Speed: same as wearer’s
PDV: same as wearer’s
BDV: as per powers
Fire Arc: any
Range: as per powers
Ammunition: power source – power battery (see below)
Rate of Fire: 1
Armor Value: 100 (when charged), 10 (when not charged)
Body Points: 1,000 (when charged), 100 (when not charged)

Enhancement Modifier: scholar 20D (represents the computer database in the ring; the computer can speak to the wearer if he activates its verbal component)

Powers: Energy Manipulation 18D Limitations: Duration Change [Concentration], Removable -3D, Side Effect (most uses of ring are green) -1D; enhancement: Remote +4D), Mimicry 9D Limitation: Linked to Energy Manipulation; enhancement: Mastery [can access any power in database], ESP (other GL Corps members) 100D, Language Comprehension 9D, Healing (protection from mortal harm) 18D Limitation: Duration Change [Activated-this power only activates when the hero is in mortal harm], Self-Only; enhancement: Mastery [works even if the hero is unconscious]. All powers have the limitation: Ineffectiveness (yellow), Ineffectiveness (killing), and Rechargeable (once every 24 hours). The Ineffectiveness (yellow) limitation has been removed from all but the rings belonging to trainees.

To create energy constructs with the ring, the wearer first makes a know-how (ring creations) roll to determine whether or not they are able to create the construct (erect a wall, create a giant baseball bat, etc.). The difficulty of the roll is determined by the Narrator as per the “Creating Manipulation Constructs” section below.

Once the construct is generated, the Green Lantern Corps power ring wearer makes a willpower roll each round to sustain it. The difficulty of the roll is the same as the difficulty to create the construct, modified by how tired, in pain, or distracted the user is. Hal tended to create simple energy constructs that utilized the ring’s ability to mimic the powers in its database rather than create complex constructs. Some (but not all) of the things he has done with the ring include: faster-than-light travel, telekinesis, sense danger, detect lies, detect radiation, create illusions, become invisible, erase memories, use X-ray vision, and shrink objects.

Lastly, the Green Lantern Corps power rings are able to make copies of themselves. The wearer makes a Legendary willpower roll to create the copy. If he succeeds at this roll, an exact duplicate of his power ring and lantern battery come into existence, which he can bestow upon another deserving individual.

Sample Ring CreationBase Difficulty
Wall (AV equal to three times the die code of the power)3
Simple Energy Construct (baseball bat with BDV three times
of the die code of the power)
Construct with powers (giant fan)3
Complex construct (giant hand that grabs a target)4

Defense Value: 0
Ammunition: power source-Central Power Battery on Oa
Body Points: 500
Additional Information: Powers: Energy Manipulation (charge power rings) 18D
Limitations: Duration Change (Activated [takes 10 seconds to recharge ring]), Light
Manipulation (Invisibility) 9D Limitation: Linked to Energy Manipulation). All powers have the limitation: Ineffectiveness (yellow).

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