean Master, 165-166
O’Dare, Barry, 173
O’Dare, Clarence, 174
O’Dare family, 118, 173-175
O’Dare, Hope, 174
O’Dare, Mason, 174
O’Dare, Matt, 174-175
Olsen, Jimmy, 122, 176
Orin. See Aquaman
Park, Linda, 116, 122, 134, 141, 178
Pennyworth, Alfred, 115, 116, 171-172
Rayner, Kyle. See Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Redhorn, Chief, 114, 169
Resurrection Man, 681012, 134
Riddler, the, 74
Robin (Dick Grayson), 131, 132
Robin (Tim Drake), 720, 134, 139, 144, 146, 148, 161, 166
Roquette, Serling, 177
Sandsmark, Helena, 170
Sawyer, Margaret “Maggie” 131, 173, 246
Scarecrow, 239, 166-167
Sharp, Cutter, 116, 172
Shazam, 132, 140, 152-153
Shelley, Mitch. See Resurrection Man
Shiva, Lady, 161
Smith, Eugene “Quick-Count,” 70
Starman (Jack Knight), 118, 147-148, 163-164
Starman (Ted Knight), 8, 9, 10, 118, 132, 147, 163-164
Superboy, 121, 135, 144, 148
Supergirl, 116, 148-149, 172
Superman, 117, 120, 121, 122, 149-151, 157, 162, 172
Teth-Adam. See Black Adam
Torque, 169-170
Trickster, 131, 136, 164, 167
Turpin, Daniel “Terrible,” 131, 173, 246
Two-Face, 146, 167-168
Wayne, Bruce. See Batman
West, Wally. See Flash, the (Wally West)
White, Perry, 120, 177
Wilson, Slade. See Deathstroke
Wonder Woman (Diana), 114, 151, 155
Woosan, Sandra. See Shiva, Lady
Wrestleman, Wally, 70
Zeus, Maximillian “Maxie,” 64
Z’onn Z’orr, 145, 175 

Sourcebook: Department of Extranormal Operations Agent Manual, June 2001

Character Writeups
Barrett, Sandra, 24
Charles, Dr. Andreas, 26-27
Chase, Cameron, 25-26
D.E.O. clerk, 29
D.E.O. field agent, 30
Faraday, King, 19-20
I-Spy. See Faraday, King
Knightwatch trooper, 31-32
Lutwidge, Major Thomas, 28-29
Mr. Bones, 21-22
Steel, “Sarge,” 22-23
the Bear. See Barrett, Sandra
the Wall. See Waller, Amanda Blake
Waller, Amanda Blake, 18-19

