REAL NAME: Richard (Dick) Grayson
OCCUPATION: Vigilante, police officer
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 175 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 5D: Acrobatics 16D, athletics 8D, boating 6D (speedboats, submarines+1D each), brawling 8D, climbing 9D, dodge 15D, driving 7D (Nightbird +1D), escape artist 10D, martial arts 12D (all maneuvers +2D each), melee weapons 6D (escrima sticks +2D), piloting 6D (TJet +1D), riding 6D, sneak 10D
Coordination 5D: Catch 6D, lockpicking 8D, marksmanship 6D (grappling hook launcher +8D), missile weapons 6D, sleight of hand 6D, thievery 8D, thrown weapons 9D (escrima sticks, Wingdings +1D each)
Physique 4D: Leap 10D, lifting 5D, resistance 6D, running 6D, swimming 6D
Knowledge 3D: Arcane lore 4D, computer ops 6D, criminology 12D, demolitions 4D (explosive ordinance disposal +2D), forgery 4D (forgery identification +2D), languages 6D, medicine 5D (first aid +1D), navigation 6D, research 8D, scholar 6D, science 6D, security 9D

Perception 4D: Artist (criminal sketching) 5D, engineering 5D, hide 10D, invent 6D, repair 5D, search 8D, shadowing 10D, streetwise 9D (Bludhaven +2D, Gotham City+1D), surveillance 8D, survival 6D (urban +1D), tracking 7D
Presence 4D: Animal handling 4D (guard animals +1D, police dogs +1D), bluff 6D,charm 6D, command 6D (Titans +2D), disguise 7D, interrogation 8D, intimidation 8D, persuasion 7D, willpower 9D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Acute Balance -2D, Ally (Bat-family) -12D, Ally (the Titans) -19D, Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (Hogan & Mutt) -2D, Contact (Commissioner Gordon) -1D, Leadership Ability – 2D, Observant – 2D, Patron (Batman/Bruce Wayne) -4D, Wealth -6D; Dependent (Bridget Clancy) +1D,
Employed +4D, Enemy (Blockbuster) +3D, Enemy (Torque, Shrike) +2D, Enemy (rogues gallery) +5D, Secret Identity +3D.

PDV: 8

EQUIPMENT: Wingdings: Nightwing’s own variant of the spinning Batarang, have been cast in his preferred symbol. They are razor sharp and a little smaller than a normal Batarang, so they fly a bit farther but do less damage (BDV 2D; max range: Physique/lifting roll x 12 in yards). Nightwing often uses one of these with a jumpline attached to it to swing on. Escrima Fighting Sticks: Nightwing’s weapon of choice, these rods are about two feet in length each and made of an unbreakable polymer (BDV 4D; range: (x 10 in feet) PHYS-1/PHYS/PHYS+1). Nightwing uses these in hand-to hand combat and has also become proficient in throwing them at targets. When not in use, they store on his back by way of body-contoured magnetic strips. Costume: Nightwing’s costume is made of a slightly different version of the Nomex fire-resistant, triple-weave Kevlar-lined material that Batman’s uniform is made of. Nightwing’s costume provides Armor Value 20 against projectiles, Armor Value 12 against heat and fire. It is also light sensitive and darkens when there is more light in the area, providing +3D to the difficult to see him with sight-based Perception rolls). His mask (affixed in place with spirit gum) contains Starlite nightvision lenses, a radio receiver/transceiver, and an inertial navigation unit.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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