REAL NAME: Terry Bolatinsky
OCCUPATION: Member of the Terror Titans
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Clock King’s Clock Tower
HEIGHT: 6’4″
WEIGHT: 220 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
RACE: Human
TECH LEVEL: Modern (1)

Reflexes 2D: Brawling 4D, dodge 5D, piloting (self) 5D
Coordination 3D: Marksmanship (lightning bolts) 7D
Physique 3D: Flying 5D, leap 4D, lifting 4D
Knowledge 2D: Security 3D
Perception 2D: Repair (costume) 4D
Presence 2D: Bluff 3D, intimidation 4D

ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Contact (Terror Titans) -3D, Patron (Clock King) -4D, Enemy (Titans) -5D, Delusions of Grandeur +3D, Secret Identity +3D.

PDV: 3

EQUIPMENT: Costume – all of Bolt’s powers come from his special suit and gloves. It provides minimal protection from harm, giving him Armor Value 15 vs. physical attacks and 12 AV vs. heat and cold. Due to faulty construction, all of his powers have the drawback Short Circuit (-2D): Flight 6D, Teleportation 6D, Lightning Projection 9D.

HISTORY: The supervillain Bolt’s son, Terry Bolatinsky, first appears in Teen Titans #55. He initially attempts to befriend Blue Devil’s former sidekick, Kid Devil, before revealing he is following in his father’s footsteps as Dreadbolt. He tries to persuade Kid Devil to join his team, the Terror Titans, but when Kid Devil refuses, he joins the rest of the Terror Titans in defeating him. Later, at the request of the new Clock King, he is sent to help defeat Ravager, who already took out Persuader and Copperhead. He threatens to kill Wendy and Marvin, but Ravager calls his bluff and defeats him alone. He regroups with his teammates and attempts to take her down again, but is apparently killed in the ensuing explosion caused by Ravager breaking a gas pipe. He is later revealed to have used the teleportation system in his suit to get himself and his teammates to safety.

In the Terror Titans miniseries, Dreadbolt is tasked by Clock King to kill his father, thereby proving himself worthy to lead his fellow Terror Titans. Clock King then renames him Bolt when he finally does. Disruptor, having lost favor from Clock King to Ravager, tried to manipulate Terry into killing her, but Terry was not fooled. When Clock King sets in motion his plan to destroy Los Angeles with an army of brainwashed metahumans, Ravager sets out to stop him. Bolt and the Terror Titans battled her, only to be outmaneuvered. Miss Martian, who had posed as one of the metahumans, freed the others from their brainwashing, and they came after the Terror Titans. Retreating to Clock King’s lair for help, Bolt and the others are aghast to see Clock King kill Disruptor for her failure, and leave them at the mercy of the oncoming metahumans. Bolt offers to hold them off while his teammates get away, but they insist on fighting together and are eventually subdued, with Dreadbolt being defeated by electromagnetic-powered superhero Static. Two weeks later, Bolt and the remaining Terror Titans escape from custody, planning revenge on Clock King.

Published by Barry Reese

Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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