Sourcebook: Gotham City Sourcebook, October 2000

Character Writeups
Amygdala, 24
Anarky, 41
Armstrong, Ulysses Hadrian. See General
Azrael, 21-22. See also Order of St. Dumas
Bane, 49
Barrera, Guillermo. See Brutale
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). See Oracle
Batgirl (Helena Bertinelli). See Huntress
Batgirl (Unknown/Cassandra), 20-21
Batman (Jean Paul Valley). See Azrael
Batman, 12-13.
Beddoes, Amy. See Oracle
Bertinelli, Helena. See Huntress
Biis, 50
Black Canary, 25
Black Mask, 51
Blake, Thomas. See Cat-Man
Blockbuster, 52
Bock, Captain Mackenzie “Hardback,” 32.
Bolton, Lyle. See Lock-Up
Brown, Arthur. See Cluemaster
Brown, Stephanie. See Spoiler
Brutale, 53
Bryan, Brian, 29.
Bullock, Lieutenant Harvey, 32.
Cain, 54
Cain, Cassandra. See , Batgirl (unknown)
Cain, David. See , Cain
Cap’n Fear, 55
Caspian, Judson. See Reaper,
Cat-Man, 56
Catwoman, 42
Charaxes, 57
Cheshire, 88. See also Ravens,
Clancy, Bridget, 26
Clayface (Basil Karlo). See Ultimate Clayface
Clayface (Matt Hagen), 59. See also , Clayfaces
Clayface (Preston Payne), 59. See also , Clayfaces
Clayface (Sondra Fuller). See , Lady Clay
Clayfaces, 58-59
Cluemaster, 60
Cobblepot, Oswald. See , Penguin
Copperhead, 61
Crane, Jonathan. See , Scarecrow
Deadshot, 62
Deathstroke the Terminator, 43
Demon’s Head. See , Râ’s al Ghûl
Dent, Harvey. See , Two-Face
Desmond, Roland. See , Blockbuster
Dorrance, Sir Edmund. See , King Snake
Dr. Phosphorus, 63
Double Dare, 64
Drake family, 27
Drake, Jake, 27. See also , Drake family
Drake, Timothy (Tim). See , Robin (Tim Drake)
Draper, Alvin. See Robin (Tim Drake)
Echo, 65
Electrocutioner, 66
Essen-Gordon, Lieutenant Sarah, 32.
Finch, Nathan. See Gearhead
Firefly, 67
Flannegan, Otis. See Ratcatcher
Fledermaus, Dr., 27
Fox, Lucius, 29-30.
Fries, Victor. See Mr. Freeze
Fuller, Sondra. See Lady Clay
Gearhead, 68
General, the, 69-70
Gordon, Barbara (Babs). See Oracle
Gordon, Commissioner James W., 30-31.
Grayson, Richard (Dick). See Nightwing
Gunhawk, 70
Hagen, Matt. See Clayface (Matt Hagen)
Hanrahan, Randy. See Stallion
Harley Quinn, 72
Hawkleigh, Liam. See Gunhawk
Helzinger, Aaron. See Amygdala
Hogan, Hank “Hero,” 33-34
Hogan, Michael “Mutt,” 33-34
Huntress, 19
Isley, Pamela Lillian. See Poison Ivy
Jade. See Cheshire
Joker, 71-72
Jones, Waylon. See Killer Croc
Karlo, Basil. See Ultimate Clayface
KGBeast, 73
Killer Croc, 74
Killer Moth. See Charaxes
King Snake, 75
Kirk, Paul. See Manhunter
Knyazev, Anotoli. See KGBeast
Kyle, Selina. See Catwoman
Lady Clay, 59. See also Clayfaces
Lady Shiva, 44
Lady Vic, 76
Lady Victim. See Lady Vic
Lance, Dinah Laurel. See Black Canary
Langstrom, Kirk. See Man-Bat
Law, John, 34
Lawton, Floyd. See Deadshot
LeHah, Carleton. See Biis
Lilhy, Sister, 29.
Ling. See Lynx
Lock-Up, 77
Lynx, 78
Lyons, Garfield. See Firefly
Machin, Lonnie. See Anarky
Mad Hatter, 79
Magpie, 80
Malone, “Matches.” See Batman
Man-Bat, 45
Manhunter, 35
Marceau, Aliki, 64. See also Double Dare
Marceau, Marcot, 64. See also Double Dare
Marsh-Morton, Lady Elaine. See Lady Vic
McIlvane, Mrs., 27.
Mr. Freeze, 81
Moffit, Fay. See Spellbinder
Montoya, Detective Renee, 33.
Mudpack. See Clayfaces
Nashton, Eddie. See Riddler
Nightwing, 14-15.
Nigma, Edward. See Riddler
Nite-Wing, 82
Nomoz, 29.
Paper Monkey. See Lady Shiva
Payne, Preston. See Clayface (Preston Payne)
Penguin, 83
Pennyworth, Alfred, 36
Pistolera, 88. See also Ravens,
Poison Ivy, 84
Pye, Margaret. See Magpie
Quakemaster. See Scarface & the Ventriloquist
Question, the, 37
Quinzel, Dr. Harleen. See Harley Quinn
Râ’s al Ghûl, 85-86.
Ratcatcher, 86
Ravens, the, 87-88
Reaper, the, 89
Redhorn, Chief Francis Alexander, 46
Riddler, the, 90
Robin (Dick Grayson). See Nightwing
Robin (Jason Todd), 17
Robin (Tim Drake), 18.
Ryerstad, Tad. See Nite-Wing
Sage, Vic. See Question, the
Sartorius, Alex. See Dr. Phosphorus
Scarecrow, the, 91
Scarface & the Ventriloquist, 92
Scratch, Nicholas, 93
Sensei, the, 94
Silver Monkey, 95
Sionis, Roman. See Black Mask
Soames, Dudley “Deadly.” See Torque
Spellbinder, 96
Spoiler, 38
Stallion, 97
Steeljacket, 98
Strange, Hugo, 99
Szasz, Charles Victor. See Question, the
Talia, 47
Tally Man, 100
Tarantula. See Law, John
Termina, 88. See also Ravens, the
Tetch, Jervis. See Mad Hatter
Thompkins, Leslie, 39
Todd, Jason. See Robin (Jason Todd)
Torque, 101
Trigger Twins, 102
Trigger, Tad, 102. See also Trigger Twins
Trigger, Tom, 102. See also Trigger Twins
Two-Face, 103
Ultimate Clayface, 59. See also Clayfaces
Vicious, 88. See also Ravens, the
Walker, Drury. See Charaxes
Wayne, Bruce. See Batman
Wesker, Arnold. See Scarface & the Ventriloquist
Wilson, Slade. See Deathstroke the Terminator
Winters, Dana, 27.
Woosan, Sandra. See Lady Shiva
Wrath, the, 104
Zeus, Maxie, 105
Zsasz, Victor, 106

Sourcebook: Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City, November 2000.

