Writeup by Tony Cranfield Real Name: Peter ParkerBase of Operations: New York CityMarital Status: SeparatedRace: Human Advantages: Acute Balance, Contacts (Avengers, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Doctor Strange), Courage, Fast Reactions , Gifted in Learning, Mechanical Aptitude, Observant, Speed Draw (Web shooters).Disadvantages: Dependent (Aunt May Parker), Employed, Enemies (Rogues gallery), Fugitive, Moral Code (“With great power comesContinue reading “SPIDER-MAN”


Real Name: Jason Macendale Jr.Base of Operations: New York CityMarital Status: UnknownRace: HumanTech Level: Modern (1) Advantages: Acute Balance, Contacts (underworld), Intimidating Grin, Patron (Maggia crime family, Red Skull), Speed Draw (grenades) Disadvantages: Enemy (Hobgoblin), Enemy (Spider-Man), Fugitive Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 4D (+2D on hovercraft), Brawling 5D, Dodge 5D, Driving 4D, Martial Arts 6D, MeleeContinue reading “JACK O’LANTERN”


Real Name: Dr. Otto OctaviusBase of Operations: New York CityMarital Status: SingleRace: Human Advantages: Allies (Sinister Six, Dr. Octopus II), Leadership Ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Observant, Preparedness, Technologically AdvancedDisadvantages: Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Spider-Man), Psychological Problem (arachnophobia, dissociative disorder – both cured currently), Obsessive Tendencies Reflexes: 2D Brawling 4D (9D with tentacles), climbing 3D (6D whenContinue reading “DOCTOR OCTOPUS”


From the moment he was introduced, the Hobgoblin has been one of my favorite Spidey villains. The mystery surrounding his true identity kept me spellbound for years! The return of the Green Goblin has lessened this villain’s place in the panetheon of Spidey’s archfoes, but he’s still deadly! In terms of how he matches upContinue reading “HOBGOBLIN”