REAL NAME: Frances “Frankie” Kane OCCUPATION: Criminal, cultist, hero BASE OF OPERATIONS: Blue Valley, Nebraska HEIGHT: 5’7″ WEIGHT: 117 pounds EYES: Blue HAIR: Blonde RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) The manifestation of Frances Kane’s powers caused an automobile accident killing her father and brother. Blamed and rejected by her distraught mother, Kane turned toContinue reading “MAGENTA”


REAL NAME: Richard Swift OCCUPATION: Criminal bon vivant BASE OF OPERATIONS: Opal City HEIGHT: 6’2″ WEIGHT: 170 pounds EYES: Gray HAIR: Black RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) In 1838, London resident Dickie Swift gained shadowy powers from a mysterious arcane ritual. Shortly thereafter, he ran afoul of the wealthy but immoral Ludlow family, whoContinue reading “THE SHADE”


REAL NAME: Unknown OCCUPATION: Criminal BASE OF OPERATIONS: Central City, Missouri HEIGHT: 6’5″ ARMORED WEIGHT: 645 pounds EYES: Unknown HAIR: Unknown RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Colonel Computron’s costume is a duplicate of the one worn by Captain Computron, the subject of a wildly successful computerized amusement manufactured by the Wiggins Toy Corporation. This,Continue reading “COLONEL COMPUTRON”


REAL NAME: Jason “Jay” Peter Garrick OCCUPATION: Former research scientist BASE OF OPERATIONS: Keystone City, Kansas HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 179 pounds EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown (now graying) RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 7D (clothesline, disarm, spin attack +1D each), dodge 8D Coordination 3D: Catch 9D, thrown weapons 5D (helmet +3D) PhysiqueContinue reading “THE FLASH (JAY GARRICK)”