Character Writeups
alligator, 142
boa constrictor, 142
construction worker, 140
crocodile, 142
Fairchild, Vesper, 141
government official, 139
penguin, 142
U.S. Navy sailor, 140
Vale, Vicki, 140
wolf, 142
zookeeper, 141

Sourcebook: JLA Sourcebook, August 2000.

Character Writeups
Acolyte, the, 92
Adg, Vandal. See Savage, Vandal
Allen, Bartholomew (Barry) II. See Impulse Allen
Bartholomew (Barry) Henry. See Flash, the (Barry Allen)
Amazo Android, 58
A-Mortal. See Hyperclan
Appellaxians, 27-28 avian battle-form, 27 fire battle-form, 27 glass battle-form, 27 mercury battle-form, 27 stone battle-form, 27 wood battle-form, 27
Aquaman current 35 Year One, 16
Armek. See Hyperclan
Arrowette, 90
Asmodel, 59
Atom, the, 56
Aztek, 44-45
Barda, 45
Batman, 36
Bertinelli, Helena. See Huntress
Billy. See Harm
Black Canary, 17
Brain, the, 29. See also Brotherhood of Evil
Brotherhood of Evil, 28-29
Carr, Lucas “Snapper,” 22
Carr, Simon, 22-23
Caulder, Dr. Niles. See Chief,
Channelman, 98. See also Psyba-Rats
chest-blinking robots (example robot)133
Chief, the, 24. See also Doom Patrol
Circe, 63. See also Injustice Gang 1
Corbin, Captain Lea. See 4-D
Curry, Arthur. See Aquaman
Daxamites, 153
DeMille, Laura. See Madame Rouge
Despero, 92-93
Diana. See Wonder Woman
Doom Patrol, 23-25
Dr. Light, 64. See also Injustice Gang 1
Drake, Timothy. See Robin
Dream of the Endless. See Sandman, the
Eiling, General Wade. See General, the
Elasti-Girl, 24. See also Doom Patrol
Extant, 142-143
Falconer, Curt. See Aztek
Farr, Rita. See Elasti-Girl
Ferak, 93
Fite, Donald, 94
Flash, the (Barry Allen), 18
Flash, the (Wally West), 37
Flow, 78. See also Ultramarines
Fluxus. See Hyperclan
Free, Barda. See Barda
4-D, 78. See also Ultramarines
General, the, 68. See also Injustice Gang 2
Gordon, Barbara. See Oracle
Green Arrow (Connor Hawke), 46
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), 25-26
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), 19 lantern battery, 20 power ring, 20
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), 38 lantern battery, 39 power ring, 39
Hackington, 98. See also Psyba-Rats
Hall, Daniel. See Sandman, the
Harm, 95
Hawke, Connor. See Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)
Hourman, 47
Huntress, 48
Hyperclan, 60-61
Impulse, 85
Injustice Gang 1, 62-65
Injustice Gang 2, 66-69
Irons, John Henry. See Steel (John Henry Irons)
Ivo, Professor Anthony, 69
Jones, John. See Martian Manhunter J’onzz, J’onn. See Martian Manhunter
Jemm, Son of Saturn, 65. See also Injustice Gang 1
Joker, the, 63-64. See also Injustice Gang 1
Jordan, Hal. See Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Kal-El. See Superman Kent, Clark Joseph. See Superman
Key, the, 70
King-Jones, Cissie. See Arrowette
Kon-El. See Superboy
Lance, Dinah Laurel. See Black Canary
Locus, 30 agent
Lord of Time, 142
Luthor, Lex, 63. See also Injustice Gang 1; Injustice Gang 2
Madame Rouge, 29. See also Brotherhood of Evil
Madd, Ishido, 94
Mageddon, 71
Martian Manhunter current, 40 Year One, 21
Match, 96
McIntyre, Will. See Triumph
Mirror Master, 64. See also Injustice Gang 1
Monsieur Mallah, 29. See also Brotherhood of Evil
Morrow, Dr. Thomas Oscar, 71-72
Negative Man, 24-25. See also Doom Patrol
O’Brian, Eel. See Plastic Man
Ocean Master, 65. See also Injustice Gang 1
Oracle, 49
Orin. See Aquaman
Orion, 50
Palmer, Ray. See Atom
the P.I.T.A.C. (example android), 131
Plastic Man, 41
Primaid. See Hyperclan
Prometheus, 67-68. See also Injustice Gang 2
Protex. See Hyperclan
Pulse 8, 78. See also Ultramarines
Psyba-Rats, 97-98
Queen Bee, 68-69. See also Injustice Gang 2
Queen, Oliver. See Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Quisp, 72
Qwsp. See Quisp
Razorsharp, 98. See also Psyba-Rats
Rayner, Kyle. See Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Red Tornado, 91
Rip Roar, 99
Robin, 86
Robotman (Clifford Steele), 25. See also Doom Patrol
Sandman, the, 57
Sandsmark, Cassie. See Wonder Girl
Savage, Vandal, 73
Sawyer, Lieutenant Colonel Scott. See Warmaker One
Secret, 87
September, Julian, 74
Smith, John. See Red Tornado
Star Conquerors, 74-75
Steel (John Henry Irons), 52-53
Steele, Clifford. See Robotman (Clifford Steele)
Stone, Major Dan. See Flow
Strange, Adam, 55
Superboy, 88
Superman Blue, 42
Superman, 42
Suzie. See Secret
Timazo, 143
Tomorrow Woman, 53
Trainor, Larry. See Negative Man
Triumph, 75-76
Tronix. See Hyperclan
Tyler. See Hourman
Ultramarines, 76-78
Warmaker One, 77-78. See also Ultramarines
Wayne, Bruce. See Batman West,
Wallace (Wally) R. See Flash, the (Wally West)
Wether, Captain John. See Pulse 8
Wonder Girl, 89
Wonder Woman, 43
Xotar the Weapons Master, 31
Zauriel, 54
Zazzala, Queen. See Queen Bee
Zenturion. See Hyperclan
Zum. See Hyperclan

