Real Name: Axel Asher
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human

Advantages: Acute sense of Direction -2D, Contact (various heroes) -4D, Patron (Morty the Bum)
Disadvantages: Physically limited (limp) +3D

Reflexes: 3D Brawling 3D, Dodge 2D
Coordination: 3D
Physique: 2D
Knowledge: 3D
Arcane Lore (The Brothers) 4D, Navigation 3D, Scholar (Marvel and DC Universes) 5D
Perception: 4D Know-how (portal creation) 10D
Presence: 3D Willpower 4D

PDV: 1
Unarmed BDV: 2
P/l Bonus: + 1
Hero Points: 10
Body Points: 30
Character Points: 75

Powers: Dimensional Travel 60D (Limitations: only allows him to travel between the Marvel and DC Universes), Teleportation 15D (linked to Dimensional Travel, used mainly to travel from place to place within the same universe), Temporal Manipulation (linked to Dimensional Travel, allows him to carry himself and others to various points in the histories of the Marvel and DC Universes) 15D, Longevity 1D, Reality Manipulation (Amalgamation only — allows Access to combine individuals from the two universes into one “Amalgamated” being) 20D, ESP (allows Access to sense disruptions in the two universes’ existence) 30D

History: When Axel Asher was seven years old, he wandered into his parents’ bedroom and found his kid sister playing with his father’s gun. He scolded her, grabbed it away, and then heard a loud noise. He was very surprised when he looked down at his pants leg and saw it soaked with his blood. As he collapsed, the gravity of his situation eluded him. Instead he was glaring at his sister for having gotten him into trouble, and she at him for taking away the “toy”. Since then Axel has had a slight limp, but he carried the anger and pain within him. It was the most traumatic thing that ever happened to him, until the Brothers appeared in his consciousness, with an emnity that made his sister’s and his pale in comparison.

There have been any number of times when Axel has felt the need to move on, to roam, to continue his search for that goal he cannot even name. In the past, it’s always been a more subtle feeling.

“Whoa. What’d you do to me?” asked Axel.

“Unleashed what’s inside you,” the bum replied. “Each of us chooses the guise best suited to who we are. This is mine,” he said, indicating his guise as a bum. “That’s yours. I told you I’m a shard of the brothers, just like you. I’ve been the keeper of the gateway between the two universes.”

The bum showed Axel a box. “You see it as a box because that’s what I want it to be. It might be something different for you, because you’re next in the long succession of keepers. My time is almost up. You have to keep up the mantle. You have to become the Access.”

After learning that he is the “gatekeeper” responsible for keeping the DC and Marvel Universes separate, Axel Asher is unable to accept the responsibility thrust upon him. Thus, the DC and Marvel Universes begin to cross over and eventually merge into the Amalgam Universe. Access is the only person to remain totally unchanged in the Amalgam Universe, and he remembers that there were once two distinct universes. Doctor Strangefate, the only other being who knows that the Amalgam Universe is not right, unsuccessfully attempts to prevent Access from sepearating the two universes.

After Access escapes from the clutches of Doctor Strangefate, he permanently separates the two universes (with the help of Captain America and Batman), thus bringing the Amalgam Universe to an abrupt end. Access resides in New York City in the Marvel Universe and has the ability to transport to any location and to other dimensions.

In Unlimited Access, Access is told by a future version of himself (Dark Access) that he is immortal and able to travel through time as well. Later, he finds that he also has the power to amalgamate characters from the DC and Marvel universes at will.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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