New Advantage: Headquarters

New Advantage: HQ Submitted by Menele This advantage allows a hero or hero group to begin play with a serviceable headquarters. The inclusion of particular gadgets, alarm systems, vehicles and such is not included in the initial purchase but I will give rough estimates as to what I believe to be fair for purchasing them.Continue reading “New Advantage: Headquarters”

New Power: City Manipulation

base cost : 15 specialization base cost : 5 duration semipermanent range normal specializations : Specific aspect, specific areas or portions of a city, specific city base damage value : none Description : The hero is specially attuned to life within an urban enviroment. This enviroment may be a specific city or may encompass manyContinue reading “New Power: City Manipulation”

DC Universe Product Listing

In addition to the box set that kicked off the line, West End Games produced a number of supplements for the system. Here’s the full list of products for the DC Universe Roleplaying Game: DC Universe Box SetDC Universe Narrator’s ScreenHero DiceThe Daily Planet Guide to GothamThe Daily Planet Guide to MetropolisDepartment of Extranormal Operations:Continue reading “DC Universe Product Listing”