Sourcebook: JSA Sourcebook, December 2001.

Character Writeups
Adam, Theodore “Theo.” See Black Adam
Adg, Vandal. See Savage, Vandal
Ahwehota. See Quicksilver
Air Wave (Lawrence Jordan), 32
Amazing Man (Will Everett), 33
Americommando, the. See Mister America
Artemis, 130-131. See also Tigress (Artemis Crock); villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Arthur, Justin. See Shining Knight, the (Sir Justin)
Atom Smasher, 148. See also Nuklon
Atom, the (Albert Pratt), 12
Baron Blitzkrieg, 80
Baron, the. See Baron Blitzkrieg
Bat, the. See Fledermaus
die bee (typical), 46. See also Red Bee
Billy Yank. See Uncle Sam
Black Adam, 161-162
Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance), 13
Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance), 134
Black Condor, the (Richard Grey, Jr.), 60
Blackbriar Thorn, 162
Blue Streak. See Quicksilver
Bowin, Isaac. See Fiddler
Brain Wave (Henry King), 89. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Brainwave Jr., 116
Brooks, Paula. See Tigress (Paula Crock)
Brother Jonathan. See Uncle Sam
Burman, Cindy. See Shiv
Canton, Rose. See Thorn, the (Rose Canton)
Cantrell, Norda. See Northwind
Captain Nazi, 81
Chambers, Johnny. See Johnny Quick
Chapel, Dr. Beth. See Dr. Midnight
Cheval, Jonathan. See Monocle, the
Clariss, Edward. See Rival
Clark, Dave. See Midnight
Commander Steel, 34
Corrigan, James Brendan. See Spectre, the (Jim Corrigan)
Crane, Robert. See Robotman (Robert Crane)
Crimson Avenger, the, 68
Crock, Artemis. See Artemis; Tigress (Artemis Crock)
Crock, Lawrence. See Sportsmaster, the Crock,
Paula Brooks. See Tigress (Paula Crock)
Cross, Dr. Pieter Anton. See Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross)
Culp, Simon. See Shade, the
Curtis, Terry. See Cyclotron
Cyclotron, 82
Dan the Dyna-Mite. See Dyna-Mite
Dark Angel, 83
Dark Lord, the, 156
Deathbolt, 84
Dennis, Paul. See Robotman (Robert Crane)
Devoe, Clifford. See Thinker, the (Clifford Devoe)
Diablo, 51. See also Whip, the Divine Wind, the. See Kamikaze
Dodds, Wesley “Wes.” See Sandman
Doll Man, 61
Dr. Fate (Hector Hall), 149-150. See also Silver Scarab
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson), 14
Dr. Midnight, 117
Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles McNider), 15-16. See also Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles McNider)
Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross), 135-136
Dr. Occult, 35
Dragon King, the, 85
Dugan, Pat. See S.T.R.I.P.E.;
Stripesy Dummy, the, 89-90. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World; villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Dunbar Daniel. See Dyna-Mite
Dyna-Mite, 54
Everett, Will. See Amazing Man (Will Everett)
Extant, 157
Fiddler, the, 90. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World; villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Firebrand (Danette Reilly), 36
Firebrand (Rod Reilly), 62
Flash, the (Jay Garrick), 16, 137-138
Fledermaus, die, 77. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Florin, Alyx. See Thorn, the (Rose Canton)
Flying Fox, 55
Fury (Helena Kosmatos), 55-56
Fury (Lyta Trevor), 118
Gambler, the (Steven Sharpe), 91. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Garrick, Jay. See Flash , the (Jay Garrick)
Gaynor, Rodrigo. See Whip, the
Geomancer, 163
Golden Wasp, 86
Gombezi, 109. See also Togg, Dr.
Rocco Grant, Ted. See Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Great Horned Owl, the. See Grosshorn Eule, Die
Green Lantern (Alan Scott), 17-18. See also Sentinel
Grey, Jr., Richard. See Black Condor, the (Richard Grey, Jr.)
Grosshorn Eule, die, 77. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Grundy, Solomon, 94-95. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Guardian, the, 37
Gudra, 78. See also Stormwind; villain teams, Axis Amerika
Hall, Carter. See Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Hall, Hank. See Extant
Hall, Hector Saunders. See Dr. Fate (Hector Hall); Silver Scarab
