REAL NAME; Dr. Maya Chamara
OCCUPATION: Astronaut and Multiversal Champion
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Formerly Canada, now House of Heroes
HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 130 pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
RACE: Angorian (Human of Earth-8)
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 3D: Brawling 5D, dodge 6D, piloting 8D (self +3D)
Coordination 3D: Marksmanship 4D (energy blasts +4D)
Physique 3D: Flying 6D, lifting 4D, resistance 5D
Knowledge 3D: Arcane lore (Multiverse) 10D, computer ops 4D, navigation 4D
Perception 3D: Artist (singing) 5D, engineering 6D, survival 4D
Presence 2D: Bluff 4D, charm 4D, command 3D, willpower 6D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Ally (Justice League Incarnate) -20D, Attractive Appearance -2D, Contact (Retaliators) -4D, Observant -2D, Dark Secret (unique in the entire Multiverse) +1D, Enemy (The Darkness) +3D, Secret Identity +3D.

PDV: 3

POWERS: ESP 15D (Once Doctor Multiverse has interacted with someone or something, she can locate it anywhere in the Multiverse and transport to it. She is able to see variants/alternate versions of people living in different realities and percieve people and objects passing between dimensions. She can also determine a person’s identity and home universe just by looking at them.); Dimensional Travel 15D (enhancement: mastery, Doctor Multiverse can use this ability as an attack, she can banish people and things to their home universes and, with greater effort, other universes); Invulnerability 10D; Energy Manipulation 12D (enhancement: mastery, Doctor Multiverse can attune her powers with the internal vibrations generated by the various Flashes to break any form of mind control that might be corrupting other heroes).

HISTORY: When the Multiverse was cracked by Darkseid, a cosmic autoimmune response manifested a unique superhero known as Doctor Multiverse.

Astronaut Dr. Maya Chamara was on a mission in Earth’s orbit for the Canadian Space Agency when she was struck by cosmic energy granting her unusual powers and abilities.

Among those abilities was Multivision, which allowed her to see the variants of a person across all reality—however, when she looked at herself, she realized there was no one else like her in any other universe.

Maya learned she was a once-in-a-generation metahuman born into the Multiverse who can uniquely channel its lifeforce once activated by external threats too great to be handled by each universe’s natural defenses.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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