REAL NAME: Helena Bertinelli FORMER ALIASES: Batgirl (2) OCCUPATION: Vigilante, schoolteacher HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 148 pounds EYES: Brown HAIR: Black RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 9D, climbing 5D, dodge 9D, driving 5D, escape artist 6D, martial arts 8D (all manuevers +1D), sneak 10D Coordination 4D: Lockpicking 7D, marksmanship 5D (grappling hook launcher +4D),Continue reading “THE HUNTRESS (POST-CRISIS)”


Real Name: Chandi Gupta Base of Operations: India Marital Status: Single Race: Human Advantages: Contact (JLI) Disadvantages: Age (16), Dark Secret (May be the reincarnation of Shiva), Nightmares Reflexes: 2D Dodge 4D Coordination: 2D Missile Weapons (Bow) 6D Physique: 2D Running 3D Knowledge: 3D Arcane Lore (Hindu Mythology) 5D, Languages 4D Perception: 2D Know-how (powers)Continue reading “MAYA”


Real Name: Kyle Rayner Advantages: Allies (JLA, Jade, Sentinel, Warrior, John Stewart), Attractive Appearance, Contact (Ganthet, New OA), Courage, Observant Disadvantages: Dependent (assistant, Terry Berg), Employed (cartoonist for a strip called City Dwellers), Enemies (GL’s Rogues Gallery), Secret Identity Reflexes: 3D Brawling 4D, dodge 7D, martial arts 4D Coordination: 2D Markmanship 5D (power ring +Continue reading “GREEN LANTERN (KYLE RAYNER)”


REAL NAME: Oliver Queen OCCUPATION: Publicist/Adventurer BASE OF OPERATIONS: Star City HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 178 pounds EYES: Green HAIR: Blond RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Playboy Oliver Queen’s life changed when he was thrown overboard off a yacht and washed up on Starfish Island. In order to survive, he built himself a makeshift bowContinue reading “GREEN ARROW”