Hallaway, Tom Ludlow. See Spider, the (Tom Hallaway)
Harlequin (Molly Maynne), 91-92. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Harper, Jim. See Guardian, the
Hastur, Dr. Anton, 87
Hath-Set. See Hastur, Dr. Anton
Hawk. See Extant
Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), 138-139
Hawkgirl (Shiera Saunders), 19, 20.
Hawkins, Sanderson “Sandy.” See Sand;
Sandy the Golden Boy
Hawkman (Carter Hall), 19-20, 139-140.
Hayden, Jennie-Lynn. See Jade
Hayden, Roger. See Pyscho-Pirate (Roger Hayden)
Hazard, 131. See also villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Heywood I, Henry “Hank.” See Commander Steel
Hippolyta, Queen. See Wonder Woman (Hippolyta)
Holt, Michael. See Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt)
Hootie the Owl, 16. See also Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles McNider)
Hourman (Rex Tyler), 21.
Hourman (Rick Tyler), 119.
Hourman (Tyler), 150-151
Human Bomb, the, 63
Icicle (Cameron Makent), 131, 164. See also villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Icicle (Joar Makent), 92. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Iron Munroe, 56-57
Jade, 120.
Jester, the, 38
Johnny Quick, 38-39
Johnny Reb. See Uncle Sam
Jordan, Lawrence. See Air Wave 1
Judomaster, 39-40
Justin, Sir. See Shining Knight, the (Sir Justin)
Kamikaze, 78. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Kara. See Power Girl
Karkull, Ian, 98
Killer Wasp I. See Golden Wasp
Killer Wasp II, 164
King Jr., Henry “Hank.” See Brainwave Jr.
King, Henry. See Brain Wave (Henry King)
Knight, Jack. See Starman (Jack Knight)
Knight, Sandra. See Phantom Lady,
Knight, Theodore “Ted” Henry. See Starman (Ted Knight)
Kosmatos, Helena. See Fury (Helena Kosmatos)
Krieger, Albrecht. See Captain Nazi
Kurtzberger Terrence. See Cyclotron
Kyle (the Mist). See Mist, the (Kyle, Sr.)
Lance, Dinah “Diana” Drake. See Black Canary
(Dinah Drake Lance) Lance, Dinah Laurel. See Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
Lane, Chuck. See Jester, the
Law, John. See Tarantula, the
Lawrence, Liberty Belle. See Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle, 41
Lightning. See Quicksilver
Lincoln, Roy. See Human Bomb
Makent, Cameron. See Icicle (Cameron Makent)
Makent, Dr. Joar. See Icicle (Joar Makent)
Manhunter (Dan Richards), 42. See also Thor the Thunderdog
Max Mercury. See Quicksilver
Max. See Quicksilver
Maynne, Molly. See Harlequin (Molly Maynne)
McNider, Charles. See Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles McNider)
Mekanique, 99
Merkel, Peter. See Rag Doll,
Midnight, 43
Minuteman, the. See Uncle Sam
Miss America, 43-44
Mist, the (Kyle, Sr.), 100
Mister America, 44
Monarch. See Extant
Monocle, the, 101
Monroe, Arnold “Arn.” See Iron Munroe
Montez, Yolanda. See Wildcat (Yolanda Montez)
Mordru. See Dark Lord, the
Mr. Bones, 121
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt), 140-141.
Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane), 22-23
Nelson, Kent. See Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
Northwind, 122
Nuklon, 123. See also Atom Smasher
Obsidian, 124, 158-159
Occult, Richard. See Dr. Occult
Overman. See Ubermensch
Patriot. See Uncle Sam
Pemberton, Jr., Sylvester. See Star-Spangled Kid, the (Sylvester Pemberton)
Per Degaton, 93. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Perkins, Neptune, 57-58
Phantom Lady, the (Sandra Knight), 64
Power Girl, 125
Pratt, Albert “Al.” See Atom, the (Albert Pratt)
Pyscho-Pirate (Roger Hayden), 102
Quicksilver, 45
Raleigh, Richard. See Red Bee, the
Rag Doll, the, 103
Ray, the (Happy Terrill), 65
Red Bee, the, 46. See also bee (typical)
Red Panzer, 104
Reilly, Danette. See Firebrand (Danette Reilly)
Reilly, Rod. See Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
Rice, Todd James. See Obsidian
Richards, Donald “Dan.” See Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Rival, 165
Robotman (Robert Crane), 47
Rothstein, Albert “Al” Julian. See Atom Smasher; Nuklon
