REAL NAME; Dr. Maya ChamaraOCCUPATION: Astronaut and Multiversal ChampionBASE OF OPERATIONS: Formerly Canada, now House of HeroesHEIGHT: 5’7″WEIGHT: 130 poundsEYES: BrownHAIR: BrownRACE: Angorian (Human of Earth-8)TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 5D, dodge 6D, piloting 8D (self +3D)Coordination 3D: Marksmanship 4D (energy blasts +4D)Physique 3D: Flying 6D, lifting 4D, resistance 5DKnowledge 3D: Arcane lore (Multiverse) 10D, computer opsContinue reading “DOCTOR MULTIVERSE”