Real Name: Eve Eden Advantages: Acting Ability, Allies (Captain Atom, Shadowpact, Nemesis), Attractive Appearance, Contacts (CBI, Suicide Squad), Observant, Wealth Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Eve is possessed by the Succubus), Depression, Enemies (Jihad, Incubus), Hides Emotions, Moral Code (Eve is a devout Catholic), Nightmares, Secret Identity Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 6D, brawling 4D, climbing 4D, dodge 6D,Continue reading “NIGHTSHADE”


Real Name: Tad Ghostal (as mentioned on Space Ghost: Coast to Coastf)Base of Operations: Ghost Planet, formerly EarthMarital Status: SingleRace: Human Advantages: Allies (Jace, Jan and Blip), Courage, Contacts (Interstellar law enforcement agencies, Space Patrol), Mechanical Aptitude, Obscure Knowledge, Speed Draw, Technologically AdvancedDisadvantages: Center of Conversation (SG:Coast To Coast version only), Dark Secret (killed Banjo,Continue reading “SPACE GHOST”


REAL NAME: Judson CaspianOCCUPATION: Vigilante, businessmanBASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham CityHEIGHT: 6’4″WEIGHT: 225 poundsEYES: BlackHAIR: White (balding)RACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 5D, dodge 8D, melee weapons 4D (hand scythes +3D), sneak 7DCoordination 3D: Markshmanship 4D (hand scythes +2D), thrown weapons 4DPhysique: 3D: Leap 6D, lifting 4D, running 5DKnowledge 3D: Criminology 4D,Continue reading “THE REAPER”


Real Name: Aric DaciaOccupation: CEO of Orb IndustriesMarital Status: SingleRace: Human Advantages: Allies (Valiant heroes), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Contacts (Orb Industries, business community), Follower (Ken Clarkson), Hardiness, Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability, WealthDisadvantages: Arrogance, Dark Secret (very few people are aware that Aric is actually from the 5th Century), Enemies (Crescendo, Spider Aliens, various others), FanaticContinue reading “X-O MANOWAR (ORIGINAL)”


Submitted by Tony CranfieldReal Name: RomBase of Operations: Global/GalacticMarital Status: SingleRace: Galadorian Advantages: Allies (Spaceknights), Courage, Contacts (Avengers,FF and the X-men), Fast Reactions, Gifted in Learning, Hardiness, Leadership ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Preparedness, Special equipment, Speed Draw (Neutralizer), Technologically advanced.Disadvantages: Dependant (Brandy Clarke) Depression (Trapped in armor), Enemies (Dire Wraiths), Fanatic (Completion of mission) , HidesContinue reading “ROM”


REAL NAME: Unknown OCCUPATION: Mercenary BASE OF OPERATIONS: Mobile HEIGHT: 6’8″ WEIGHT: 350 pounds EYES: Brown HAIR: Black RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 7D, boating 7D, brawling 12D (arm pin,hand, bear hug, choke, clothesline, haymaker, headbutt, lunge, slam, throw +ID each), climbing 7D,dodge 10D, driving 6D, melee weapons I0D, piloting 6D,Continue reading “BANE”


Submitted by Menele Real Name: Franklin Hall Base of Operations: Los Angeles, Mobile Marital Status: Single Race: Human Advantages: Allies (Quantum, Zzaxx), Hardiness, Wealth 4D Disadvantages: Arrogant, Center of Conversation, Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Avengers-All branches), Enemy (Thor), Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Shady Background Reflexes: 2D Driving 3D, Piloting-Self 7D Coordination: 2D Marksmanship-Gravitic Force Bolt 9DContinue reading “GRAVITON”

New Advantage: Headquarters

New Advantage: HQ Submitted by Menele This advantage allows a hero or hero group to begin play with a serviceable headquarters. The inclusion of particular gadgets, alarm systems, vehicles and such is not included in the initial purchase but I will give rough estimates as to what I believe to be fair for purchasing them.Continue reading “New Advantage: Headquarters”


Real Name: Slade WilsonOccupation: MercenaryBase of Operations: MobileHeight: 6’4″Weight: 225 lbs.Eyes: BlueHair: WhiteRace: HumanTech Level: Modern (1) Reflexes 2D (8D): Acrobatics 6D (12D), brawling 7D (13D), dodge 7D (13D), escape artist 5D (11D), martial arts 3D (9D), melee weapons 5D (11D), sneak 4D (10D)Coordination 2D (8D): Marksmanship 8D (14D) (hunting rifle, pistol + 1D each),Continue reading “DEATHSTROKE”


The Brotherhood of the Order of St. Dumas is an off-shoot of the Knights Templar. They splintered off after a falling out during the Crusades. The offshoot group followed the lead of a self-proclaimed saint named Dumas. Though the origins are shrouded by the mists of time, it is believed that the Order of St.Continue reading “THE ORDER OF ST. DUMAS”