Samuel. See Uncle Sam
Sand, 141-142
Sandman (Wes Dodds), 23-24
Sandy the Golden Boy, 24
Sargent, John. See Sargon the Sorcerer
Sargon the Sorcerer, 48.
Saunders, Greg. See Vigilante, the (Greg Saunders)
Saunders, Kendra Shiera. See Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders)
Saunders, Shiera. See Hawkgirl (Shiera Saunders)
Savage, Vandal, 105. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Scarab, 153
Scott Maynne, Molly. See Harlequin (Molly Maynne)
Scott, Alan Wellington. See Green Lantern (Alan Scott); Sentinel
Sea Wolf, the. See See Wulf, der See Wulf, der, 78-79. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Sendak, Louis. See Scarab
Sentinel, 143. See also Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Shade, the, 94. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World; villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Sharpe III, Steven. See Gambler, the (Steven Sharpe)
Sharpe, Rebecca “Becky.” See Hazard
Shimada, Miya. See Tsunami
Shining Knight, the (Sir Justin), 69. See also Winged Victory
Shiv, 165-166
Silver Scarab, 126. See also Dr. Fate (Hector Hall)
Simmons, Jake. See Deathbolt
Skyman, 127. See also Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton)
Sloane, Terry. See Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane)
Sorrow, Johnny, 160-161
Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer. See S.T.R.I.P.E.
Spectre, the (Jim Corrigan), 25
Spider, the (Tom Hallaway), 70
Sportsmaster, the, 95-96. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Stalker, 106
Starman (Jack Knight), 152-27.
Starman (Ted Knight), 26.
Starr, Kara. See Power Girl
Star-Spangled Kid (Courtney Whitmore), 145.
Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton), 71.
Stormwind, 78. See also Gudra
Streicher, Helmut. See Red Panzer
S.T.R.I.P.E., 154-155. See also Stripesy
Stripesy, 71-72. See also S.T.R.I.P.E.
Stuff the Chinatown Kid (Daniel & Victor Leong), 72
Sumo, 107
Swift, Richard. See Shade, the
Tarantula, the, 49
Terrill, Happy. See Ray, the (Happy Terrill)
Teth Adam. See Black Adam
Thinker, the (Clifford Devoe), 96. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
Thomas “Tex” N.. See T.N.T.
Thomson, Tex. See Mister America
Thor the Thunderdog, 42. See also Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Thorn, the (Rose Canton), 108
Thunder, Johnny L., 27-28. See also Yz the Thunderbolt
Thunderpace. See Quicksilver
Tiger, 39, 40
Tigress (Artemis Crock), 166. See also Artemis Tigress (Paula Crock), 96-97. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World
T.N.T., 50
Togg, Dr. Rocco, 109. See also Gombezi
Travis, Lee Walter. See Crimson Avenger
Trevor, Hippolyta “Lyta.” See Fury (Lyta Trevor)
Trevor, Joan Dale. See Miss America
Tsunami, 58
Tyler, Rex “Tick Tock.” See Hourman (Rex Tyler)
Tyler, Richard “Rick.” See Hourman (Rick Tyler)
Tyler. See Hourman (Tyler)
Ubermensch, 79. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Ultra-Humanite as Delores Winters, 110 as white ape, 132 other hosts of, 132
Uncle Sam, 66
Usil the Sun-Archer, 79-110. See also villain teams, Axis Amerika
Vertigo, Count Werner, 162-163
Vigilante, the (Saunders, Greg), 73
Von Gunther, Baroness Paula. See Dark Angel
Whip Whirlwind. See Quicksilver
Whip, the, 51. See also Diablo
Whitmore, Courtney Elizabeth. See Star-Spangled Kid (Courtney Whitmore)
Wildcat (Ted Grant), 28-29, 146
Wildcat (Yolanda Montez), 128
Wilhelm (The Bat). See Fledermaus, die
Windrunner. See Quicksilver
Wing, 74
Winged Victory, 69. See also Shining Knight, the (Sir Justin)
Winters, Delores. See Ultra-Humanite (as Delores Winters)
Wizard, the, 97. See also villain teams, Injustice Society of the World; villain teams, Injustice Unlimited
Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), 29-30.
Wright, Thomas. See Black Condor, the (Richard Grey, Jr.)
Yellow Wasp. See Golden Wasp; Killer Wasp
Yoneda, Tetsujiro. See Kamikaze
Yz the Thunderbolt, 28. See also Thunder, Johnny L.
Zatara, Giovanni “John,” 52

