Real Name: Jason Macendale Jr.
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Unknown
Race: Human
Tech Level: Modern (1)

Advantages: Acute Balance, Contacts (underworld), Intimidating Grin, Patron (Maggia crime family, Red Skull), Speed Draw (grenades)
Disadvantages: Enemy (Hobgoblin), Enemy (Spider-Man), Fugitive

Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 4D (+2D on hovercraft), Brawling 5D, Dodge 5D, Driving 4D, Martial Arts 6D, Melee Weapons 4D, Piloting 4D (+3D hovercraft), Sneak 5D
Coordination: 4D Lockpicking 5D, Marksmanship 5D, Thievery 5D, Thrown Weapons 6D (+1D grenades)
Physique: 3D Leap 4D, lifting 4D
Knowledge: 3D Criminology 4D, Demolitions 5D, Forgery 4D, Navigation 4D, Security 6D
Perception: 3D Hide 5D, Invent 4Dm Repair 4D, Shadowing 5D, Streetwise 5D (+1D Maggia crime family)
Presence: 2D Bluff 4D, Disguise 6D, Interrogation 3D, Intimidation 4D

PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: + 2
Villain Points: 13
Body Points: 34
Character Points: 122

Equipment: Personal Hovercraft – Size 4′ diameter, 18″ tall; crew 1, Maneuverability +1D; Speed – 45; PDV 2D; BDV 1D; Range 4 miles; Concussion Grenades – BDV 5Dx3; Blast Radius 4/10/18; Range Phys-1/Phys/Phys+1 Smoke Grenades – BDV 0; Blast Radius 5/12/20 (all characters in area of effect at -1D to all Reflexes, Coordination and sight-based perception rolls); High Explosive Grenades – BDV 6Dx4; Blast Radius 10/20/35; Range Phys-1/Phys/Phys+1; Costume – AV 12, Environment 4D

History: Jason Macendale was a CIA operative who went bad. Electing to use his talents for personal, criminal gain, he created the Jack O’ Lantern persona and hired himself out to the Maggia crime family. Over the years he has run afoul of Spider-Man many times, but has never really presented much of a challenge for the wall-crawler.

Believing that the first Hobgoblin was dead, Macendale chose to appropriate his identity while someone else took over as Jack O’ Lantern. That Jack became a member of the evil Red Skull’s cadre of henchmen the Skeleton Crew, while Macendale continued to serve the Maggia.

Luck ran out on both Macendale and the new Jack O’ Lantern. The Skeleton Crew was defeated and arrested by Captain America, the Falcon, and Diamondback, while the original Hobgoblin returned, murdered Macendale, and reassumed his costumed identity.

Macendale was one of many people revived as clones during the Clone Conspiracy but it is unknown if he will resume his Jack O’Lantern identity.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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