REAL NAME: Larry TrainorOCCUPATION: AdventurerBASE OF OPERATIONS: Midway CityHEIGHT: 5’10” 1/2WEIGHT: 180 poundsEYES: Blue HAIR: BlondRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 4D, dodge 4D, driving 4D, piloting 6DCoordination 4D: Marksmanship 5DPhysique 3D: Leap 4D, lifting 4D, running 4DKnowledge 3D: Navigation 4DPerception 3D: Know-how (Negative Energy powers) 15DPresence 3D: Willpower 9D ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES: Contact (DoomContinue reading “NEGATIVE MAN”

The DCU Character Index

Can’t find stats for your favorite character? The following list shows you which characters show up in each of the DCU RPG books. The index lists page numbers for each of the published books — thus if you see Superman, 27-28 under a certain sourcebook that means that Superman’s writeup is found on pages 27Continue reading “The DCU Character Index”

New Disadvantage – Grandstander

Submitted by Mattias Rehnström +2D to +4D The Character Feels a constant need to boast with his powers or skills. This causes the character to have difficulties with wrapping things up as quick and neat as preferable. It may also cause the character to attempt to perform feats to difficult for him with his powers/skills.Continue reading “New Disadvantage – Grandstander”

New Advantage: Headquarters

New Advantage: HQ Submitted by Menele This advantage allows a hero or hero group to begin play with a serviceable headquarters. The inclusion of particular gadgets, alarm systems, vehicles and such is not included in the initial purchase but I will give rough estimates as to what I believe to be fair for purchasing them.Continue reading “New Advantage: Headquarters”

New Power: City Manipulation

base cost : 15 specialization base cost : 5 duration semipermanent range normal specializations : Specific aspect, specific areas or portions of a city, specific city base damage value : none Description : The hero is specially attuned to life within an urban enviroment. This enviroment may be a specific city or may encompass manyContinue reading “New Power: City Manipulation”

DC Universe Product Listing

In addition to the box set that kicked off the line, West End Games produced a number of supplements for the system. Here’s the full list of products for the DC Universe Roleplaying Game: DC Universe Box SetDC Universe Narrator’s ScreenHero DiceThe Daily Planet Guide to GothamThe Daily Planet Guide to MetropolisDepartment of Extranormal Operations:Continue reading “DC Universe Product Listing”