The foot soldiers of the Checkmate organization, Knightwatch troopers are highly trained soldiers personally recruited from the Navy Seal, Army Ranger, and Delta Squad programs. All potential candidates are reviewed by Sarge Steel and given a thorough background check with special emphasis paid to the individual’s attitudes toward and experiences with metahumans. Stationed in regionalContinue reading “CHECKMATE -KNIGHTWATCH TROOPERS”


REAL NAME: Albert DesmondFORMER ALIAS: Mr. ElementOCCUPATION: Criminal, scientist, former financial consultantBASE OF OPERATIONS: Central City, MissouriHEIGHT: 6′WEIGHT: 174 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: BlackRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 2D: Brawling 3D, dodge 3DCoordination 2D: Marksmanship 3D (Elemental Gun +2D)Physique 2D: Running 3DKnowledge 3D: Arcane lore 4D (alchemy +3D), research 5D, science 5D (chemistry +3D)Perception 3D: EngineeringContinue reading “DR. ALCHEMY”


REAL NAME: Maxine HunkelOCCUPATION: College StudentBASE OF OPERATIONS: Battery Park, New York CityHEIGHT: 5’8″WEIGHT: 130 poundsEYES: GreenHAIR: RedRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 2D: Acrobatics 5D, piloting (self) 6DCoordination 2D: Catch 4DPhysique 2DKnowledge 3D: Scholar 4D (musical theater +1D, the play Wicked +2D)Perception 2D: Artist (musical theater) 3D, know-how (air manipulation) 7D, shadowing 3DPresence 2D:Continue reading “CYCLONE”


Real Name: Keith KenyonOccupation: CriminalBase Of Operations: MobileHeight: 6’2″ Weight: 226 lbs.Eyes: Blue Hair: Black (white temples)Race: HumanTech Level: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 6D, melee weapons 6DCoordination 4D: Marksmanship 6D, thrown weapons 6DPhysique 5D (10D)Knowledge 4D: Computer ops 6D, research 8D, science 8D, security 6DPerception 4D: Engineering 6D, invent 6D (+2D chemicals), repair 6D,Continue reading “GOLDFACE”


REAL NAME: Tommy ElliotOCCUPATION: CriminalBASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham CityHEIGHT: 6’3″WEIGHT: 220 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: RedRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 4D: Brawling 8D, dodge 7D, driving 5D, martial arts 6D, melee weapons 8D, sneak 6DCoordination 4D: Marksmanship 9D, sleight of hand 6D, thievery 6D, thrown weapons 7DPhysique 4D: Leap 5D, lifting 6D, resistance 6D, running 5DKnowledgeContinue reading “HUSH”


REAL NAME: Sanderson “Sandy” HawkinsFORMER ALIAS: Sandy, the Golden BoyOCCUPATION: Chairman of the JSABASE OF OPERATIONS: New York CityHEIGHT; 5’11”WEIGHT: 162 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: BlondRACE: Human (silicon-based)TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 6D, climbing 5D, dodge 6D, martial arts 5D, piloting 4D, sneak 6DCoordination 3D: Lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 4D (gas gun, wirepoon gunContinue reading “SAND”


REAL NAME: UnknownOCCUPATION: Contract killer, hero hunterBASE OF OPERATIONS: The Ghost ZoneHEIGHT: 6’1″WEIGHT: 180 poundsEYES: BrownHAIR: WhiteRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Postmodern (2) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 5D, brawling 6D, dodge 6D, martial arts 5D, melee weapons 6D (energized night-stick +2D), piloting 4DCoordination 3D: Lockpicking 5D, marksmanship 6D (wrist launcher +3D), thievery 7D, thrown weapons 6DPhysique 3D: LeapContinue reading “PROMETHEUS”


REAL NAMES: UnknownOCCUPATION: CriminalBASES OF OPERATIONS: Keystone City, KansasHEIGHT: 6’1″ WEIGHT: 180 poundsEYES: BrownHAIR: BlondRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 2D: Brawling 4D, dodge 3D, sneak 3DCoordination 2D: Marksmanship 3D (Cold Gun +2D), thievery 4DPhysique 3D: Leap 4D, lifting 4D, running 4D, swimming 4DKnowledge 2D: Science (3D) (cryogenics +1D)Perception 3D: Hide 4D, know-how (using coldContinue reading “CHILLBLAINE IV”


REAL NAME: Katherine “Kate” Rebecca KaneOCCUPATION: Socialite, Adventurer, BusinesswomanBASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham CityHEIGHT: 5’11”WEIGHT: 141 poundsEYES: GreenHAIR: RedRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 5D: Acrobatics 10D (parkour +2D), athletics 11D, brawling 9D, climbing 7D, dodge 12D, driving 9D (motorcycles +3D), martial arts 11D, melee weapons 6D (swords +2D, cryo-baton +3D), piloting 7D, riding (horses) 8D,Continue reading “BATWOMAN”


REAL NAME: UnknownALIASES: Lady Naga, Lady KobraOCCUPATION: Cult LeaderBASE OF OPERATIONS: MobileHEIGHT: 5’5″WEIGHT: 130 poundsEYES: GreenHAIR: BlackRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 8D, dodge 8D, martial arts 9D, melee weapons 8D, sneak 5DCoordination 3D: Marksmanship 8D, missile weapons 8D, thrown weapons 8DPhysique 3D: Running 5DKnowledge 3D: Arcane lore 6D (Kali-Yuga related +2D), computerContinue reading “LADY EVE”