REAL NAME: John Henry Irons
OCCUPATION: Mechanical engineer
HEIGHT: 6’7″
WEIGHT: 210 pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black (though usually bald)
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Advanced (3)

Reflexes 3D: Brawling 6D, dodge 6D (8D with armor), melee weapons 4D (hammer +3D with armor), piloting 5D (self +3D with armor)
Coordination 3D: Catch 4D (hammer +3D with armor), lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 5D (8D with armor), missile weapons 5D, thrown weapons 5D (hammer +4D)
Physique 4D: Flying 5D (7D with armor), leap 5D (7D with armor), lifting 6D (16D with armor), running 5D
Knowledge 5D: Computer ops 10D (12D with armor), demolitions 8D, medicine 5D, navigation 5D, research 10D, scholar 8D (10D with armor), science 10D (robotics +2D), security 7D (JLA Watchtower +6D)
Perception 3D: Engineering 10D (weapons +4D, personal armor +5D), invent 10D (weapons +4D, personal armor +5D), repair 10D (12D with armor), streetwise 4D, surveillance 7D (11D with armor), survival 4D, tracking (electronic) 7D (10D with armor)
Presence 2D: Bluff3D, command 3D, intimidation 6D,persuasion 4D, willpower 8D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Contact (Superman) -5D, Contact (JLA) -5D, Contact (Guy Gardner) -5D, Courage-2D, Gifted in Learning -4D, Hardiness -4D, Leadership Ability -2D, Mechanical Aptitude -2D, Technologically Advanced -20D; Dependent (Natasha) +1D.

PDV: 3 (4 while in suit, 10 with Speed Manipulation)
P /L BONUS: +3 (+8 with armor)

Steel’s Armor
Type: powered armor
Speed: same as wearer’s
Passive Defense Value: same as wearer’s, adjusted by Enhancement Modifier
Base Damage Value: same as wearer’s
Fire Arc: forward
Range: as per powers
Ammunition: Solar power relays keep the armor fully charged indefinitely; backup systems allow the armor to function at diminished levels for up to 18 hours without an external power source
Rate of Fire: 1
Enhancement Modifiers: dodge +2D, melee weapons (hammer) +3D, piloting (self) +3D, catch (hammer) +3D, marksmanship +3D, thrown weapons (hammer) +2D, flying +2D, leap +2D, computer ops +2D, scholar +2D, security (internal) +3D, repair (armor) +2D, surveillance +4D, tracking (electronic) +3D
Armor Value: 25
Body Points: 250
Additional Information: Powers: Microwave Projection (wrists) 11D, Superattributes: Physique (lifting) 10D, Flight 12D, Invulnerability 8D, Natural Armor: Plating 10D, Speed Manipulation (flying) 6D. All powers have the enhancement: Remote, and the limitations: Removable -ID and Super Hero Form -4D.
The armor worn by Steel is one of the most incredible pieces of engineering ever created. On top of providing a formidable suit of armor that greatly enhances his strength and enables him to fly via its boot jets, the suit also contains a sophisticated sensor array, a remote control system, and a computer uplink to the JLA
mainframe and Oracle.

Steel’s Hammer
Speed: Physique/lifting roll x 10 feet per round
Base Damage Value: 5Dx10 (add +2 to multiplier every 100 feet thereafter)
Fire Arc: forward
Ammunition: inertial dampeners
Rate of Fire: 1
Armor Value: 50 (doubles for every 100 feet thrown)
Body Points: 200
Additional Information: Powers: Flight 1D. Hammer has the enhancement: Remote, and the limitation: Removable -2D.
Steel can control the flight path of his hammer after it leaves his hand, causing it to turn and stop instantaneously. The same dampeners that allow Steel this degree of control also increase the hammer’s inertia relative to the distance thrown, which increases its damage and material strength.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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