Sourcebook: Metropolis Sourcebook, March 2000.

Character Writeups
Aelius, Marcus. See Alpha Centurion
Alpha Centurion, 11-12
Andersen, Mitch. See Outburst
Atomic Skull, 39
Bibbo, 12
Big Words. See Newsboy Legion
Bizarro, 40
Brahma, 36
Brainiac 2.5, 40-42
Braverman, Kenny. See Conduit
Cannon, Mickey, 23-24
Conduit, 42-43 battlesuit, 74-75
Conner, Dr. David. See Eradicator
Corben, John. See Metallo
Cyborg, 43-44
Danvers, Linda. See Supergirl
del Portenza, Contessa Erica Alexandra, 23
Delgado, Jose. See Gangbuster
DeNeige, Simone, 12-13
Donovan, Dabney, 24
Doomsday, 44-45
Dox, Vril. See Brainiac 2.5
Dubbilex, 24
Edge, Morgan, 45
Encantadora, La, 46
Eradicator, 13-14
Faulkner, Dr. Karen “Kitty,” 27-28
Flint, Micah. See Rock
Flip. See Newsboy Legion
Forrest, Rose. See Thorn
Freeman, Dr. Torvell. See Parasite
Gabby. See Newsboy Legion
Gangbuster, 14-15
Gog, 46-47
Grant, Catherine, 15
Guardian, 15-16
Gunn, Mike “Machine,” 50
Hamilton, Professor Emil, 16-17
Harper, James Jacob. See Guardian
Henderson, Chief William James, 17
Henshaw, Hank. See Cyborg
Hope, 52
Imperiex probe, 47-48
Irons, John Henry. See Steel
Jones, Rudy. See Parasite
Kal-El. See Superman
Kent, Clark Joseph. See Superman
Kent, Jonathan Joseph, 17-18
Kent, Ma. See Kent, Martha Clark Fordman Kent Martha Clark Fordman, 17-18
Kent, Pa. See Kent, Jonathan Joseph
Kon-El. See Superboy
Lane, Lois Joanne, 18-19
Lane, Lucy, 19
Lang, Lana, 20
Lemaris, Lori, 20-21
Lin-Baker, Nona. See White Lotus
Loomis, Oswald. See Prankster
Loser, 37-38
Luthor, Lex, 50-52 battlesuit, 78
MacElwain, Lacy. See Silver Banshee
Martin, Joseph. See Atomic Skull
Maxima, 52-53
McCree, Ginny “Torcher,” 50
McDougal, Siobhan. See Silver Banshee
Mercy, 52
Metallo, 53-54
Misa, 21
Mongul, 54
Moxie, Boss, 49
Mxyzptlk, Mr., 55
Newsboy Legion, 21-22
Noose, 49
Olsen, James “Jimmy” Bartholomew, 22-23
Outburst, 37-38
Parasite, 56-57
Prankster, 57
Project Cadmus beast, 26
Project Cadmus guard, 25-26
Pyrogen, 37-38
Rampage, 27-28
Riot, 58
Rock, 58-59
Roquette, Serling, 24
Ross, Senator Peter, 26
Rough House, 49-50
Sackett, Mayor Bradford “Buck,” 26-27
Sawyer, Inspector Margaret “Maggie,” 28
Schott, Winslow. See Toyman
Scrapper. See Newsboy Legion
S.C.U. officer, 29-30
Silver Banshee, 59-60
S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, 28
S.T.A.R. Labs security officer, 28
Steel, 30
Storm, Theo. See Loser
Strange Visitor, 31
Superboy, 31-32
Supergirl, 32-33
Superman, 33-35
Superman robots, 60-61
Thorn, 38
Tielli, Claudio. See Pyrogen
Tommy. See Newsboy Legion
Toyman, 61-62
Troupe, Ron, 38
Turpin, Inspector Daniel “Terrible,” 28-29
Usjak, Cal. See Brahma
Vance, Sharon. See Strange Visitor
von Frankenstein, Frederick. See Riot
White Lotus, 38
White, Perry, 38
William. See Gog

Sourcebook: Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis, June 2000.

Character Writeups
D.E.O. field agent, 57
desk clerk, 93
emergency medical technician, 131
firefigher, 131
housekeeper, 93
minister, 109
server, 93
theatre ghost, 109

Sourcebook: Magic Handbook, June 2000.

