REAL NAME: Maxine HunkelOCCUPATION: College StudentBASE OF OPERATIONS: Battery Park, New York CityHEIGHT: 5’8″WEIGHT: 130 poundsEYES: GreenHAIR: RedRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 2D: Acrobatics 5D, piloting (self) 6DCoordination 2D: Catch 4DPhysique 2DKnowledge 3D: Scholar 4D (musical theater +1D, the play Wicked +2D)Perception 2D: Artist (musical theater) 3D, know-how (air manipulation) 7D, shadowing 3DPresence 2D:Continue reading “CYCLONE”


REAL NAME: Sanderson “Sandy” HawkinsFORMER ALIAS: Sandy, the Golden BoyOCCUPATION: Chairman of the JSABASE OF OPERATIONS: New York CityHEIGHT; 5’11”WEIGHT: 162 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: BlondRACE: Human (silicon-based)TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 6D, climbing 5D, dodge 6D, martial arts 5D, piloting 4D, sneak 6DCoordination 3D: Lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 4D (gas gun, wirepoon gunContinue reading “SAND”


REAL NAME: Dr. Pieter Anton CrossOCCUPATION: Crime fighter, former physicianBASE OF OPERATIONS: Portsmouth CityHEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 175 poundsEYES: Blue HAIR: BlackRACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatic 5D, boating 4D, brawling 5D, climbing 5D, dodge 8D, driving 4D, piloting 6D, sneak 6DCoordination 3D: Lockpicking 4D, marksmanship 3D (UV laser pistol +3D), thrown weaponsContinue reading “DR. MID-NITE II”


REAL NAME: Edward ClarissOCCUPATION: Criminal, former college professorBASE OF OPERATIONS: Keystone City, KansasHEIGHT: 5’10″WEIGHT: 175 poundsEYES: BrownHAIR: BrownRACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Brawling 6D, dodge 10DCoordination 3D: Catch 6DPhysique 2D: Running 10DKnowledge 3D: Research 6D, scholar 7D, science 6D (chemistry +2D)Perception 2D: Invent 5D, know-how (Speed Manipulation) 9DPresence 2D: Intimidation 7D, willpower 8DContinue reading “RIVAL”


REAL NAME: Val-ZodOCCUPATION: World DefenderBASE OF OPERATIONS: NeotropolisHEIGHT: 6’3″WEIGHT: 230 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: BlackRACE: KryptonianTECH LEVEL: Advanced (3) Reflexes 3D (13D): Brawling 5D (15D), dodge 5D (15D), piloting (self) 5D (15D)Coordination 3D (13D): Catch 4D (14D), marksmanship (microwave projection) 4D (14D)Physique 3D (33D): Flying 5D (35D), leap 4D (34D), lifting 6D (36D), resistance 5D (35D)Knowledge 5D:Continue reading “SUPERMAN (NEW 52 EARTH-2)”


REAL NAME: Yolanda MontezOCCUPATION: JournalistBASE OF OPERATIONS: Los Angeles, CaliforniaHEIGHT: 5’8″ WEIGHT: 123 poundsEYES: Brown HAIR: Reddish brownRACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D (7D): Acrobatics 8D (12D), brawling 40 (80), climbing 5D (9D), dodge 9D (13D), sneak 5D (9D)Coordination 3D: Catch 4D, lockpicking 4D, thievery 4D, thrown weapons 4DPhysique 2D: Leap 6D, runningContinue reading “WILDCAT II”


REAL NAME: Ted GrantOCCUPATION: Crime fighter, former professional boxerBASE OF OPERATIONS: New York CityHEIGHT: 6’5″ WEIGHT: 250 poundsEYES: Blue HAIR: Black (greying)RACE: Human TECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 8D, athletics 5D, brawling 13D (haymaker, uppercut, knockout each +3D, all others +2D), climbing 6D, dodge 9D, driving 5D (motorcycle +1D), sneak 6D (urban +2D)CoordinationContinue reading “WILDCAT I”


Real Name: Carter HallOccupation: ArchaeologistBase of Operations: St. Roch, LouisianaHeight: 6’1″ Weight: 195 poundsEyes: Blue Hair: BrownRace: Human Tech Level: Modern (1) Reflexes 3D: Acrobatics 6D, brawling 10D (haymaker, uppercut, weaponparry +1D each), dodge 8D, melee weapons 10D (archaic weapons +2D), piloting 5D (self +6D)Coordination 3D: Catch 6D, missile weapons 10D, thrown weapons 9DPhysique 4D:Continue reading “HAWKMAN”


ALIAS: Delores Winters and othersOCCUPATION: Criminal scientistBASE OF OPERATIONS: MobileHEIGHT: 6’4″ WEIGHT: 476 poundsEYES: Red HAIR: WhiteRACE: Mutated ape with a human brainTECH LEVEL: Postmodern (2) Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 8D, brawling 8D, climbing 8D, dodge 8D, melee weapons 5D, piloting 6D, sneak 6DCoordination 2D: Catch 8D, marksmanship 5D, thrown weapons 8DPhysique 5D (8D): Lifting 7DContinue reading “ULTRA-HUMANITE”


REAL NAME: Dinah Laurel LanceOCCUPATION: Crime fighterBASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham CityHEIGHT: 5’4″WEIGHT: 115 poundsEYES: BlueHAIR: Black (dyed blonde)RACE: HumanTECH LEVEL: Modern (1) Reflexes 4D: Acrobatics 7D, brawling 6D, climbing 5D, dodge 7D, driving 5D (motorcycles +2D), martial arts 10D (all maneuvers +2D each), melee weapons 5D, riding 5D, sneak 6DCoordination 4D: Catch 5D, lockpicking 5D,Continue reading “BLACK CANARY”