Character Writeups
Abnegazar. See Demons Three
Abomination, the. See Azazel
Amethyst, 41-42
Arion, 37-38
Arrakhat, 78
Ashos. See Dr. Mist
Asmodel, 46-47
Atlan, 39
Azar 3, 40
Azazel, 49
Baron Winters, 113-114
Batson, Billy. See Captain Marvel
Bedlam, 79
Beelzebub, 49
Belial, Archduke, 49
Bennett, Andrew, 80-81
Blaise, Iason. See Blood, Jason
Blaze, Angelica. See Blaze
Blaze, 52-53
Blithe, 93. See also Earthborn angels
Blood, Jason, 83-84. See also Etrigran, the Demon
Blue Devil, 81-82
Brand, Boston. See Deadman
Captain Marvel Jr., 61-62.
Captain Triumph, 84-87
Cassidy, Daniel Patrick. See Blue Devil
Cerebus, 49
Circe, 8
Comet, 93. See also Earthborn angels
Corrigan, Jim, 48
Craddock, James “Gentleman Jim.” See Gentleman Ghost, the
Daanuth, Garn, 38
Danvers, Linda. See Supergirl
Dark Lord, the, 105-106
Dark Opal, 42
Deadman, 56-57
Deimos, 67-68
Demons Three, 55-56
Doc. See Dr. Occult
Dr. Fate 1, 87-88
Dr. Fate 2, 88
Dr. Fate 3, 88-89
Dr. Fate 4, 89
Dr. Fate, legacy of, 85.
Dr. Mist, 90-93.
Dr. Occult, 107
Earthborn angels, 91. See also Blithe; Comet; Supergirl
Eclipso, 94-95. See also Heart of Darkness
Enchantress, the, 95-96
Etrigan, the Demon, 54-55. See also Blood, Jason Father of Lies. See Belial, Archduke
Faust, Felix, 97-98
Faust, 96-97
Gallant, Lance. See Captain Triumph
Gallant, Michael. See Captain Triumph
Gentleman Ghost, the, 98-99
Ghast. See Demons Three
Gray Man, the, 99-100
Green Lantern. See Spectre 2, the
Hall, Hector. See Dr. Fate 4
Ibis, 59
Joab. See Dr. Mist
Jones, Andy. See Comet
Jordan, Hal. See Spectre 2, the
Karkull, Ian, 63-64
Kid Eternity, 100-101
Klarion the Witchboy, 101-102
Korathma. See Dr. Mist
Kordax, 37
Kulak, 102
Le Fey, Morgaine, 106-108
Lord of Chaos & Primordial Darkness. See Azazel
Lord of the Flies. See Beelzebub
Lord Ys. See Warlock of Ys
Lucifer, 49
Madame Xanadu, 103-117.
Mae. See Supergirl
Maltis. See Dr. Mist
Martinez, Andrea “Andy.” See Comet
Mary Marvel, 60-61.
Matrix. See Supergirl
Merlin the Magician, 104
Merlin (cat), 114
Mister Mystery. See Dr. Mist
Moone, June. See Enchantress, the
Mordru. See Dark Lord, the
Morgan, Jennifer, 67
Morgan, Lieutenant Colonel Travis. See Warlord, the
Morningstar. See Lucifer
Myrddin Ambrosius. See Merlin the Magician
Nabu, 87
Nelson, Dr. Kent. See Dr. Fate 1
Nelson, Inza Cramer. See Dr. Fate 3
Nelson, Inza. See Dr. Fate 1
Neron, 51-52
Occult, Dr. Richard. See Dr. Occult
Phantasm, 40
Phantom Stranger, 49, 108-109
Presence, the, 43
Quintessence, the, 109
Ragman, 109-110
Rath. See Demons Three
Regan, Rory. See Ragman
Rose Psychic, 108 Rose Spiritus. See Rose Psychic Rose. See Rose Psychic
Samson. See Dr. Mist
Sargent, John. See Sargon the Sorcerer
Sargon the Sorcerer, 110-111.
Satanus, 54-55
Shakira, 66-67
Shalako, 38-39
Shazam, 57-59
Silver Scarab. See Dr. Fate 4
Sin. See Three Faces of Evil
Sindella, 111-112
Spectre 2, the, 47-48
Strauss, Eric, 88. See also Dr. Fate 2
Strauss, Linda, 88. See also Dr. Fate 2
Stuart, Matthew. See Bedlam
Supergirl, 92-93. See also Earthborn angels
Tannarak, 112
Teekl, 102
Terror. See Three Faces of Evil
Thornton, Collin. See Satanus
Three Faces of Evil, 62-63
Warlock of Ys, 113
Warlord, the, 65-66
Wickedness. See Three Faces of Evil
Winston, Amy. See Amethyst
Wotan, 114-115
Zatanna, 115-116
Zatara, Giovanni “John.” 116-117
Zatara, Zatanna. See Zatanna
Zauriel, 45-46

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